NA 160 Sahiwal 1

  • i spent 2 months in pakistan and back here in feb. during my stay in pakistan i did some research on shaiwal politics.

    PML N very stong in sahiwal and they can clean sweep on all

    Provincal seats (im my openion maybe i am wrong) but on 2 NA seats they got threat from PTI. and realy intersting fact that PPPP almost finish in sahiwal.

    in 2013 electhion

    NA 160 Sahiwal 1

    Syed Imran Ahmed Shah (PML N) vs Ch Nauraz Shakoor (PTI) (PTI threat for PML N on this seat)

    Ch Nauraz Shahkoor got good vote bank in rural area and also due to PTI Ticket he can get urban vote as well. but Pir Walyat shah khaga who always help ch nauraz shakoor to get vote in rural area now in PML N.

    PP 220

    Pir walayat shah Khagha of PML N (PML N confirm seat)

    PP 221

    Malik Nadeem kamran (PML N) vs shakeel naizi (PTI)

    good contest but PML N got edge

  • PPP- Q league alliance will win NA 163 while PTI and PPP willl trouble PMLN on the other seats. So it seems PMLN won't win any seat this time.

  • NA 161 can go either way - PPP or PTI or even PMLN.

  • @Pakhiwass

    Thanks for putting up nice analysis and detailed specific information which is very rare and precious. I need to know about Okara. Okara is the weakest link in entire Punjab for PML(N). It is a big distric and have 5 NA seats, almost on all PPP+PML(Q) have strong candidates, PTI does not have any here as well. Any specific analysis for Okara?

  • The only one who can beat PMLN on NA 160 seat is PMLN itself. There iis a lot of friction between MNA Imran Shah and MPAs Nadeem Kamran and Walayat Khagga. If they do not support each other, all three can lose. On the other hand, if the contest as real party men, PTI will be a distant second.

    PPP/Q league has no presence here, though either Anwaar Ramay or Naurez Shakoor can go to Q league if denied ticket by PTI.

  • i dont think they got any problem with eachother. yes you are right malik nadeem kamran got problem in city with his old supporters and party ranks.

    and anwar ramay has zerooooo vote bank so if PTI award ticket to ramay then its confirm seat of PML N. and I also heared that Ch naruaz shakoor tried to get PML N ticket. (i m not confrimed abt this khabar).

  • Naurez Shakoor has always been available to the highest bidder and was indeed very interested in an offer from PMLN. But PMLN did not see any benefit in acceding to his demands on a seat that PMLN already holds.

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