How many member of PML(N) to be the part of Parliamentary Comedy

  • According to party position for opposition, PML(N) has the right to nominate 2.8 person say 3. and one for all two major parties (MQM and JUIF)

    Detail is given below based on (Elected seats not reserved)

    Pakistan Muslim League(N)..............91Nos........75%.....3

    Muttahida Qumi Movement Pakistan..........25Nos........21%.....1

    Pakistan Muslim League (F)..............05Nos........4%.....0

    Here is the question speaker may ask MQM and JUI F for one name...

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  • looks like the matter is heading for EC.

  • As I recall the constitutional amendment correctly, it's the opposition leader's prerogative to name four members from the opposition side. Moreover, since when MQM joined the opposition? Their governor is still healthy and functioning well. And, lastly, if you were PMLN, would you ever trust JUI completely? No, nobody can. Fazl is a two-faced thug who can do anything for Zardari in exchange for some benefit.

  • But MqM was in govt for four years 11 months and few days... So they should ask govt to provide them seats in PC...

  • Arain71

    جی ہاںآپ بالكل درست فرما رہے ہیں ۔پارلیمانی كمیٹی كے حزب اختلاف كے ممبر اپوزیشن لیڈر نے مقرر كرنے ہیں اور چوہدری نثار علی خان جانتے ہیں كہ اصل میں اپوزیشن كے لوگ كون كون سے ہیں۔ایم كیو ایم ، اور مولانا صاحب كے بارے میں كون نہیں جانتا كہ وہ كس كے خدمت گزار ہیں ۔مولانا تو اس سے پہلے بھی سینٹ كے قائد حزب اختلاف كے منصب كے لئے ایك ڈرامہ كر چكے ہیں جس كے بعد بھی ان كی ہمدردی زرداری سے ہی رہی ۔ آج بھی پورے پانچ سال اقتدار میں رہنے كے بعد بلوچستان میں نگران سیٹ اپ كے لئے آخری گھنٹے میں خزب اختلاف بن بیٹھے ہیں ۔ اور ایسا ہی گھنائونا كردار سندھ میں ایم كیو ایم نے ادا كیا ہے ۔ كیا ایسے لوگوں پر اعتماد كركے انہیں كمیٹی میں شامل كر دیا جائے كہ ایك بار پھر اپوزیشن كی پیٹھ میں چھرا گھونپ سكیں ؟


  • When PPP has given Chaudari Shujat's name in Parliamentary committee for Caretaker set up it looked like matter will go to EC now. PML(N) will never be comfortable with Ch. Shujahat and consensus is unlikely to be achieved although if they decide on majority vote say 5 out 8 members agree on one caretaker PM name then I expect a conclusion but if you need 8/8 member agreed on one name it is almost impossible and matter will go to EC.Now Parliamentary committee have PML(N), PPPP, ANP and PML(Q) participation so IK can not blame muk mukka.

  • I mentioned very clearly word "Comedy" not committee because this is all well plan by PML(N). Three days for this committee is only for TV comedy.

    Because no consensus will be achieved there so go to ECP, there three members are PML(N) supporter(may be member). So write down here Mr. Nasir Aslam ZAHID will be next prime minister.

    @ BAWA i am the one at this forum pointed out your "MUNAFAQAT" under "LUCH TALL party". Can see my posts, I did not consider you comments for reply even.

  • In last three days did Ch. Nisar met with P.M.

    No No No No No No

    Because if met may be problem solve, What a golden quote by Tariq AFZAL Chudhar (PML-N) MNA, accept our name and consensus will be achieved.

    It mean by hook or by crook we want our care taker set up. Please someone give detail definition of consultation, consensus, agreements

  • @tahirnaseem

    If parlimentary committee is a comedy than good that matter will go to EC. PTI cannot say muk mukka if EC forms a caretaker set up. I think EC can bring any new name for caretake PM outside of current circulated names.

  • @mA

    did you read my first comments, please sometime first think and then post.

    Because no consensus will be achieved there so go to ECP, there three members are PML(N) supporter(may be member). So write down here Mr. Nasir Aslam ZAHID will be next prime minister.

    please read again..... EC is PML(N) portal

  • who will be blame again request please think once neutrally

    In last three days did Ch. Nisar met with P.M.

    No No No No No No

  • To ALL PML-N

    Still no government but only forecast, see the change in attitude of Ch. NA KHAN.

  • @tahirnaseem

    It looked like you have concerns over EC and the name of Nasir Aslam Zahid as caretaker PM. Why you think EC is biased to PML(N) and Nasir Aslam Zahid is PML(N) supporter? Please clarify if you don't think Nasir Aslam Zahid is not a supporter of PML(N), then how he is controversial?

  • First

    All four members of provincial EC is nominated by PPP and PML-N agreement. Two names by PMLN and Two names by PPP.

    From Punjab and baluchistan by PML-N and Sindh and PKP by PPP.

    Mr. FJ Ibrahim is un-bias but leaning towards PML-N. That why i have reservation on ECP.


    Murder case of B-I-L of Nasir Aslam Zahid against Asif Zardari. This is very serious issue if you really thinks neutrally.

    Why not PML-N agree on ex-state bank governer Mr. Ishrat Hussain. He is not Belong to PPP and PML_N.

    Please logical reply against Dr. Ishrat

  • Haven't we had enough bankers running the country? First Moeen Qureshi, then Shaukat Aziz, and now Ishrat Hussain.

    I wouldn't mind giving the treasury job to such person but the PM slot? Haven's no. Plus this guy was Musharraf pick for the state bank in the previous decade. I've no issue about Musharraf loyalists joining other parties but, for crying out loud, don't install them to the top position. No wonder, Musharraf is thinking about coming back to Pakistan; he would have a friendly government in case of Ishrat.

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  • Infamous prophetic one minute call from Mian to Chaudhary can decide this in favor of PMLN (5-3). Payback time for "Qur'an and Hadiths" moment plus a glamorous rebuttal of Muk-Mukaa accusations. Another move of killing two birds in one stone.

    The idea is not farfetched in the light of current PPP-PMLQ disagreement over seat bickering.

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