Pakistan People Party at Its Historical Low Point

  • PPP had the poorest run in election 1997 when they were limited to only 18 NA seats and all of them were from Sindh province. PPP were washed out in three provinces or close to 80% population area. Even that time vote bank of PPP not went that bottom and they took 22% vote national wise which by any standards is not a very poor performance.

    When PPP went into election in 2008, they do not have any replacement for Shaheed BB but things went in a flash and election held when people emotions over BB murder were fresh so no one bothered who will form the new leadership. As time progresses Zardari's cleverness appeared and highlighted daily basis in media. Zardari performed excellent as a clever politician but his all attention was to retain the government and in this effort he gave whatever anyone asked in return to his government support. Pakistan real issues were totally ignored and every passing day PPP were losing their vote so rapidly that it never happened before in decades.

    Now that the PPP is going again to polls, they are historically at lowest point. I don't think they will get more than 15% of vote. They may be or are likely to win more than 18 seats (their previous lowest ever number) but in term of votes in Punjab, KPK and Balochistan they are heading towards a historical drought.

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  • Now this time in the coming election PPP has no لاش to win the sympathy votes. Instead they have to answer the 5 years of bad governance, loot maar, corruption.

  • To the worst media will highlight their poor performance again and again and there is one thing which people cannot forget even if they want to ;load shedding. When public will go to voting in very hot weather load shedding will welcome them and will remind them it is gift of past government.

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    PPPP is struggling to find contestants from urban areas of Punjab... this never happened in the history of PPP

  • PPP has very bad reputation especially in Urban Punjab but considerring disqualification and qualification of candidates and ongoing allainces and seat adjustment, It will take further 15 to 20 days to have future of PPP in Election 2013.

  • Zardari ( According to Javed Hashmi : the professor of politics )will be known in history as Destroyer of ppp . The target which cannot achieved by Dictator Zia ul Haq in 10 years, achieved by Zardari in only 5 years.

  • @,-Waqar KPK, Zerdari, is not only professor of politics, but is well known for cinema ticket black miler,cheater, a looters, robber, and a absconder,a frad, of FRAUDE UNIVERSITY OF BHUTOOSIAM, AND HIS LATE WIFE, ALL FRAUDE NOTHING BUT ALL FRAUDE.

  • Pakistan People Party is very likely to look like Jamat Islami vote bank in central and northern punjab. In 2008 PPP got good vote even those seats where they were defeated heavily. This times around it look like a PPP on lot of seats will have votes between 5,000 and 10,000 especially in urban centers of Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala.