Muhajir Quami Movement (Altaf) yet again plays Muhajir card

  • Mohajir Qaumi Movement(MQM Altaf group) says that mohajirs should be considered for caretaker CM post otherwise if they're pushed against the wall then they'll consider other options(making of muhajir soba).

    Some one should tell that absconder hiding in London and his criminal gang that MQM had been continously in power since last 12 year and even to this day they've got their Governor sitting in governor house.Until last week all their ministers & advisers were enjoying govt & then they enacted opposition drama. Its high time they should stop playing ethnic card & should shun politics of violence."></iframe>MQM demands Muhajir caretaker CM sindh <i><iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="240" src=""></iframe>MQM demands Muhajir caretaker CM sindh <i>by exposetube</i>

  • @Doctor Sb.

    Mohajir Quomi Movement belongs to Afaq Ahmed not Altaf Hussain.

  • When we say President, PM, Speaker, Chairman Senate, COAS, DG ISI, CJ etc shouldn't be from one major province there is no card. But when Altaf Hussain demands CM Sindh should be from mohajirs - PMLN starts complaining. Perhaps they afraid of similar demand in Punjab. Enough of Takht Lahore - CM Punjab should be from Southern Punjab after elections.


  • Perhaps they afraid of similar demand in Punjab. Enough of Takht Lahore - CM Punjab should be from Southern Punjab after elections


    PMLN have not even given position of Opposition Leader to Javed Hashmi (most deserving person and last man standing till king return) just because he was not from Lahore, Sialkot or Pindi.

  • MQM is asking to nominate a mahajir as CM Sindh based solely on ethnicity but not on merit.

    I'm glad to learn that MQM has now accepted the quota system that they fought for years. They only got 30% of the votes in Sindh but they kept almost 50% of the ministries in every government; that can hardly be characterized as depriving them of their 'fair' share. On top, they have the longest serving governor.

  • @shirazi

    How many CMs of Punjab were not from south punjab


    1. Pervaiz ellahi

    2. Shahbaz Sharif

    Please complete the list

  • @Arain71 Saab

    When media bugs Obama for not picking enough Hispanics, Black or women - are they asking him to overlook merit. No they are telling him you can find equally qualified people from deprived sections of society. Same logic applie here.

  • So, finding equality means having both the governor and the CM slots from the mahajir ethnic group? Why can't MQM be content with having just the governorship?

    Does that make sense to you?

  • N o o r a league of Raiwind is using Clan-Card everywhere. The strength of Muhajir clan is more than 10 million and no other clan in Pakistan can beat that number.


  • Was the biggest mistake when they changed the name from Muhajir Quami Movement to Muthida .....

    They should have stuck with old good MQM.

  • Some highly intellectual bloggers have nothing except spreading hatred in the name of races to justify the Lahore Raj.

    What strenge, if people from south Punjab are rising for ethinic seperation just because of sarcastic attitude of Lahore Raj.

  • @khan

    How the hell you include me in that filthy clan, I never claimed to be the part of it and would never be willing to live under bakra rule ;)

  • MQM -Plays Mohajir Card

    PPP- Plays Sindh card for decisive victory

    PMLN-Plays Punjab card

    ANP- Plays Pashtun card

    JUI- Plsy Deobandi Pashtun card

    We have no leadership of the national level. We have either ethnic based or sectarisn based politics.

  • @Arian71 Saab

    "Does that make sense to you? "

    It certainly does especially when some Judge Alvi is picked as CM - name shounds like urdu speaking.

  • The ailments of ethnicity and sectarinism are very dominant on our politics.

  • We need a strong ruler to bring an end to all the proxy war in our country. All the chaos are attributable to the proxy wars being fought in our country.