NA 161 Sahiwal 2

  • I belong to this constituency and PML N has very good chance to get this seat back from PPPP. if PML N award ticket to Ch Ashraf (Personally i dont like him) then very easy seat for PML N coz arian vote bank. if malik arshad got ticket then maybe ch omer ishaq also contest and ll be a winner. Ghulam Farid Khatia (PPPP) has no chance to retain this seat

    PP 222

    Malik Jalal ud Din Dhakku (PML N) vs Syed Amjad Ali Shah (PPPP) PML N confrim seat.

    PP 223

    Muhammad Arshad Khan Lodhi PML N vs Ch Hafeez Akhtar (PPPP)

    good chance for Mr. Lodhi to get this seat. I also heard that ch hafeez Akhtar ll be a PTI canidate this time.

  • Lolz this was the most funniest analysis ever read. In summary the thread starter wanted to say that PPP will lose but to sound it convincing for himself he had to fantasise and weave up an excuse to support his mindless theory ;)

  • @ TVanchor

    sir jee i belong to this halqa so dont challenge me. i m not supporter of PML N. I cast my vote twice in elections (2002 and 2008) and both time i gave vote to PPPP coz my emotionally attachment with PPPP. I analysis based on ground realites in NA 161.

    so sir jee take it easy and wait.....

  • And I have to believe you ? :)

  • and sir jee this is not PPPP which i gave vote in past.

    now this is zardari league. so please think before cast your vote to this zardari league.....

    muft muswra hi lena hi tu lein warna app ke marzi....buss khush rehian.........

  • And that is not Zia league anymore, it's more like Musharraf league :)

  • Ch Ashraf is the likely MNA candidate from PMLN. Malik Arshad will be compensated on PA seat.

    Shirazis are vying for Q league ticket and are unlikely to support PPP's Ghulam Fareed Kathia. Should be a relatively easy win for PMLN.

  • PA seats are already confirmed by PML N to

    PP 222 Jalal dhako (forward Block agreement)

    PP 223 Arshad Lodhi

    Malik Arshad cant win NA Or PA seat. Malik Jalal tried to put his son but ppl refuse to support him thats why he is going to contast in election.

    I think Ch omer ishaq is also good choice....