Why I Support Both PML(N) and PTI

  • I support PML(N) for this term because we need some experience hands to bring Pakistan out of this crises. Energy shortage, Terrarium, poor law & order, sky high inflation, non-stop corruption, destroyed institutions (Railway, PIA, Steel Mill, Wapda etc.)and many more. Look at Nawaz Sharif's resume two time PM, two times CM, two times opposition leader and many more, he has all the experience in the world to bring Pakistan on track. NS has its limitations, his vision may not be that high like IK, his speech is never impressive but he has political maturity and will to fix the things in right order. He is the only leader whom balouch nationalist trust, he has sympathy in Taliban camps and he has proved in past that he can bring peace in Karachi.

    PTI on the other hand is a idealist people's party who want to fix the things in minutes and have no idea of problems they have to face when they will be in power. IK has vision, sincere to nation, energy to excel but has has his limitations don't have calmness, negotiation power, settlement skill required for parliamentary type of democracy. You cannot put gun on everyone's head to resolve issues. He need to sit in the parliament with a group of MNA's probably 20 or so to make a pressure group in opposition. He need to promote himself from street politician to parliamentary politician.

    Once Khan settles into a cool and calm politics, sits full term in assembly. Organize his party in every part of country, train his political workers in elections and by-elections, future is with him.

    I am visualizing PTI and Pakistan both a bright future ahead. Please share your thoughts.

  • Perhaps you belong from Lahore

  • Yes I do, people who have seen Lahore recently will say "Wah Shahbaz Way". Now I am abroad and don't live permanently in Lahore, came back last week after one month visit. I am very social and have very close friends supporting PML(N)and some PTI.

  • Do you see progress all over Punjab? or just in lahore... sorry i visited lahore 3-4 years back so not sure what has change since.

  • Youve just made your point in the subject and theres no substance in your post.

    People who have no idea about real problems? Newsflash, PTi is the only party with a policy paper on each subject.

    U seriously have no clue what PTI is all about.

  • Political maturity is another fraud term like jamhooriat.

    Its something in the air. Calling a spade a spade is not immaturity. Gol mol baat krna is immaturity and hypocricy though.

  • Hillary Clinton's campaign tried to spin in early 2008 (Hillary now Obama later) and your mantra is - Nawaz now Imran later. Obama campaign forcefully fought this boloney. There argument was politics is all about momentum, it's about where you stand today on today's issues. It's impossible to predict where someone's popularity 'd be in few years.

    They successfully fought it hard and PTI needs to do the same.

  • PTI has nothing in common with PMLN.

    One believes in Showbazian and the other believes in real issues.

  • Democracies do not establish overnight. How many centuries it took UK to come to this level. US/Canada struggled during 18th century and early 19th century. Democracy always have a self cleaning system. You will see Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Conservative, labor party who are there for centuries, at time they had corrupt leaders but look at them know. PPP and PML(N) are two established political parties, if Benazir were alive things would have been so different now. Zardar/Bemari is just our bad luck that BB was killed wrong time and this opportunist got a golden opportunity to loot this country. PML(N) on the other hand still have all the leadership who is going through this political process last 30 years. If you compare the corruption of military and civil establishment, PML(N) people have got only lolly pops. Have you ever seen a army general or a Secretary (civil servant) house, believe me politicians except PPP's current leadership have looted way less than others. During 1997-1999 era Shahbaz Sharif performance was way better than this term, I agree this term he had lot of Showbazian but still if you compare it with three other provinces there is a huge difference of performance.

  • @expakistani

    Shortage of time I could not see entire Punjab and traveled through some Punjab cities. Roads at least are very good, motorway connecting Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Peshawar is spot on and GT road connecting Gujrat, Jhelum, Gujranwala are all good. PML(N) has not changed Thana Kacheri culture but at least they have arranged to get rid of Patwaris. All Punjab lands are in a process of computer registration. Things are not ideal but have improved comparability.

  • @mawan1971

    Imran has to come clean for being establishment's puppet before he could earn my support. A politician who has risen from Pasha's launch pad is hardly worth any consideration. His main objective is to ensure a hung parliament by denying PMLN a simple majority. You're very generous in giving him about 20 seats but have you ever thought where would those seats come from? Mostly from Punjab at the expense of PMLN; it's not like he is snatching those seats from under the PPP wings. He hasn't bothered to campaign in interior Sindh, Karachi, or any other part of the country where PMLN is considered weak. His focus is always PMLN strongholds; for instance, north & central Punjab, and then Hazara. The reason is simple - help Zardari, hurt Nawaz. So, whatever seats you put under the PTI column, deduct almost the same from PMLN's folds.

