PMLN Balochistan President Sanaullah Zehri vulgarity exposed

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  • @Mubashar Luqman (tvanchor)

    This kind of behaviour can not be defended but clearly in the above footage every one present is of the same kind as no one reprimanded him for the moral misconduct, rather, thy all joined in with laughter. I'm sure such people exist in al parties. The question is, why is PMLN only being targeted?

    Good grounds for article 62?

  • PMLN Loves and Respects women.

    There is a reason you see no women in top ranks of PMLN.

  • Zehri should have been more careful. As the chief of Jhalawan and being the grandson of Nawab Nouroz Khan, people expected more from him. He is expected to become the next chief minister of Balochistan if PMLN wins in the center. I'm sure he would take appropriate measures to rectify the damage done by his comments.

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    Facepalm @ appropriate measures to rectify damage. He should be thrown out of the party for treating a woman like this. This is not even your average woman he was talking about. he was talking about a female minister.

    Just imagine how he treats average women from Balochistan :(

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    The "appropriate measures" would be to seek apology for his comments. It was a joke but in bad taste.

  • Shame on him indeed !

  • کبھی کبھی ہسنے والوں کو رونا بھی پڑتا ہے

    It seems his joke cost him much, as his bamoo turned into a lethal bomb. May Allah help him during his distress.

  • Very bad and distastefull.

    Arian Bahi


    e is expected to become the next chief minister of Balochistan if PMLN wins in the center.


    How a win in centre will enable PML-N to install its CM in balochistan ?

  • Does his act comes under 62 and 63? As if someone present this video to the EC, can this land him into hot waters?

  • Don't be that critical guys, if government and opposition both sitting together and having some light gup shup, don't take it that serious, after all they are human beings like us. Who can be serious sitting with Nawab Raisani? Video is started from middle of conversation and have no idea what was original topic and how they reach to this point.

  • @Sharif Aadmi

    The history confirms that whoever wins the center controls Balochitan. Look at the last government; PPP had just 5 seats in the assembly but Aslam Raisani stayed on as the CM for 5 years.

  • Arian bahi

    We have been told that after CoD , pml is a changed party

    Do u expect the same undemocratic attitude of controlling provinces from centre like jam sadiq govt or liaqat jatoi govt or jan jamali govt?

    Then lets give credit to zardari which allowed pml-n govt to complete five years despite the fact that pml-n although single largest party , didn't hold majority

  • Awan Jee

    Would u tolerate such gup shup about any family member?

    Brother , lets condemn something which is bad irrespective of party affiliations.

    And be honest , Islam raisani didn't use any vulgar word or sign, it was zehri who was culprit

  • It's more funny than vulgar. The moral brigade is trying to make mountain of mole, as usual.

  • @Sharif admi

    And be honest , Islam raisani didn't use any vulgar word or sign, it was zehri who was culprit

    IR did not discourage him either. He joined in with laughter.

    Some body should have said to him that this is below the belt. Even if you do not take an Islamic angle on this of Vulgarity and back biting, it is still immoral. In west, this could be classed as sexual harassment and the guilty would probably have to tender his resignation after such exposure but liberal fascist can't even see that when it comes to a chance to show their dissent from Islamic values.

  • @Sharif Aadmi

    I think you forgot what Zardari did to Punjab government when he imposed governors rule in March 2009. I cannot forget that day when Srilanken cricket team was attacked by terrorist and in governor raj all police force was providing security to all PPP leadership in governor house. I was in Lahore on that unlucky day for Pakistan cricket. Will you still give credit to Zardari?

  • @Sharif Aadmi,

    CoD doesn't stop PMLN to form government in a province where there is a split mandate or a hung assembly; whoever gets the majority support should form the government. Yes, it would be against CoD if a party wins a simple majority and another party buys the loyalties through horse trading. In Balochistan, that wouldn't be the case; it's always smaller parties in that province that bargain with the federal government before extending their support. There is nothing undemocratic in that.

    Q League was the single largest party in Blochistan with 18 members against PPP's 5, but who got the CMship? Even in Punjab, he tried his best to topple Sharif's but he couldn't. So, I hope you keep these examples in mind before praising Zardari's 'democratic' attitude.