NA 58 - Attock-II

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  • Well the situation in all attock is very strange as compared to the other places.

    The important point being is that PML(Q) has got 3 contestants in three constituencIEs , They all are from Gujrat < they were not able to get a candidate from Attock .

    Now the other factor which needs to be considered here is that The District Nazim of attock is brother in law to Ch Shujat , thats why they have gt Ch Pervaiz elahi contesting from ATTOCK, ANd eman Waseem and Waseem Gulzar , they are all Interrelated ,

    The situation now is that In Attock 2 is that PmlQ didn't gve the ticket to Sardar Mumtaz Which has spent nearly rs 400 million(yes thats true) from the date he has entered into the politics, Roughly 8 years ago when he returned from States.

    So sardar mumtaz has joined PML(N) now and he will be contetsing in the Provincial Assembly , and this is a big set back to PMl(Q)

    Another candidate from Attock 1 , Malik amin aslam has resigned from PML(Q) and will be contesting the election independentaly.

    The reason being is that Eman Waseem is daughter of The Distt Nazim of attock Maj (r) Tahir sadiq and he is brother in law to chaudhry's, was contesting the election independentaly , so in taht case there was no point for Malik amin aslam to contest for the election, so he resigned and now Eman waseem will be contesting at pml(q) and the facts and figures don't show that pml(Q) will get any seat from the three constituencies of ATTock

    I will keep you posted of any latest which i get




  • 2002 ELECTIONS:

    1 Syed Iftikhar Ali Khan Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 10302

    2 Sardar Muhammad Khalid Pakistan Awami Tehreek 1647

    3 Syed Abdul Salam Hassan Raza Naqvi Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 8126

    4 Mr.Muhammad Amin Gulial Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf 1545

    5 Malik Allah Yar Khan Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 88784

    6 Malik Sohail Khan Pakistan Muslim League(N) 41373

    Valid Votes 151777

    Rejected Votes 5230

    Total Votes 157007

    Registered Voters 274639

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 57.17 %

  • pmlq w win

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    @ javed

    u did not give any reasns why u think pmlq willwin here?

    Sardar mumtaz who was previosuly promsied ticekt from here has joined PMLN.

    Mailk ALLAH ya khan who was MNA form this seat last time is against CHOD-RE pervaiz elahi. ex MPA khawnzada also left Q league.

    in neighbouring seats, Amin Aslam also left MLQ and is contesting independet.

    All these are indicators of very obvious defeat of PMLQ.

    plz do enlighten us if u have some other factors in mind that r not visible.

  • good work GM

    Javed must give reasons except that Q-league is supported by MUSH.

  • ch pervaiz is a pm candidate he has to win this seat by hook or by crk .

    other wise he is out from the race

    and he is not dum like mian azhar

    all ch seats in gujrat even pp152 is safe....

    how come pervaiz elahi loose and all his family wins

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    u will see this on 9th january.

    afterall rigging and manipulation is an art.

    they will throw chaudhries just like main azhar and he will not b in assembly yet to think of PM.

    u cant ignore intenrational pressure that forced musharraf to negotiate with benazir and then to remove uniform.

    and on ground everyone can see that PPP and PMLN are going to be on top and no matter wat is scale of rigging, combined seats of PMLN and PPP cant be less than the required for Govt (136 direct seats).

    and after that most of PMLQ members will join PMLN or PPP in a week becos they cant LIVE in opposition.

  • Malik Allah Yar Khan, the ex-MNA is not competing this time. PPP has an active candiddate in Sardar Shahnawaz but PPP is not a significant forec in the area. PML(N) candiddate Malik Suhail is teh son of Malik Lal Khan of Kamrial who was previously in NPP with Jatoi and then Join PML(N) winning this seat in 1997.

    Malik Suhail should get appreciably more votes this time as compared to 2002. But the district nazim Maj. Tahir Sadiq has strong influence in the area and is actively campaigning for parvez ilahi. Unless Malik Allah Yar strongly comes out in opposition of parvez Ilahi, he seems to enjoy teh leading position.

    RESULT: PML(Q) victory.

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    @ Adonis

    But u missed Sardar Mumtaz Factor who has joined PMLN and is contesting as their candidate on provincial assembly seat. He was main supporter of PMLQ in this area and had lately become more stronger than Malik Allah Yar. Pervaiz Elahi first promised him for NA-58 ticket and he filed his papers also as pervaiz elahi was showing as if he will contest from NA-61 only.

    another provincial assembly member of atttock Shuja Khanzada also left PMLQ.

    so overall situation is not gud as it was when pervaiz elahi decided to contest here.

  • @ GM

    I think that Shuja Khanzada's provincial constituency lies under NA 57, not NA 58.

    Sardar Mumtaz is a significant factor but I am not sure that it would be a deciding factor.

    The situation would become more clear after Nawaz Sharif's visit.

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    @ Adonis

    right, agreed.

  • I am in Islamabad. A friend of mine, son of a Union Nazim, called me in office. While discussion on elections he said "Yaar agar Attock main dhandli nah hui to Q league kay jeetnay ka koi chance naheen"

  • I think it will be much closer contest as PML-Q/Chaudhary dhandhli machine will try their best in this seat specially so i am calling it too close at this time on the ground supports PML-N but the close family relationship of the Chaudhary clan will make this seat prime for all type of rigging.

  • IS Malik Allah Yaar against Pervez Elahi or not??? I came to know that his son is a candidate for Provincial assembly on ticket of PML Q....... and how strong is Sardar Mumtaz Khan in the area????

  • It is an interesting contest but Q-league has a slight edge over PML(N) with PPP a very distant third. If PPP had supported PML(N) here and had agreed to a seat adjustment, Q-league could never win.

    But as things stand today, it seems like a close fight but in the end Parvez Ilahi is likely to edge ahead by 5,000 plus votes.

  • so u mean that Sardar Mumtaz Khan factor is not that strong in the area....

  • I don't think that Sardar Mumtaz factor will be enough in itself to give PML(N) victory here. But still ten days to go and PML(Q) stock falling day by day. So there is always hope. But at the moment it seems like PML(Q) is ahead.