Future of PPP and PML(Q) Alliance and Its Impacts

  • PPP and PML(Q) alliance is under serious threat of break up especially last few days. PPP+PML(Q) are not a natural alliance, PPP belong to left wing where they attract liberal, progressive voter whereas PML(Q) is a right wing conservative party rely heavily on close to religion people. There is a provincial difference as well, PPP has its vote bank headquarter in interior Sindh and it is more known a Sindh party. PML(Q) is close to the ideology to PML(N) who have their stronghold in Punjab. There is a rural-urban difference as well. PPP always a rural party whether it is Punjab or Sindh, it is over 20 years that PPP has lost his vote base in urban Punjab. PML(Q) o the other hand have more basis in Urban areas although they have strong candidates in rural areas as well. Above reasons strongly deny that a joint candidate will mathematically add up two party votes. The above point was proved true in December 04/2013 by-election as none of the seat proved a vote plus of both parties.

    If PML(Q)+PPP go in election in a alliance it is still in the benefit of both as they will psychologically hide behind each other and stronger of either party will go one on one against PML(N), PTI vote is a plus for this alliance as three way fight and division of right wing vote may result some seats to this alliance in a close finish.

    If PML(Q)+PPP alliance breaks before election, PML(Q) will see more breakage and integration among their electable. PML(Q)'s oxygen is electable and once PML(Q) is separated more electable will look toward PTI, PML(N) and even PPP. To go in election separately will expose PPP's weakness and will naked them in front of public.

    Conclusion; Alliance of PPP+PML(Q) in best interest of both although it will not add up their individual vote bank. If this alliance breaks very good news for PML(N) and PTI.

  • Keep guessing ;)

  • Please answer with logic, remember Benazir Bhutto's Lash is not on the shoulders of Zardari anymore, no hamdardi votes. Instead past 5 years of extra ordinary poor performance a nightmare following him.