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  • @Arain71 Saab

    And what exactly Imran needs to do to clean his establishment puppy image?

    Didn't ZAB and NS started their political journey with Ayub and Zia? Didn't BB work with Generals? Didn't NS go to SC on KLB? Didn't Shahbaz Sharif and Nasar conspire with Generals after mid nights after supposedly Barey Miyan Saab came clean? Didn't Zardari complete this term by bending over?

    Why single out Imran?

  • General perception is that PTI will damage PML(N) only. I do not agree at all, PPP in Punjab from Sahiwal to Peshawar KPK is very week and I will be surprised if they get over 10 seats in this region. I am not saying that PPP seats will go to PTI but vacuum created by fall of PPP in Punjab will be a gain of PTI (Punjab + KPK)and PML(N). PML(N) will not be dented much as a big vacuum is created by fall of PPP and PML(Q), of course some party will gain and it could be any ratio between PTI and PML(N).

  • @Arain71

    1: Who is not blamed for ISI/Establishment pupet in pakistani politics.

    from Bhtto to NS all used this door to get in.

    2: IK should be focusing on Punjab and KybPak ... most likely this will give him a chance in next election to enter in Sindh and Balochistan. Why burned all resources when you can plan for small targets.

    On same note, How come PML N not doing enough to win support in Balochistan and Sindh? reason is simple they know the past and future.... why not stuck with with "winnable" areas then spending time and money where things next to impossible.

    PTI been opposing Zardari and N league .... but yes its hurting most to PML N then Zardari.

  • @expakistani

    "PTI been opposing Zardari and N league .... but yes its hurting most to PML N then Zardari"

    Not hurting but targeting PML(N) 80% time and only 20% time to PPP. There is a flaw in PTI's policy, PPP+PML(Q) is falling down, IK should address former PPP supporters that PTI is right platform for you. As I said before, it was PPP's fall that gave PTI rise to 30 October/2011 and then it were Khan ji's political mistakes than popularity has gone way down. All is not lost, almost two months for election campaign, grounds can be recovered. PML(N) did not admit in public but they realized that their lack of connection with public and poor performance is sending people to PTI camp, they recovered by proper planning, action and performance. Why IK cannot do the same in next 50 days.

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  • @Shirazi Saheb,

    Only you, Mr. Shirazi, can compare a 'tanga' horse with a thoroughbred Kentucky Derby contender and then call them the same. Are you so biased and naive that you don’t consider Nawaz a genuine anti-establishment force? His relationships with other army chiefs and his forced exile for almost a decade is not enough to earn him a small anti-establishment medal? His constant support for democracy during the last five difficult years, while rejecting offers from the establishment and absorbing hits from his opponents for being a friendly opposition, doesn't give you a clue?

    Your argument that, since others colluded with the establishment in the past, Imran should also do it now, is completely bogus, spurious, and makes no sense.

    What Imran can do to clean his image? Well, for a startup, he could:

    (1) criticize the army for allowing the drones,

    (2) ask them openly to stop conspiring against the civilian governments,

    (3) refrain from supporting army agents and lunatics like TuQ,

    (4) start criticizing other establishment parties (MQM, Q, and others), and

    (5) stop meeting ISI chiefs in future (he did that while holding no govt position).

    Zardari offered army some carrots to extend his own rule; Shahbaz and Nisar met Kiani after the dismal of Shahbaz government to threathen Zardari. So yes, they used the army. And, what’s bad about politicians using the army for their own benefit; it has always been the other way around.

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    January 6, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I am from karachi and believe me no one can even do a phone call in any publice places due to mobile snatching and law and order situation. Logon ki ankhon mein khauf nazar aata hai agar koi walk kar raha hai,, gari mein safar kar raha hai ,,, ya phir kahin bhi koi nikla hua hai.. Last week i visited Lahore, Faislabad and Rawalpindi… yahan condition bilkul hi different hai ,,lag nahi raha tha kai yeh pakistan hai…SS really changed the punjab,, infact my family was shocked to see the recent developments and law and order situation in punjab. SS really changed the whole punjab…


  • @expakistani,

    The biggest hurdle stopping Pakistan in moving forward is the army establishment, and everyone including Imran should understand that.

    Your facts are also not correct; Nawaz has been in Sindh at least 20 times more than Imran. Balochistan doesn't have enough seats, so, no one including Imran is spending time there.