Caretaker Prime Minister Decision Goes to Election Commision

  • Now that it is clear that parliamentary committee for caretaker PM has not reached to any decision and matter went to EC, lets see the situation. It looks like PML(N) from day 1 was afraid that if they accept PPP's candidate Muk-Muka will be called by outsiders especially PTI. Chaudari Shujahat was right in saying that PML(N) do not want to resolve the issue and would like to send matter to EC. PML(N) putting up all PML(N) members in the committee was for the safety measures as they cannot fully trust JUI(F) or PML(F) who may vote to PPP candidate. The way PML(N) is playing last few months, they are not taking any risk regarding any matter related to election and taking more than enough safety measures. EC is in big trouble now, to me they are more likely to name Nasir Aslam Zahid but to avoid the blame of PML(N) backing they may decide otherwise. Two more days of uncertainty over caretaker PM.