Tsunami Hitting Tsunami In Lahore Jalsa

  • IK cannot find a worst time when he started speech and strong winds and rains create technical hurdles to live cast the speech. IK want to make it a Paniput and it is becoming a Paniput after rains. Speech so far was good but not extra ordinary impressive. More still to come.

  • کس حاجی نے کہا تھا کہ دو بجے کے بجاۓ چھ بجے اپنا بھاشن شروع کریں

  • Well it is usual routine that leaders comes on stage after three four hours of other leadership to address, rain and storm bad luck. I cannot see his address anymore, Nothing on Dunya TV and Samaa TV, I don't know if any channel is still live casting and can we access it from North America.

  • People can plan as much as they want, in this case establishment!! It is Allah who has the bigger plan!! This time I strongly believe Allah will help Pakistan!! and destroy evil which has been going on for last 65 years!!

  • He can promise as ,much as he wants, he start showing he is serious by being punctual on his jalsas....

  • Justice cannot be done to comment on IK jalsa unless you have not completely listen it. I have so far listened only before rain part and waiting for more to come on internet. I have heard few TV anchors and analyst, and as a whole Jalsa is called successful but long term impacts hard to say any so far. PTI in the race but with electable no Tsunami visible still, ideology was buried when IK himself accepted political garbage from all other parties.

  • Mr. Mawan....I think IK did the right thing by having intra party elections this allowed people to elect their representatives. Also, after this the second screening process will futher eliminate some leftover corrupt people by only giving tickets to those who can represent Tehrik-e-Insaaf. After all this is pakistan, so do not expect to have angels in this party but I do think it is relatively much much better party than others. Please give PTI a chance and inshAllah things will go in the right direction for pakistan...

  • The speech was not delivered completely, no new part in recordings on internet. Very bad luck, when Jalsa was on peak momentum, rain and strong blow of winds created big hurdles and IK have to leave the speech incomplete and people start moving out. No one was having doubt that IK will be able to gather a big crowd, he did managed to gather big crowd but what about other factor the impact of Jalsa. No impact of Jalsa is a big failure, weather to blame mainly, but whatever disappointing media show to impress people outside of Jalsa ground. He is front runner against PML(N) but if someone thinks there will be Tsunami, no 23rd March Jalsa is over and no Tsunami visible. I will call this show a kick start of election campaign.

  • An interesting observation from Sohail Warriach; he thinks that the jalsa is almost the same as of Oct 30th but, unlike the last time, 80% people have come from outside and only 20% are from Lahore.




  • Yes, it is good observation, I talked to my friends in Lahore, Lahore is not as jubilant as it was in October 30/2011. If IK had depended only on Lahore people Jalsa could have been a flop show.

  • Apparently, the PTI entourage online does not seem as jubilant after this gathering as it does after other jalsas from October 2011 onwards. Otherwise, they are abruptly posting pictures from the jalsas. This time things seem to be different.

    Also, unlike the jalsa on 23 December 2012, the camera angles on television showing the crowd were from a high vantage point where the entire or most of the ground was clearly visible. The camera angles that I saw today were from a much lower vantage point and from the West end of the ground. So, there could have been spaces within the crowd which were not visible from these camera angles.

    Finally, we must not be sarcastic about the rainfall.

  • ^ Well when biased admin would block every single PTI supporter on this forum, you can't expect much from N-Leaguians to do the job.

  • @Alnisa

    Even on another forum, the situation is different from what it usually is up until now. Of course it might change with time.

  • A point everyone is raising and almost all neutral observers are highlighting the absence of Lahore people, after all jalsa was in Lahori people's backyard. Most of people saying 75-80% crowd was from outside Lahore and Lahoris did not gave this jalsa much importance. This is a negative sign for PTI, Lahore always is a trend setter for national politics and is a headquarter of PTI and its chief as well. Anyways campaign has started and a lot of hard work required to turn the wave in Punjab towards PTI. General perception these day is that wind is blowing towards PML(N). I am not convinced that PTI has got a momentum to sweep the election, time will tell whether they are going to pick up the momentum or it is left only to electable. No new slogan, no new wave, no new energy and no new Janoon, nothing with a big bang but still game is on.

  • In today's talk show 'Takrar' of Express News, Zaeem Qadri of Noon League said

    عمران کا آج کا جلسہ اسکے پچھلے جلسے کا عشر عشیر بھی نہیں تھا

    Perhaps he is very weak in Urdu to know the meaning of عشر عشیر. However, his body language clearly dipicted that he was worried.

  • Zaeem Qadri drips arrogance. Have you seen how he talks down to the common man and then calls him leader of common man.

    Also his party stance was that the last jalsa was 10-20k tops. He means this one was 5k tops?

  • Well when biased admin

    alnisa aka Desi Baji,

    you have no idea what you are talking about. Admin has the right to ban anybody anytime. Who are you to criticize our dear admin???

  • Please let me know in brief?

    Was there any oath taken by 80,000 newly elected members?

    Did PTI issued thier manifesto?

    Did the 1 million "tabdeeli Razakaar' were there?

    If none of the above happened, then what was said? Apart from songs !