Clerics attack Ahmadi house, torture family in Punjab

  • Local clerics attacked a house belonging to an Ahmadi family in the Kasur district of Punjab on Tuesday and subjected the family members to violence allegedly over their religious belief, The Express Tribune has learnt.

    A mob led by a local cleric chanted slogans against Ahmadi families, their religious beliefs and their community before breaking into Mansoor’s* house in the Shamsabad area.

    The five members of Mansoor’s family tried to take refuge in a room but the mob broke into the room as well.

    Police personnel were reportedly present at the spot but did not take any action against the mob.

    Mansoor was severely tortured after which he lost consciousness, while his wife and his 70-year-old uncle were also beaten.

    Mansoor was shifted to a hospital where authorities claimed that he is in critical condition.

    Sheikh Yousaf, Head of the Ahmadi community in Kasur, told The Express Tribune that he had repeatedly asked the DPO Kasur to establish a police check post in the area as they had been receiving threats since six months. He said that the DPO had agreed to his demands but the local MNA created hurdles in establishment of the check post.

    He claimed that the police had deliberately left the Ahmadi family at the mercy of the mob, and the clerics who attacked that threatened the family to convert to their religion or face consequences.

    The house was attacked when Mansoor refused to convert, Yousaf added.

    *Name has been changed to protect identity

  • "clerics who attacked that threatened the family to convert to their religion or face consequences."

    I don't see any thing wrong with it. Same protocol was used to spread Islam. First send letter and then mob. Are we too civilized now? We are paying heavy price for not following our glorious traditions.
    Good Job Guys!

  • very impressive comparison of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Allah All Mighty's commands with "First send letter and then mob" ..Subhanallah.

  • It is truly becoming Jinnah's Pakistan, who had a Hindu and an Ahmadi in his cabinet.

  • @kulla saab

    Wasn't these clerics also telling Sheikh Mansoor saab to get in fold of commands sent by almighty? Did he have his own agenda? Perhaps not. I fully support the protocol used here. We can't say it was all great yesterday but today what the world will say? Our past is glorious. We will use that as guiding principle to carve promised future.

    I have a feeling forum members are too civilized and if I may hypocrites except Abdul Rehman Saab. Beside him I have little hope from others to stand by Clerics who didn't do anything for personal interest. Their objective was glorification of God and his words. I support them in this holy cause.

  • Sherazi,

    Excellent shock therapy of a near death brain of the faithful.

    Can anyone recommend a read about the evolution of a Mullah taking control of the socio political aspect of the mosque and its congregation? A Mullah used to be a commoner (Kami) in Punjab villages just some fifty years ago. (Do not need a history lesson about Zia’s Islam but the anthropological aspects of the change).

  • What prevented the newspaper to report the name and the party of the accused MNA who was instrumental in aiding and abetting the culprit? Can anyone on this forum name the party in control?

  • The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the attacks on the houses belonging to Ahmadis. The attackers were from two religious organizations, the Sipah-e-Sahaba (SP) and Khatm-e-Nabowat (KN) and were provided with protection by the police during the attack. The local in-charge of the Ahmadiya Jamat was seriously injured when he was beaten by the crowd and dumped on the street as if he was dead.

    The members of the Ahmadiya community are virtually under house arrest and the police have warned them to vacate the houses. The member of the national assembly from the ruling party of Punjab province and the highest police officer from the district have extended their support to the attackers in order to get votes in the coming elections.

    PMLN and Sipah-e-Sahaba goons at it again. Part of election campaigning.

  • Pakistanis will have to live with such mind set, for ever, unfortunately.

    No escape.

  • Names of alleged perpetrators:

    1. Mr. Rana Muhammad Ishaque, Member of National Assembly, PML-N

    2. Mr. Syed Khurram Ali, district police officer (DPO) district Qasoor Punjab

    3. Inspector, Tariq Awan, former station head officer (sho) of Choonia police station, Coonia, Qasoor district,

    4. Inspector Asghar, Choonia police station, Coonia, Qasoor district, Punjab province

    Date of incident: 25 March 2013

    Place of incident: Shamsabad village, Choonia sub district, Qasoor district, Punjab province

  • No, not agreed, mind set will change gradually. Education gives a person tolerance to bring a balance in the life extremism of religious, political views, language, nationalism and sect all gets reasonable balance and no peaks and valleys.Private sector in heavy proportion in Pakistan's education system, change is knocking the doors, you will see the change in next few years. 18 crore of people of course very few countable on fingers do not represent all.

  • PMLN is sponsoring terrorism, as is their habit, being the mules for their masters Saudi Wahabis.

  • People promoting Religion as Opium are increasing in Pakistan.

    There are deep rooted incubators in Pakistan, where addicts of Opium are produced.

    It is not possible to get them back at the right track.