On what grounds PTI compares SKMH & NUML with Pakistan?

  • how one can compare a country with an organization?

    both have different dimensions,position & relationship with internal & external stimuli. both have different micro & macro level of functions.

    its not like comparing apple to apple and oranges to oranges!

    can someone help me with that?

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  • @insaftak bhai: give me some logical reason, or do not waste your time!

    your action will be much appreciated.

  • NUML is the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad.

    The institution established by the great Imran Khan in District Mianwali is Namal College which intakes a grand total of 80 students each year.

  • It's a very old trick to fine tune your resume to fit the job description you are seeking.

    Imran has not run a union council in his life let alone govern a country. So, in order to boost his resume, he has massaged his profile a little bit, hoping that he would be able to sell that to the public. He has been a cricketer all his life; that's all he knows. His is no economist, managed no government department, administered no city or province but he is competing for the top position of the country just on slogans.

    Now, I must not be tough on him because all Pakistani politicians are like that. NS worked as Punjab's finance minister for a couple of years before he became the chief minister. Zardari has no experience in anything. Asfandyar wali, Fazl-ur-Rahman, and Altaf are in the same boat.

    Pakistani public votes based on personalities not on capabilities!

  • sometimes trolling is fun :)

  • keep on hating......But SS gives on merit not on party affiliation....this shows the importance of merit for Punjab Government..........