Interesting - Three political parties want the name of PPP.

  • Interesting - Three political parties want the name of PPP, since No officially registered political party PPP.

    ECP hears claims to PPP’s name today

    ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is likely to decide on Tuesday on claims by three parties to the name of Pakistan People’s Party.

    While Ghinva Bhutto’s PPP-SB seeks the renaming of her party as PPP, a dissident group within the PPP headed by Naheed Khan — a close associate of the late Benazir Bhutto — has also applied for enlistment of her party with the same name.

    The two parties wanted to take advantage of the fact that no party with the name was enlisted with the ECP and the PPP had contested the last elections from the platform of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians.

    To counter the move, the leader of the house in the Senate has also sought registration of his party as the PPP.

    The matter will be heard by the commission before beginning the process of allocating election symbols.

    So far 230 parties, including the PPP-SB, are enlisted with the ECP and 116 of them have applied for election symbols.

  • It is likely that Naheed Khan will get PPP name as zardari/ameen fahim's PPP Parliamentarian and Ghinwa's PPP(SB) are already registered with Election Commission with their own names.

  • @Adonis bhai,

    I think, It is not possible to get such word(s) as Party Name which as whole is a part of other party name.

    for Example

    Pakistan Peoples Party Parlimentarian

    Pakistan Peoples Party


    Pakistan Muslim League Zia

    Pakistan Muslim League

    No one will be alloted PPP, This all is just to get media attension.

  • Actually there is a precedence for that.

    Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)

    Pakistan Muslim League (Functional)

    Pakistan Muslim League (QuaidiAzam)

    Pakistan Muslim League (Junejo)

    Pakistan Muslim League (Zia)

    were already registered

    but then another registration was made in 2003-04 as

    Pakistan Muslim League

    whose president was Ch. Shujaat.

    Based on this precedence, there should be no problem in registration of Pakistan Peoples Party.

  • ^^

    Isn't Ch. Shujaat's pml the "pml q"??

  • Not anymore officially.

  • @Adonis bhai

    Yes, I checked, as you said, after 2003-04 it is officially Pakistan Muslim League not Pakistan Muslime League(QA).

  • I think the real issue is whether "Arrow" belongs to PPP or PPPP.

    Zardari team thought they were very clever by disassociating PPP from election.

    But, by doing that they might have lost "Arrow" to Ghinva Bhutto. She might succeed to have PPP-SB renamed as PPP. Other possibility is Naheed Khan getting "Arrow" for her faction of PPP.

    Zardari PPP has not conducted elections, so it might not be acceptable to ECP , plus Wasim Sajjad in his argument in front of LHC had declared Zardari PPP as non-political party.

  • Today, March 25th, is the D-Day for who has the right to use "Arrow" and register their party as PPP with ECP.

    Note, currently Zardari team runs under PPPP umbrella.

    Three parties vying for Arrow are Ghina Bhutto, Naheed Khan and PPPP.

  • Three member panel headed by Justice (r) Kiyani is listening arguments.

    PPPP and PPP are being represented by Amin Faheem , Jahangir Badr and Latif Khosa. There is confusion who is representing PPPP and who is PPP.

  • PPPP allotted Arrow as symbol.

    No decision announced as to who owns name "PPP".

    Whether Bilawal or Naheed Khan.