Punjab Assembly dissolved.

  • Bhangras All over punjab right now!!!!

  • Didn't someone say that Punjab assembly would be kept alive to counter the 23d March jalsa? What happened to that conspiracy theory?

  • کسی نے ان کو عقل کا مشورہ دیا ہے کے ٢٣ مارچ کے بعد توڑی تو بڑی بے عزتی ھوگی


  • @Arian7

    Haven't you heard of a psycho who used to imagine conspiracy theories every day and when they never turned into reality, he used to say that it didn't happen because of me. Now you can guess where is he residing now a days ;)

  • Punjab assembly dissolved before 23rd March PTI jalsa good in a sense that now SS will not be blamed to create hurdles in Jalsa way. Now there will be Jalsas on daily basis, do not expect too much from 23rd March jalsa, impact will last no more than a couple of days. I heard a proverb called "It is never too late" but I think for PTI it is really too late. Political mistakes by IK causes PTI to fall to earth from sky. I am still optimistic and hoping that PTI will win around 20 NA seats, although ground realities are otherwise.

  • ^^ LOL bongian check karo is ki.

  • I don't think SS or PMLN are completely off the hook yet; SS will remain CM until the caretaker is nominated. So, PMLN is still going to suffer the wrath of PTIans till then.

    Are there any plans to burn the effigies of SS and NS on 23rd March? :-)

  • @Qaise Nadeem

    PTI is trying to be a modern political party but Shahbaz Sharif has proved that he is the biggest political scientist. Metro Bus, Laptop, Ashiana Scheme, Scholarships etc these are all political stunts but have worked very well. Please sir come out of dream world, play politics like a science and modern sport. You are not happy with 20 NA seats but ground reality does not suggest even half of it. Now even in Pakistan Political Science student is awarded a Master of Science degree. Everyone need to learn cricket from Imran Khan, but everyone need to learn politics from Shahbaz Sharif.

  • Are there any plans to burn the effigies of SS and NS on 23rd March?

    Why effigies? We will burn the real ones.

  • ^^

    Alas! What can we expect from Zardari's B team. :-)

    Very well said, mawan!

  • Exactly, Zardari's B-Team aka Shabaz and Nawaz deserves to be burned.

  • If by burning Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif you can improve Pakistan then go for that. If you think neutral then these two are comparatively better politicians and loyal to country otherwise country is full of politician like Zardari, who can see nothing beyond money. Imran Khan is a great person but currently he lacks political maturity which he will get sitting in the parliament for full five years.

  • @mawan

    Your advice to PTIans that they should once in a while also criticize Zardari, ANP, MQM, and others, in order to improve their own standing, is falling on deaf ears; these folks are hopeless cases. Their think-tanks consist of Haroon-u-Rashid and Hasan Nisar who believe that MQM, ANP, and PPP could be their future partners in the parliament, and PTI should do their best to stop a potential PMLN government. We can only pity such approach.

  • پنجاب ہم نے بدل دیا، ابّ پاکستان بدلیں گے - پنجاب حکومت کا یہ نارہ کس حد تک درست؟

    پورے پنجاب کے بجٹ کا آدھے سے زیادہ حصہ صرف ایک پروجیکٹ پر، یہ کہاں کا انصاف ہے؟

    کیا نون لیگ کی ترجیحات ٹھیک تھیں؟ جہاں ایک کروڑ سے زیادہ بچہ اسکول سے باہر ہو، جہاں صوبے کی آدھی سے زیادہ آبادی کو پوری غذا نہ مل رہی ہو، جہاں کروڑوں نوجوانوں کے پاس نوکریاں نہ ہوں، جہاں کی صنعت کا پہیہ بیٹھ گیا ہو، کیا ایس صورتحال میں پنجاب حکومت نے پیسہ سہی جگہ پر


  • ^^

    Please get your facts straight. Punjab's budget is close to 800 billions and metro bus project is 30 billion; you do the math.

  • @Qaiser Nadeem: You seem to be day dreaming a lot lately, right now PG is here so you people are doing what ever you wanna do safely, once PG is gone, there might be a lot of burning and no one would be there to stop that from occurring. Lahore is and would remain PMLn's strong hold.

    The concert jalsa where your merasi senior members like abrar ul Haq and Salman Ahmed are going to perform has not happened yet, you people have just come out from the 3500 votes shocker that PTI had in RWP by election, brace your self for a shocker for your life time in these election.

    Tsunami Tsunami tu chekhti reh gai, tera banaya kukh vi nai: Concert Imran da tae vote Sher da. Sherrrrrr....!

  • ^^@QN

    Have you yourself bothered to watch the show or you are just acting as a messenger. Because if you had, you will not promote it over here ;) Your AU was rendered speechless countless number of times by HAK and the only tota parade he could say was some study by beacon house U. And definitely we don't know who owns BHU, right !!