Rana Sanaullah Expresses his reservation oner Najam Sethi

  • Hahaha...Good one

  • پس ثابت ہوا ! فیصل آبادی جیسا بھی ہو ،جہاں بھی ہو اور جس حال میں بھی ہو ، جغتیں مارنے سے باز نہیں رہ سکتا

  • I share Rana Saab's concerns.


  • I think Rana Sana-Ullah is very right having reservation over Najam Sethi. I am regularly watching Najam Sethi programme and I know him from 90's. He is a pro PPP person currently having close relationship with Zardari and have been crying in his show that Nawaz Sharif punished him in their government. Najam Sethi's relationship with U.S and CIA is doubful as well as people call him CIA agent. How can this person be neutral Punjab CM? I respect him being a very good news and political analyst and one of the best in this country but no trust as Punjab CM.

  • @mawan1971 Saab

    اہسا بھی کوئی ہو گا جسے سب کہیں اچھا

    شاعر تو وہ اچھا ہے پے بدنام بوہت ہے


  • PMLN didn't come up with any good names for the Punjab care-taker CM; one is a former judge who was appointed by Zia and took oath under his PCO later, and the other is a former bureaucrat who served under NS and had very close ties with the Sharif family. I'm afraid that PMLN might lose this battle to PPP when the matter goes to EC.

  • Rana Sanaullah opposing Sethi as he is fearing that if Sethi become caretaker CM he might make his connection with LeJ/SSP more open to public.

  • Against Najm Sethi, PMLN should have brought Hamid Mir or Sohail Waraich or Aftab Iqbal or Irfan Siddiqui.

    Just imagine if PTI would have suggested Hasan Nisar as interm CM of Punjab....

    Your comments pls.

  • I think Dr. Sohail Wariach is good name but I will be surprised if PMLN doesn't agree on Najam Sethi.

  • The Care Taker should be Rational, Reasonable, Knowledgeable, Balanced and Experienced.

    Mr. Najam Sethi, comparatively has all these qualifications.

    Looking for a non-partisan person in Pakistan is wastage of time.

  • @BitterTruth

    Please do not mention Hassan Nisar here, he hates PML(N) so much that if you ask him PTI has no chance. Who you want to give next government PML(N) or Zardari I am 110% sure that he will be very happy to give to Zardari again. He is parha likha munafiq, islam dushman and gustaq-e-rasool. They way he make joke of sunit-e-rasool I wish I could slap him right away.

  • ^^

    He hates Shareefs and Zardari.

    BTW what about PMLN name?

  • @BitterTruth

    Let us bet on that, go and open his videos, 90% times he only criticize PML(N) and mention Zardari sometime very rarely when he he recall that oh people may ask why Nawaz only. I am against him because he always make joke of Islamic culture, traditions, sunat-e-rasool, muslims in general. I am not s conservative muslim and don't even prayer regularly but to me this is shame full. I am in western developed world for 10 years and I know plus and minus of western society. Western society is a developed world that does not mean they are ideal society in the world, Islam in whatever conditions have way more human values and social aspects in culture.

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    Hasan Nisar is added on my twitter a/c., he statrs his break fast cursing shareefs by calling them Biopari and Lohaar his lunch is with cursing Zardari and PPP. I have hardly seen him referring PMLN in his tweets.

  • @BitterTruth

    I never went that detailed with him but whenever I heard him on TV he is crying over Sharif's. I would say "Merey kan pak gaye hain is ki aik hi gardan sun sun kar".Najam Sethi is very much pro PPP but hardly you will see him heavily biased towards PPP, he don't like Shareef's but most part has control to speak a neutral and highly professional expert's opinion. On a contrary Hassan Nisar has no control to hide his hate against PML(N) and is very heavily biased. Now neutral people have stopped listening him and he is left with PTI supporters to listen only.

  • Najam Sethi is not a bad proposal. At least, he is better than Rana sahab.

  • Najam Sethi is a very clever guy, you never know he can help PPP for dhandli. Why to make CM a person when we clearly know his political affiliation.

  • Amazingly, Rana Sanaullah, in today's press conference, has expressed full confidence in Najam Sethi and Justice Rana Zahid, both PP nominees.

    I wonder why this change of heart; just a couple of days ago SS blasted Rana Zahid as a PCO judge and called him totally unacceptable. PMLN better get their ducks in a row sooner than later.

  • PMLN Fellas!

    Don't worry guys. The forum's most respectable PMLN voice Bawa Jee already disapproved Najam Sethi's name and I am sure has conveyed his displeasure to high ups. You can sleep well if Najam Sethi had any chance it's over by now thanks' to our very own Bawa Jee.