PPP quitted allience with PML-Q

  • مبارک ہو، مبارک ہو، مبارک ہو، سب کہو مبارک ہو

    ایک اور کامیابی ہو – وکٹری وکٹر وکٹری

    پی پی پی نے قاف لیگ سے اتخابی اتحاد ختم کرنے کا اعلان کر دیا ہے

    پورا کام ہوگیا

    :) :)

  • Zardari ate them alive...

    Tough time ahead for Ch. Brothers..

  • @Bawa Jee

    Like Dr. Tahir ul Qadri you seem to rush in broad casting congratulatory messages. The other day you rushed on 4 members of PMLN on Parliamentary committee but few days later PMLN's nominee Justise Nasar Aslam Zahid narrowly missed the bus like Tahir ul Qadri had PM arrested, almost.

    Perhaps it's not you or Tahir ul Qadri it's Canadian water.


  • Politics is very interesting but complicated game.

    Needs several years experience and observation to understand.

    A wise student of Politics doesn't make quick and emotional conclusions.