Now Kasuri leaving PTI

  • After SMQ, Legharis and Bosans successful induction, comes another thriller from Noon propaganda factory, Kasuri leaving PTI.

    Matlab .. how do u folks manage sh!t so much? Just a question, nothing personal.

  • @Mr Meem

    Its in every newspaper that Kasuri wants to join PML N...I think rather than criticizing PML N and the members on this forum who r in favour of PML N, u should "SUE" the newspapers and news channels who have promoted this news...

  • Same goes with Bosans and Legharis episodes. Newspapers and channels are regularly reporting with timelines but neither legahris nor Bosan coming in public to deny these newspaper. These politicians are more to blame as newspaper create hot stories but it up to the person who is in news to accept or deny, usually no denial means true news.

  • I heard that PML-N did shut call to Kasuri, even Danial Aziz inclusion in PML-N is doubtful after Ahsan Iqbal resistance