23rd March - Eye witness account

  • And this is coming from someone who was their on the 30th of Oct too, this was a bigger gathering by all counts. I see alot of pun in similar threads but that is irrelevant.

    The passion was exhilarating and assuring that nothing can beat the tsunami IA.

    Naya Pakistan mubarak!

  • Look at the front and back pages of all major newspapers; there is no significant news coverage of the 23rd march jalsa just after 2-3 days. The news about the care-taker prime minister, PMLN jalsa in Mansehra, and care-taker CM Punjab has totally pushed aside all news about Imran's gathering in Lahore. I'm not sure if PTI got any significant bump out of it.

    The jalsa was too little too late!

  • Well no doubt jalsa was big but timing very very late. In current scenario no Jalsa whatever size will not be in news more than a day or so. Now election campaign going to the peak. Abdul Malik the famous journalist said on one channel that I will be decided in a 2-3 week time who is getting how much momentum. Both PML(N) and PTI has started the race good, tsunami brother to verify when is next big jalsa of PTI and where?

  • There was nothing abt the jalsa on the day itself on Geo news. Money works .. You know that.

    But that doesnt sweat us. As HR wrote once, as elections near, Noon would be winning in polls and media and IK in public.

    U cud see that happening

  • No brother disagree on that, the amount of money PTI has given in term of advertisement to 23rd March, I don't think any other party has benifitted to media yet. Advertisements are political bribe as well, I am not saying PTI bribed media but it is fact. Now that the election campaign is getting momentum all parties will run their ads and no channel can afford to give special attention to one otherwise they will lose their ad money from that party.

    No much attention by media, only reason media is busy in election news and campaigns.

  • PTI must have spend good money on advertisement but that money has nothing to do with the coverage the event gets on the day.

    Theres this different set of folks which go by the name N. They have surely spent equal amounts to black the event out.

    did u check the mianwali jalsa farce?!

    2 separate screens, not for once did the cameras go from Ik to the crowd in one motion else it would have exposed the farce

  • Rain is only to blame for the poor outcome of the Jalsa. I was following Jalsa live on few channels and live jalsa was interpreted by rain and heavy winds many time and in the end channels lost contact. No clue, anyone intentionally did that,it was channels prime time but they still were trying their best to live telecast. PTI lover boy Dunya channel did the same, I was watching Dunya TV most part.

  • Their was no poor outcome. Tsunami and rains go hand in hand. ;)

  • For Mianwali jalsa, you can read the Hafeezullah Niazi's column today. He himself called it a failure. Who knows Mianwali better than IK's own cousin and a Mianwali native?


  • Please you tell us how many according to your estimate ?

  • Well poor outcome because IK could not deliver his speech at all. I remember he was saying actual speech is here in these papers and those papers were blown away, weather to blame only as I said before. I was only interested to know what IK will speak and how he will present solution of current issues. He did some promises which are very generic in nature and he missed the opportunity to impress those who want PTI to present their line of action for future. Manifesto I believe was the one to answer these questions but unfortunately it was not delivered. Why PTI has not given Manifesto still? did they? I have not heard anything.

  • Imran can't blame the weather for his speech fiasco; the fault also lies with SMQ who continued his rambling for almost an hour before Imran. Who wanted to listen to SMQ?

  • Hafeez Niazi is angry .. Inam isnt getting the ticket for 72, Ayla is.

    Hes playing down the Mianwali gathering just so as to put Ayla in bad light whose been running IKs campaign in Mianwali.

    Sher Afghans son joined PTI, this was NEWS in Mianwali.

  • @Adeel

    My estimate for the highest number of people at a given point is 4 lacs. Friends had travled from North America and the ME.

    People were coming and leaving. groups that had traveled from far had left earlier.

    IKs speech couldnt go ahead as planned, but IA, at a different date and time.

  • SMQ likes to occupy the stage. Im sure had he known IKs speech would be hit by rain, he wouldnt have spoken for more than 5 minutes.

    blame doesnt ly with him

  • SMQ would had rambled for a lot of less time; had that darn ground been filled. Lots of hard lucks on that cursed day for PTI, lots of bad omens.


    پاني پاني کر گئي مجھ کو قلندر کي يہ بات

    تو جھکا جب غير کے آگے ، نہ من تيرا نہ تن

  • کیا اقبال کی یاد دلا دی

    اپنے من میں ڈوب کر پا جا سراغ زندگی

    تو اگر میرا نہیں بنتا نہ بن اپنا تو بن

  • ہم دس لاکھ چھوڑ کر بیس لاکھ بھی ماننے کو تیّار ہیں، بس ین کو کہنا ووٹ بھی ضرور ڈالنے آئیں گے

  • @slep

    But pti thinks if they manage to gather some people and have few pages of facebook, then votes or voting is not required