Women elected as PMLN district president and gets ticket for NA seat in Sindh

  • Remember, she is not a union council official, she is district president and that too in a very conservative area of feudals and sardars, Ghotki, Sindh.

    Up against sardars: First woman to contest elections from Ghotki

    GHOTKI: In an area where sardars boast of male domination, Raheela Shar is all set to become the first woman in the history of Ghotki to contest elections.

    Shar, presently the district president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) women wing, is preparing herself to compete with Ghotki’s traditional sardars for the National Assembly (NA)-200 constituency. Though the PML-N has yet to select her officially as the party’s candidate from NA-200, Shar is the only candidate willing to participate in the elections against the sardars.

    Despite the presence of a large number of political families, not a single female member of these powerhouses has ever been part of the national or provincial assemblies.

    Raja Mujeeb, a social activist who focuses on violence against women, had said earlier that the ‘sardar culture’ poses a hurdle. “You can see two or four sardars in a district but we have 12 sardars. They dominate politics. They do not support their own women to participate in politics, then how can they encourage others? I do not see how any of them can break this barrier.”

    A mother of five daughters, Shar observed that karo-kari and lack of facilities for education and health are some of the pressing issues in this area. “The chief of different tribes have been in power for several years but they are not serious to resolve these basic issues and to bring any visible changes in Ghotki,” she said.

    Entering politics has not been easy for Shar. “They [Sardars] even stop media persons from covering my political activities,” she told daily Sindh Express. Shar believed that only women can make her success possible.


  • has pml-n even got a councilor in last decade ?

  • lol...

    Does't it mean?, that vote bank far, PMLN doesn't even have candidate in Sindh!

  • Things will change now, people are tired of 40 year non-stop PPP rule and now PML(F), PML(N) and some Sindhi nationalist are forming alliance to defeat PPP. I don't think they they will get big number in seats but still they all together may go up to 5-10 NA seats.

  • @mawan1971 : If people of Punjab did not get tiered of PML (A-Z) in last 35 years or so, what make you believe people of rural Sindh are getting tiered of PPP?