Tourist description of Lahore 1981

  • Nice read from a June 1981 edition of the NYT singing praises of Lahore:

  • Good times, no violence.

  • Very nostalgic!

    Mall Road used to be so beautiful, last time i visited Lahore i was shocked, all the trees on both sides of the road had disappeared.

    This article brought back some old memories.

    Thanks for sharing, gv!

  • لاہور میں انار کلی بازار سے تو آپ سب ہی واقف ہیں لیکن

    کیا کوئی یہ بھی جانتا ہے کہ لاہور میں انار کلی کی قبر کہاں ہے؟

  • Bawa Jee

    I believe it used to be where the Punjab Secretariat building is on lower Mall Rd.

  • If you are taking about Saleem's Anarkali, then it is a hypothetical character created by Imtiaz Ali Taj who is quoted, to have confirmed it, by none other than his daughter Yasmin Tahir (W/o Naeem Tahir). Anarkali never existed before Taj's drama.

  • ضیاء صاحب

    آپ بالکل درست کہتے ہیں

    انار کلی کی قبر سول سیکریٹریٹ لاہور کی بلڈنگ کے پچھلے حصے میں ہے جہاں زمینوں کا پرانا ریکارڈ محفوظ کیا ہوا ہے

    باہر کی جانب سے یہ بلڈنگ اسلام پورہ لاہور کے چشتیہ ہائی سکول سے متصل ہے

    ایک بار میں ایک دوست کے ساتھ زمینوں کے کچھ تاریخی ریکارڈ کی تلاش میں اس بلڈنگ میں گیا تو مجھے ایک کونے میں ایک قبر نظر آئی. جب میں نے اسکے قریب جا کر اسکا کتبہ پڑھا تو میری حیرت کی انتہا نہ رہی کہ یہ انار کلی کی قبر تھی

    میرا خیال ہے کہ لاہور میں بہت ہی کم لوگوں کو پتہ ہوگا کہ سول سیکریٹریٹ لاہور کے اندر انار کلی کی قبر بھی ہے

  • @badar

    I suggest you pick up a history book before spouting such utter nonsense....

    why is it only in Pakistan that people are happy to speak complete rubbish with the highest conviction that they know it all??

    @bawa, ziam

    yes so much of our heritage is either lost or forgotten as is evident from badar's comment above.

  • I even Miss Lahore of 1991 and even 2001 and even of 2012.. Man i Miss Lahore :::( sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh








    BTW who is Miss Lahore 2013?

  • @ gv

    Badar is absolutely right to the extent that the story of Anarkali as written by Imtiaz Ali Taj in which Anarkali is a 'kaneez' with whom Prince Saleem (Jahangir) falls in love and in order to stop them from eloping Akbar orders her to be entombed alive, is a pure work of fiction. Imtiaz Ali Taj himself called it a fictional story in the preface to his book.

    Most historians agree that the whole story is a work of fiction while some argue that there was indeed a royal 'kaneez' with the name of Anarkali during Akbar's times. But she died a natural death and the whole love story with Jahangir is a fabrication.

    Here is one link:

    There are many such myths in Mughal history. For example, a popular myth is that Akbar's rajput wife was Jodha Bai. But many historians deny this and point out that Jodha Bai was actually the wife of Jahangir and mother of Shahjahan whose real name was Jagat Gosaeen and she was called Jodha as she belonged to the royal family of Jodhpur.

  • Another writing about the authenticity of Anarkali story states that Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj’s creation was based on Lahori folklore from oral traditions, his frequent visits to sub-royal quarters (Heera Mandi) and his inspiration from European play writing.

    It would be interesting to learn when people started calling the road next to Hailey College as Anarkali and when the street outside of Lohari Gate was named as New Anarkali Bazar effectively renaming Anarkali to Purani (old) Anarkali. Both of these streets are far away from the presumed Tomb of Anarkali. I can assume Anarkali was a common word in Lahori vernacular before British arrived.

    Link to Tomb of Anarkali, Purani and New Anarkali.,74.309571&spn=0.010586,0.01929&sll=31.567489,74.300601&sspn=0.002646,0.006866&hnear=Tomb+of+Anarkali,+Lahore,+Lahore+District,+Punjab,+Pakistan&t=m&z=16

    An additional point that goes against the story of Anarkali is that this was the era of famous Punjabi poet Shah Hussain, arguably the Habib Jalib of 16th century. There is no mention of Anarkali or Dulla Bhati (a rebellion with real name of Abdulla Bhatti) story in his poetry even though some people put him as a witness of the public execution of Dullah Bhati.

  • Good info about Anarkali, any one knows who was Bano of bano bazar, Anarkali.

  • @Adonis,

    My dear Adonis. I am aware that the authenticity of the Anarkali story is disputed by historians. (I am also aware of the Jodha Bai issue) and I am in no way asserting the factual basis of the story here.

    However, there have been references to the story of Anarkali as we know it going back to William Finch's 'Travels in India' (1583-1619) where he visited India during Jehangir/Salim's reign.

    You can trawl through the full online text at if you so desire.

    So to make a full blown assertion that there was no legend of Anarkali prior to Imtiaz Ali Taj is a bit presumptuous to say the least. What galls me is the absolute unerring confidence used by people to assert their claims when they don't have the facts... rather like our religious fundo's who declare all and sundry heretics and infidels..

    (Ps its a good book if you can pick up a copy)