موروثی سیاست پر ایک دلچسپ آرٹیکل

  • I never paid attention to this point of view that if a soldier's son can become a soldier, a lawyer's son can be a lawyer, or a bureaucrat's son could end up being a bureaucrat, then why so much hue and cry over politicians? After all, politicians' sons and daughters do get elected, don't they?

  • PML(N) leadership does not fall under "Morusi Siyasat" PML(N) was established by Nawaz Sharif and strengthened by Shahbaz. All decision making is still in PML(N)'s pioneer leadership which is NS and SS. Maryam has no party portfolio neither she is MNA/MPA. Hamza Shahbaz you can say used his father's position to win a MNA seat, but he has great potential just like his father to be a big leader.

  • @Arian71

    I say same thing to my friends many times, parent are always inspiration to kids. Most of the time kid would want to be doctor because the parents are doctor or whatever profession the parents are in, most of the times kids end up in same profession.

    They do have to take votes every time to get in the assemblies.

  • @Arain77

    sons and daughters do get elected, don't they?

    Very true. I think HM is correct in saying that family politics will gradually die out as voter becomes more educated and liberated. already we have a free judiciary and an independent EC. If the next government is willing to strengthen the EC further and improving the procedures of selecting interim PM by , say , setting a minimum period for opposition and likewise. Things will only get better from now.

    The voters of rural Sindh and Bloachistan could be further empowered by the 'mythical' land reforms which most Pakistanis would welcome.

    I also agree with HM that likes of Hamzah Shabaz, although a good kid, should not just be appointed as the party head over seniors but all this can only change with time as attitudes change. It's not some thing that will happen overnight.

  • nice article

  • Hereditary politics is in the blood of the people of the subcontinent. When Indira Gandhi was killed, her son Rajiv Gandhi was appointed as the P.M.., although, he was neither any office bearer of the Congress Party nor the member of the parliament.

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  • Good article. I didn't expect this kind of stuff coming from Hamid Mir, almaroof water car kit walay.

  • oldman bhai

    The people like Hamid Mir are of caliber. The problem is that bribers derail them from time to time with the attraction of monetary benefits.

  • The objection about 'Mauroosiat' is bogus and reflection of defeated mentality.

    There has been a history of Inheritance of talent in Politics, Art, Culture, and several professions of life.

    A chain of Moghal Rulers in India

    Nehru Dynasty in India

    Kennedy Dynasty in America

    Bhutto/Nawaz Sharif/Ghufar Khan/Mufti Mahmmod/Ayub/Zia Dynasties in Pakistan

    Mujib Dynasty in Bangladesh

    Pirthavi Raj Kappor Dynasty in Show Business

    ---and a long list of Journalists, Advocates, Medical Practioners, Singers, Film Actors, Comedians, Educationists, Poets--- who kept alive the profession of their elders.

    Hamid Meer is son of Waris Meer, a great journalist of his time,

  • The objection about 'Mauroosiat' is bogus and reflection of defeated mentality.

    Also bogus is the poster!

  • It is quite obvious that childern have inspiration from their parents for selecting their profession.

    A jagirdar son is uasually jagirdar

    A lawyer childern are normally lawyers

    A solider son is normally soldier

    A business person childer are business persons

    But I don't think that poltics is a profession but volunteer activities but if my felow blogger think politics is a profession then don't they think it should require some qualificatin As son of doctor needs atleast MBBS to be a doctor.

  • It's interesting that almost all Muslims consider Rashidun, Umayyads, and Abbasids as their role models. After Ali, the real caliphate ended and a true monarchy evolved where when King died, the son, brother, or cousin inherited the throne. So my question is that if the practice was OK then, then why it's an issue now?


    Politics is a profession; it would be naive to think that it's done voluntarily. And, yes, there is a qualification; that is, the sons and daughters must get elected. Winning an election is never an easy job in politics. So, if people elect them fair and sqaure, then who are we, sitting in drawing rooms, to raise any objection.


    Mr. Sheikh, your argument is also valid; there are numerous examples of inheritance of talent in and out of politics

  • I am surprised to read all of responses here.When I read this column yesterday,I thought Its just a filler column or somebody from pmln or ppp paid Hamid Mir to write this below average article.

    Because 2 days ago Imran khan said I ll not promote politics inheritance etc.So its an answer to PTI by giving examples.

    What I am surprised on now a days Saleem safi,Rauf Klasra etc are writing everyday on real issues/ LOOT MAAR happening in last days of PPP.Madam speaker her self approved bill for all -life amenities foe her and other MNAs.and there is no thread on pkpolitics about that.

    And this pro taliban Hamid mir who never wrote on real issues is getting praised...WOW just WOW>>>>>

  • "Winning election is never a easy job"


    @Arian Sb

    So do you think Hamza Shahbaz has done work hard to be uncontested winner from stronghold constituency of PMLN.

    BTW I am not ag. anyone come in politics but we can not deny the fact that family politics made it is difficuilt for commoner to get position in higher politics even if commoners are hard worker and more qualified and sincere than Balawal and Hamza shahbaz.

  • ^^

    Remember, people always have the option to reject family members of politicians, like they did in the bye election of Mansehra a couple of years ago when Haji Tahir, the brother of Capt. Safdar got defeated by JUI. If people elected Hamza with a rousing support, then who are we to question it. If you're questioning his qualifications then you would also need to comment on PMLN nominating Tariq Aziz of Nilam Ghar from Lahore, and MQM nominating Khush Bakht Shujaat from Karachi. I'm not aware of their qualifications beyond their TV careers.

    FYI- I'm not complaining on these nominations though; people elected them, so that was just fine by me.

  • Politics is a profession; it would be naive to think that it's done voluntarily. And, yes, there is a qualification; that is, the sons and daughters must get elected


    @Arian Sb.

    It is not me rathter you who said politics is profession and there is qualification. so questioning me about qualification is irrelevent here as I don't consider politics as profession.


    people elected Hamza with a rousing support, then who are we to question it


    You denied your earlier post where you referred qualification of politician.

    BTW there is a little correction

    People did not select Hamza, it was PMLN which was uncontesed winner.

    There could be a simple PMLN hard worker senior than Hamza Shahbaz like you, the result would have been same. (appology to refer you in example)

  • BT Saheb,

    I used the word 'qualification' as a figure of speech, more like a metaphor; that is, if people elect a person in a general election by voting for him or her, then the traditional qualification (degree, experience etc) doesn't matter.

    Yes, Hamza was selected by PMLN but he, at the end, got votes from Lahore to get elected; he didn't win unopposed. That's what matters.

  • @Arian71 Sb.

    You are missing the point.

    In politics, it is not the issue, who wins or who loose, the real issue, here under this thread is, who gets the party ticket.

    My simple point is that:

    Family politics give a shortcut or bye-pass to family member to get that higher position which is almost impossible for a commoner to achieve it even in life time as political worker.

    On other hand, A person needs to be successful in same examination and go through same process to become a doctor either he son of a doctor or son of illetrate person.

    With this point, I opposed the idea of favouring Inherent politics based on inherent profession.

    BTW, Hamza Shahbaz was Un-Contested from NA-119 in election 2008.