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  • Well the situation in all attock is very strange as compared to the other places.

    The important point being is that PML(Q) has got 3 contestants in three constituencIEs , They all are from Gujrat < they were not able to get a candidate from Attock .

    Now the other factor which needs to be considered here is that The District Nazim of attock is brother in law to Ch Shujat , thats why they have gt Ch Pervaiz elahi contesting from ATTOCK, ANd eman Waseem and Waseem Gulzar , they are all Interrelated ,

    The situation now is that In Attock 2 is that PmlQ didn't gve the ticket to Sardar Mumtaz Which has spent nearly rs 400 million(yes thats true) from the date he has entered into the politics, Roughly 8 years ago when he returned from States.

    So sardar mumtaz has joined PML(N) now and he will be contetsing in the Provincial Assembly , and this is a big set back to PMl(Q)

    Another candidate from Attock 1 , Malik amin aslam has resigned from PML(Q) and will be contesting the election independentaly.

    The reason being is that Eman Waseem is daughter of The Distt Nazim of attock Maj (r) Tahir sadiq and he is brother in law to chaudhry's, was contesting the election independentaly , so in taht case there was no point for Malik amin aslam to contest for the election, so he resigned and now Eman waseem will be contesting at pml(q) and the facts and figures don't show that pml(Q) will get any seat from the three constituencies of ATTock

    I will keep you posted of any latest which i get



  • 2002 ELECTIONS:

    1 Mr.Aftab Khan Wardag Tehrik-e-Istaqlal 2270

    2 Hafiz Saeed Ahmad Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 23933

    3 Mr.SheikhEhsan-ud-din Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 9570

    4 Mr.Mahboob Ahmad Qadri Pakistan Awami Tehreek 2043

    5 Mr.Mohammad Salman Sarwar Pakistan Muslim League(N) 23988

    6 Malik Amin Aslam Khan Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 39921

    7 Malik Mohammad Asghar Advocate Independent 685

    Valid Votes 102410

    Rejected Votes 3773

    Total Votes 106183

    Registered Voters 243306

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 43.64 %

  • The constituency comprises attock city as well as attock and hazro tehsils.

    Malik Amin Aslam, the ex minister of state for environment has returned q league ticket after Eman Wasim, teh daughter of district nazim, maj. tahir sadiq entered the fray as independent.

    PPP is not among the main contenders. PML(N) is this time fielding the ex-MNA Sheikh Aftab Ahmed whose son contested and lost on PML(N) ticket in 2002. He is a strong candiddate. MMA has lost quite a bit of its support now.

    The division of votes between Eman Wasim and Amin Aslam is likely to help Sheikh Aftab coast to victory.

    RESULT: PML(N) victory.

  • Elections will be rigged here in this consituency which is sure and all machinery will be used to topple NAWAZ LEAGUE.

  • All these predictions are under the assumption that the elections will be 'free and fair'.

    If a rigging like 1977 elections takes place, then of course allies of mush will win everywhere.

  • pmlq will win this seat because of their control over zila nazimship.

    pmlq wins

  • Well am from Attock but currently here in Lahore for work purposes. could any one tell me what is the exact position of Sheikh Aftab there in the Attock???? Can he take advantage of split of votes between Emaan Waseem and Amin Aslam.

  • Malik Amin Aslam is running an anti-government campaign and condemning all the decisions he voted for over the past five years.

    Major Tahir Sadiq seems to be utilizing is position of power and the fear factor in the rural areas to usurp as many votes as possible.

    Unfortuantely it seems that votes in the urban areas will be split between the PPP (Sympathy factor) and PML(N). This can only help the corrupt PML-Q leaders: Major Tahir Sadiq and Malik Amin Aslam.

    Sheikh Aftab is the only serious alternative and must be supported if the city is to be cleansed of these crooked politicans.

  • I have updated the elections prediction at

    PPP and PML-Q still too close to call in the final tally

  • Eman Waseem is in serious trouble here. Amin Aslam and Eman Wasim are cutting each others votes. PPP has about 10,000 votes here and thats about all it is going to get. The sympathy factor after benazir's death could have been significant if the elections were held on January 08th. Right now, its not going to make much of a difference. Chances of Sheikh Aftab of PML(N) winning here are quite good.

  • well am in Attock rightnow and i can clearly see Sheikh aftab with a solo flight in city but in rural areas that NAzim factor will be quite decisive and only this can help Emaan Waseem...... but my predictions are sheikh aftab winning here with lead of around 5000 to 10000 vote........

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