Imran's Tsunami

  • An Article by Shaukat Jamil:

    Some people make such huge innovations in a discipline that the world dubs them history makers. In Urdu poetry, Ghalib is one. So the poetry is divided into two parts viz. Before Ghalib and after Ghalib. The film music is divided between two eras; before Shankar Jaikishan and after Shankar Jaikishan. By the same token, Pakistan s polity is described as ere ZAB and post ZAB. ZAB taught political parties to present a manifesto to the nation in run up to an election to justify the soliciting of votes. He himself gave a very good manifesto as was practical under the circumstances. His manifesto read " Islam is our religion, Democracy is our politics, Socialism is our economy, Fountainhead of power are people and R0TI, KAPRA and Makan every ones right. If Islam is deleted, it would make an enviable manifesto of any political party in any civilized country.

    In virtue of this manifesto PPP became my favorite party. At that time, there were only two other political parties who could hardly be called parties. NAP who was a communist party and believed in Pakhtoon nationalism and was not in good odor with the people, was not appealing to me as well. Jamat-e-Islami who was a reactionary party who derived ideology from Maudoodism, a touched-up version of Islamic fundamentalism, obscurantism etc. Her program could not impress any progressive person to whom only a Hobson's choice was thus available for backing one. So every rationalist went with PPP. As for the remaining so called political parties they were the bands of bounty hunters with only one point agenda of feathering one s nest. The people stood disillusioned of their capers.

    Whatever spin the Islamist may give to the religion the truth is hard to hide. The precept of jihad implies that in Islam might is right . Since the Mafia in Uniform ( MIU ) , was mightiest so she thought that she was all wise and thus deserved to rule. But she could only rule if democracy failed. So to fail the democracy was number one mission of MIU. Since a country has to work under a constitution over a long haul, she had to foul it to make it unworkable in democratic order which they did by transforming the country from a Muslim state into an Islamic state.

    Once the foundation for anarchy has been laid MIU set to party bashing and character assassination of the dreaded politicians. Mard-e Hur is a case in point. MIU knew pretty well that he was a political genius and had more wisdom in his little finger than the wisdom in the entire body of the MIU. So from day one MIU embarked on mission one to get Zardari by hook or crook. MIU had never been so severely down on BB (Shaheed) as on Zardari. Not only framed in bogus cases, he was subjected to third degree torture including the splitting of the tongue in the hope that he would break down like Nawaz and start licking her boots but he stood firm like the Rock of Gibraltor and this cat and mouse game is still on.

    To press on this game every single payment made by present govt. was scandalised through gutter media worked by the shame of journalist recently marked out at this forum. This device was necessary to keep the minds of populace occupied with the corruption hysteria engendered to prevent people from thinking oppositely. It also put a spoke in the wheel of development in the country. Rental scandal is a case in point which has been built into one by the good offices of Mafia In Black Coats ( MIBC )

    With elections looming large and no expedient in sight, MIU in a tizzy, uncorked the genie of Imran Khan. What the stupid generals failed to take in is that Imran would turn out a very hard nut to crack and his selection might have driven the last nail in the coffin of their ambitions. Good bye! Nawaz , a real inheritor of opposition has arrived. Sorry! MIU for getting hoisted with your own petard. Good luck! Pakistanis better things are cooking.

  • I might not agree on all the points Javed Shaikh saheb (though penned down beautifully) but I agree on one point - your coin of MIU (Mafia in Uniform). They have gone bersek after losing "American Green Card" under Kerry Lugar Bill. They are desparate to get even with this shrewd move by Zardari together with the tip of Osama Bin Laden which the MIU think has been given to USA by none other than Zardari.

    Riko Diq project is another factor for Zardari's failure to do something for Baluchistan. MIU is breathing hot to grab this gold and copper deposits which might have brought some fortune for deprived Baluchis. This project has been stopped by Supreme Court. Not only this, SC has ordered the Military Establishment to "audit" for this project. Since when has Military assumed the auditing job? This happens only in Pakistan.

  • A well know media person was reporting on a famous media channel that he himself came on metro bus to Minar-e-Pakistan (It was express channel and person was express TV's media manager or something like that, in "To the point" by Shahzeb, video still on internet to verify) and with all other people were also to attend jalsa. I don't know still some people want to make a fool of general public when there are so many resources to check and verify.

  • If you look at todays talk shows, IK jalsa disappeared from media eye and Musharraf arrival is big news today. Tomorrow channels will cover PML(N) jalsa in Hazara. The impact of PTI jalsa as expected could not last for 12 hours after the ending of Jalsa. I have said before this is jalsa season and election campaign. If this Jalsa were held couple of months ago, things would have been different,too late PTI.

  • Mansoor Afaaq is simply lying in his article.

  • Four political Mistakes made by Imran Khan:

    1. Gen Shuja Pasha Factor

    2. Soft Corner for Terrorists and Taliban

    3. Shaking hands with Sheikh Rashid who asked for Visa from Mulla Omer.

    4. Seat Adjustment with Jamaati-i-Islami, the founder of religious fanaticism.

    After these mistakes, how he expects support from the young generation, which wants to live in 21st Century?

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    Doesnt deserve more than 500 for this peice.

    Not sure how much Noon doled out.

  • I was expecting maturity from Imran Khan but his statement that he won't take the Oath from Zardari, in case he wins the elections, looks very childish.

    That means Mr. Imran Khan doesn't acknowledge the Constitution of Pakistan like Taliban.

    Why he is contesting the Elections under Zardari's Presidency?