Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Appointed Caretaker Prime Minister

  • So confusion and dramma last for last few weeks is over now. My first reaction to this name, job well done EC Shabash. If they have appointed justice Nasir, a big cry may come from PPP, PML(Q) and possibly from PTI as well. EC brought this name outside of two front runners, Dr. Ishrat and Justice Nasir. A judge as caretaker PM very happy news, any former politician may have some backing to any political party. Time to focus on election, let us see how new PM forms his cabinet. Dr. Ishrat rejection is also good as there were some clouds over his name may be given by IMF/World Bank. Clear root to the election now, except Mush will try to put last rocks in election path.

  • Who is older Justice Khuso or Justice Fakhru?


  • Now lets get into election mode...

  • Khosa is 84 years old probably close to Justice Fakhro as well but he does not look that old. Age seems no big issue for him, big pressure will be on Justice Fakhro for fair elections and Khosa need to run the government just O.K.

  • This thread seems to be more like grapes are sour lolz.


    President Zardari welcomes nomination of Hazar Khan Khoso as caretaker PM

    The President said the nomination of Hazar Khan Khoso by the Election Commission was a culmination of a part of the constitutional process to ensure free and fair elections.

    President Asif Ali Zardri has welcomed the nomination of Justice Mir Hazar Khan Khoso as the caretaker Prime Minister by the Election Commission.

    Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar quoted the President as saying that the nomination of Mir Hazar Khan Khoso by the Commission was a culmination of a part of the constitutional process to ensure free and fair elections and will be welcomed by all across the political divide.

    The President said that the forthcoming general elections under a caretaker neutral set up selected under the constitutional process and an independent and empowered Election Commission duly empowered by the Parliament for the first time in the country's history was a very significant. It is a welcome development that should help in banishing the specter of manipulated power transfer.

    The President also asked the people to exercise their right to vote and elect their representatives who best represented their hopes‚ aspirations and priorities.

  • PM Ashraf congratulates Hazar Khan Khoso on his nomination as caretaker PM

    The Prime Minister expressed the confidence that the country would benefit from Khoso's knowledge

    Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf telephoned Justice retired Mir Hazar Khan Khoso and congratulated him on his nomination as caretaker chief executive of the country.

    He extended his best wishes and assured his fullest cooperation to the caretaker Prime Minister-designate.

    The Prime Minister expressed the confidence that the country would benefit from his knowledge‚ capabilities and experience.


  • PMLN put all their eggs in one basket; that is, in Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid's candidacy, and they suffered a big blow that their candidate wasn't picked by the EC. PMLN demonstrated a non-serious approach when they added Rasool Bakhsh Palego's name as their second candidate; the inclusion of his name was just an effort to appease Sindhi nationalists, and even PMLN knew that he wouldn't be picked.

    PPP, on the other hand, nominated two individuals, Dr Ishrat, and Justice Khoso, who may have a soft corner for PPP but they weren't in-your-face type of PPP supporters.

    When PPP raised an objection in the parliamentary committee that FIR of Justice Nizam, the brother-in-law of Justice Nasir, was registered against Zardari, it was obvious that Justice Nasir's name wouldn't be picked by an independent body, such as the EC.

    PMLN had originally planned to included Justice Shakirulla Jan's name as their second choice instead of Palejo but Ch. Nisar dropped his name at the last moment amid some rumors that Justice Jan met with Malik Riaz recently; this news was later denied by Justice Jan (Ch. Nisar needs to come out of this Malik Riaz phobia).

    Now, PMLN is stuck with Justice Khose who may have some hidden support for PPP but PMLN and Nisar are to be blamed for it.

    !ہور چوپو


    The world around us is giving more power to their youth as a way to move forward but we are content with two 84 years old 'babay' running the country and EC.

    Good going fellow countrymen!

  • @Arain71

    My friend, does not make any difference which Judge becomes all will work almost the same way. Dr. Ishrat was a doubtful name and someone can think of him being on IMF/World Bank agenda but other than that what Justice Nasir would have given favor to PML(N). Elections will be fair, media have thousand eyes, thousand of international observers, small dhandlis possible but big Jharlo out of question.

  • @Arain71 Saab

    "PMLN put all their eggs in one basket; that is, in Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid's candidacy, and they suffered a big blow that their candidate wasn't picked by the EC."

    I won't categorize this as blow. I don't think care taker PM can favor one way pr the other. Care taker PM's only significance is if he will be there for 2 months or 2 years. PMLN and PPP both showed immaturity by giving names of establishment or Judges to begin with.
    On care taker setup, my views are similar to Zia M. Saab. There shouldn't be any caretaker setup like rest of the world. EC should hold elections using it's tremendous authority. If everything goes well even then all this caretaker drama doesn't mean losers will accept the result.

  • دودھ کا جلا چھا چ بھی پھونک پھونک کر پیتا ہے -نوں لیگ کا مقصد یہ کیس الیکشن کمیشن لے جانا تھا بھلے الیکشن کمیشن کالے مسسلی کو نگران وزیر بنا دے -اب تحریک انصاف مک مکا کا تہنہ نہیں دے سکتی -انچاس دن میں نگران صاحب کیا اچھا اور کیا برا کریں گے الیکشن الیکشن کمیشن کی سر دردی ہے فخرو بھائی جانے کھوسہ صاحب کو کیا لینا دینا

  • Care Taker Prime Minister and even President can't influence the outcome of Elections.

    Federal and Provincial Care Taker Governments are just to fulfill the Constitutional requirements and not so important to be discussed.

    I guess the current set up of Election commission is capable to control and handle the situation best, under the circumstances.

  • Here you got, Geo Javeed Bhai this is my point of view as well. Elections in Sindh are a dispute still, all the Bueorocracy, police, EC members are either of PPP or MQM so they can do the dhandli in interior Sindh where media eye may not as vibrant as in Cities are. If army is deployed along with polling staff than there is a chance that big Ghapla could be avoided.

  • Care taker PM's only significance is if he will be there for 2 months or 2 years

    @Shirazi bhai

    The way both giant were desparte and stubborn on their own candidates, it shows both have a greater fear of facing interm government more than two months.


    EC should hold elections using it's tremendous authority


    100% agreed but

    Dispute over caretaker setup in punjab and federal show, politicians set out rule for forming EC and interm setup for their own benefits. Do you remember How Ch. Nisar were crying upon receiving a letter from EC for verification of degree.

    How can we expect such tremendous authority of Election Commission, after all this tremendous authority has to be empowered by parliment (politicains).

    They will never empower EC with such authority to entrap themseleve in 62 and 63.

  • Pakistan should apply for Guinness World Record on the cumulative age of CEC and CPM.

    I am pretty sure that (85+83) 138 years is a winner by a large margin.

    On a serious note, it is said that once you are above 80 your behavior becomes childish. It would be interesting to see how CPM and CEC deal with difficult issues.

    I am waiting to see a full episode of "Hum to umeed say hain" on CPM and CEC and their interactions with others and between themselves.

  • How old was Qauid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah during 1945/46 Elections?

  • 69/70

  • I fail to understand why people bring Qaid-e-Azam in all discussions.

    Besides the fact that Qaid-e-Azam was much younger than CPM &CEC, Qaid had built his credibility by leadership he showed in re-building Muslim League and founding a state for muslim majority areas of undivided India.

    Anyone of the current so-called leadership of Pakistan is not even comparable to Qaid.

    Even the greatest living wise leader of current times, Nelson Mandela, who had led his nation and liberated them from aparthied, decided to leave the Presidency at the age of 81. Even though, he would have been relected with ease.

    The current combination of CPM and CEC shows deficiency in honest and reliable leadership Pakistan in many aspects.

  • Zardari is still at top of his game. He gets his candidates as caretaker PM in center, CM in Sindh and Balochistan and his approval was included in KPK.

  • ڈسکی بھائی

    خدا نے برائی کی قوت کو بے پناہ طاقت دی ہے. ایک شیطان نے پوری دنیا کو گمراہ کر رکھا ہے

    برائی بے شک جتنی مرضی طاقتور ہو جائے لیکن بدی اور اچھائی کی اس جنگ میں آخری اور فیصلہ کن فتح اچھائی کی ہی ہوتی ہے

  • Care taker PM's only significance is if he will be there for 2 months or 2 years.


    If that had been an important consideration, parties would have nominated/selected a person who could withstand to this.

    Wonder why none of them named Achakzai in the finals.

    I find Javaid Shaikh Sahib's view quite agreeable here.