Biggest Problem of Imran Khan

  • Apologies to Imran's supporters in advance and feel sorry for them for following the cult blindly.

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  • Lol

  • @rasheed bahi

    In this election campaign Taliban/GHQ may solve this biggest problem, Nawaz Sharif, too like they solved BB in previous.


  • Those belogning to "Nawaz League" have no right calling others as cult.

    By the way, how was revivial of constitution, Dogar and ECP an achievement of Raiwaind Sharif alone?

  • ^^^

    Ofcourse you would not know that, while they were being restored, IK was hiding in toilet

  • Yes IK lack political maturity and most of the time no control over his emotions. It was PML(N) and PPP's failure that IK reached to the peak of October 30/2011 and then after that it was IK's political mistakes to cause the bubble down again. Major mistakes are:

    (1)Accepting every garbage in party without any filter

    (2) Criticizing only PML(N) and giving Zardari free hand most of the time.

    (3) Holding party election at very wrong time when a big election campaign was required

    (4)Holding party election and not understanding that it will create a rift in party

    (5) Very confused stance on Taliban and Terrorism

    (6)Did not took a clear position on Tahir Qadri dramma and lost some ground

    All is not lost IK if plays his cards well can win 20 NA seats still and make a very good pressure group in parliament.

  • 20 NA seats is too much. I don't see PTI going into double digits at all. As of today only a couple of seats are likely--Jehangir Tireen and Shah Mehmood. IK's own seat is not a given.

  • @

    Rasheed Bhaee, the last one should read:

    Nawaz Shareef is the biggest problem of Imran


  • @short life endless plans

    Logically and based on ground reality it is very likely that PTI will remain in single digit. If IK is able to make some ground after 23rd March Jalsa, Legharies remain with him and if he gets some strong personalities before election, he can push the things to a maximum of 20 NA seats.

  • @mawan

    I would agree to that, it all depends on he next two months of campaigning. The Pashtoon voter is slightly swayed towards PTI, partly because of the Pashtoon connection of IK and partly because they are easily influenced by anti-American rhetoric as was the case in 2002 when MMA exploited them using anti-American slogans.

    However, the positive thing about Pashtoon is that they only give one chance to some one to prove himself to them. Unlike the Sindhi brothers who have a die hard loyalty to Bhutto family

  • @short life endless plans

    In Pukhtoon areas chances are very bright for PTI and if they run a very strong campaign they can win over 5 NA seats from KPK easily but but but how many times you have seen PTI top leadership in KPK. KPK puktoon belt is so long that if PTI had worked hard 10 NA seats were not impossible. I Called Ik politically immature because he is not taking election strategy scientifically. He is running behind PML(N) in their stronghold areas and forgetting that their potential stronghold areas are KPK and Balochistan Puktoon area.

  • Open Challenge to all Patawaris:

    اگر ایک باپ کے ہو تو پھر میرا چیلینج قبول کرو. اگر عمران ٢٠ سے زیادہ سیٹیں لیتا ہے تو تم سب کتے کی نسل ہو،

    بولو قبول ہے چیلنج؟

    You should have no problem in accepting this challenge if you are so sure that Imran will not be able to get more than 10 let alone 20 seats.

  • باقیوں کا تو پتا نہیں لیکن اس قسم کی زبان استمال کر کے قیصر بھائی آپ نے اپنی نسل ضرور بتا دی ہے

  • O maama Chellenge qabol, ziyada gallan na ker.

  • Tumhare jaisay bachon k liye baatien nahe chitar he chalay ga

  • @Qaiser Nadeem

    Manners my dear! Politics is always conflicting. If it makes you lose your cool then you should not be here.

    At most I gave Imran Khan 30 seats and that is me optimistic for PTI.

    If he gets more than that I would be humble enough to admit my mistake. I hope you guys would do the same if he loses and not start blaming election comission or calling Pakistani Awam Jahil or saying Jahil Awam does not deserve great Imran Khan

  • Hahahahahaha

    Just one challenge and you changed your views?

    Kya banay ga tumhara patwario..

  • Qasoor tumhara nahi ha Qaiser Nadeem.

  • I request admin to not delete my post and I will be here on election day and I hope all Patwaaris who are posting on this thread are also here.

    We will see who will eat their own words. It's my challenge to all patwaris posting their lame predictions.

    p.s. I am saving a screen shot of this in case admin deletes it.

  • QN Please go through this and then come back with your P(o)tian mindset