PTI and JI Announced Alliance for Seat Adjustment

  • PTI and JI are now finally agreed on country wide seat adjustment.

    We need to see this alliance province vice. JI have a good vote bank in upper KPK areas like Dir, Swat, Chitral and Malakind and this seat adjustment will be very beneficial over there. Plain areas of KPK (Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi etc.) are less religious and more liberal voters voted almost all the times to PPP and ANP (except 2002 election jhurlo). Religious vote in this region is more tilted towards JUI (F) rather than JI.

    In Punjab this alliance can backfire instead of benefit. PTI in urban area is attacking liberal, progressive and educated people who are most part slightly away from religion although PTI is as a whole right wing close to religion party. PTI if gives 10 seats to Sheikh Rasheed how many in Punjab they will give to JI may be 50 so on such heavy seats PTI will contest on JI's candidate and JI candidate will control the election campaign. To me not a big gain for PTI, only those seats will help where contest will be close. JI has lost their vote bank over the years in Punjab. JUI+PTI alliance means no PML(N)+JI, where PML(N) were hesitant to give big number of seats to JI, especially 4 in Lahore.Failure of JI+PML(N) alliance forced JI to go with PTI, although I still feel their first preference was PML(N).

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  • If you read my past posts when this alliance was not announced I said PML(N) will gift four sets to JI. They do not have a firm electable anywhere in Punjab. Advantage to give them seats was that they may give PML(N) a benefit in close contest which PTI will get know. PML(N) have to give at least 10 NA seats in central and north punjab which is there stronghold and almost sure seats. PTI will get some benefit where they will be having their candidate but where JI will have their candidate it will become very weak seat for the alliance. Everyone knows JI vote bank over the years has reduced to about 5000 each constituency.

  • @mawan

    In my opinion, JI chief doesn't like PML (N) chief. He never wanted alliance with PML (N) leadership. This was just a bargaining position with PTI.

  • So PTI wil make new Pakistan by havng old/ used / tested politicians and by making alliance with old, used and tested JI....

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  • Some 5 yrs back i thought of a alliance of non corrupt parties in Pakistan to get rid of PML and PPP.

    Good step and need to make it further strong....

  • If this materialize properly between PTI and JI, PTI will get the much needed ground troops across the country who know how to run an election and what is election day politics. At the same time they will get the mussel power of JI in case they need some;) For JI they will get the momentum of people who are riding IK band wagon, this alliance will also help them in putting more JI candidates on ballot paper which they would be able if they align with PMLN.

    Overall this is bad news for PMLN, usually JI voters back PMLN candidates if JI candidate is not in running. With this arrangement, PMLN will lose 5/6K votes in many constituencies.

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  • It is seat adjustment, not an alliance. What it means at places where PTI is strong and JI has little chance, JI will withdraw in support of PTI and vice versa. Something like that. Anyway, it is good for PTI.

    I am generally excited with the election. The election commission and care taker PM are both good choices and we pakistani awaam would get to see the fair election.

  • I am glad that happened. Now in my constituency NA48-ISB1 PMLN doesn't have to support Mian Aslam and will run a fresh candidate because incumbent anjum aqeel khan will never get a ticket this time. This will be a hotly contested seat between PMLN and JI with PMLN retaining the seat with at least 10k margin. IMO JI has missed the bus again, now if they had any chance of getting any seat, it has gone and PMLN will be more focused on its candidates in Punjab.

  • "now if they had any chance of getting any seat, it has gone and PMLN will be more focused on its candidates in Punjab."

    I agree. If JI had made reasonable demands, PMLN could have done adjustment with them. That could have earned them some representation in the assemblies. Going with PTI, both are likely to sink.

  • Even if this a seat adjustment, I am pretty sure impact will be more national then local to the seats where they are making adjustments.

    In constituencies where JI is not supporting and contesting, JI voters will have a choice now to support PTI over PMLN if they see two are co-operating on many seats around the country in general and in Punjab and KPK in specific. Those JI 4/5 K votes PMLN use to take for-granted can swing PTI way easily and hurt the total count in tightly running constituencies.

  • @Dusky bahi

    Time will tell if JI's alliance helped or hurt PTI. My hunch is latter. JI and new Pakistan slogan doesn't go hand in hand. Despite all activists that JI has they can't get more than three NA seats from Pakistan if they don't have alliance with PMLN.

    Imran Khan had good relationship with Qazi Saab and I think that along with consistent blabbering about Taliban earned him title Taliban Khan. Don't be surprised if it comes back with this alliance.

    I believe he was better off going solo.

  • Shirazi bhai, what I have seen with JI voters are, they are zombies at highest level. They follow what ever coming from Mansora as gospel. Though one thing good about them is, you can not drag them in any sort of corruption cases/charges. PTI can brag that they chose the alliance partner based on morality not solely politics.

    PTI followers are zombies of another level, they follow the commandments of great Masiha to the teeth, for them it does not matter if Masiha is shaking hand with devil or sleeping with khakis. They just follow the commandments.

    So I am anxious to see how this pan out in elections, my take is this will benefit both PTI and JI as PTI will get the experienced workers to run the election and JI will get chance to score more seats as with PMLN they would not be able to bargain much. Overall this will hurt PMLN as this will swing JI and center to right votes from PNLN to PTI.

  • @Dusky bahi

    Let's keep zombies aside for a second. They will vote on party lines across the board. My concern is independents appeal. Imran Khan is counting a lot on momentum and I am afraid with Jammat Islami on his side he has closed doors for many and that 'd mean net PMLN gain. As far as experienced acativists are concerned I agree with you but I still belive it will be a net loss for PTI - and significant net loss. A loss that we might not be able to identify because this decision might hinder them gather the momentum that is keeping Raiwind up all night.

  • I'm glad that PMLN isn't forging an alliance with JI. Good riddance!

    PMLN used to gift them 3 sure NA and some PA seats from Lahore in exchange for a promise to get 5 to 6 thousand JI votes in other constituencies. There is no accurate data to indicate that PMLN got any extra seats as a result of this arrangement - just a myth.

    For this PTI-JI alliance to move forward, PTI will have to give JI almost 50% of Lahore seats; I'll see how this gets accepted by PTI loyalists.

  • Independents are pretty much burnt with the current political parties in power, they don't mind trying a new one. As long as PTI is the bigger coalition partner, I don't see independents will swing to PNLN. In most cases independent are the biggest band wagon riders, they usually go with momentum.