Afghanistan wants "peace" without Pakistan help?

  • Look at the Karzai poodle and his henchmen. After all the support given and thousands of lives lost these treacherous traitors have nerve to say this? I am sure they will love to work with India. Why did Musharraf support the so called war on terror and the Zardari Mafia continues to support? Why? For this day?

    "Afghanistan is shocked by Pakistan's "complacency" in the nascent Afghan peace process and is ready to work without Islamabad's help on reconciliation, Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin told Reuters on Wednesday.

    It was the first time Afghanistan has suggested the possibility of going it alone without its neighbor. Regional power Pakistan is seen as critical to stabilizing Afghanistan because of its long ties to insurgent groups."


  • No surprizes, Karzai is a joint representative of U.S.A, India and Israel. Karzai will try his best not to involve Pakistan in the matters which are of long term interest in Afghanistan. Karzai knows talk process with Taliban cannot proceed unless Pakistan is involved so he want Pakistan in negotiations process but not any deep roots. He want Indian influence all over Afghanistan. My political experience says once U.S.A is gone (if gone completely), Karzai government will end in days and again a internal war for control will start. Indians will run away in this situation and it will take years to settle peace process, Afghanistan is in Pakistan's backyard and no Karzai can stop Pakistan influence in Afghan matters in the long run.