Jamaat Islami - PTI seat adjustment talks fail

  • ISLAMABAD: The talks between Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on seat adjustment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province have failed.

    According to PTI sources, JI is demanding those constituencies‚ where its (PTI’s) position is strong.

    Meanwhile, the JI spokesman said the talks could not succeed.


    PTI JI SEAT ADJUSTMENT TALKS FAIL <i>by exposetube</i>

  • That's good. Jammat e Islami will be exposed w/o any seat adjustments. I won't be surprised w/o seat adjustments if they don't get any seat in any assembly.

  • I am sure, on last moment two passenger of JI will catch Lahore metro bus else it would be end of JI political life.

  • @Shirazi Baha'i,

    You are right for no representation of JI in assemblies if no seat adjustment but don't forget they have option of boycotting election for sustaining their political existence till next election.

  • Agree both of you JI may not win any seat in Punjab alone but you are totally under estimatting JI in KPK. JI is unlikely to win a seat in KPK only if PML(N) goes in seat adjustment with JUI(F). Dir Malakand area is JI stronghold area and they can still win a couple of seats or good fight in that area contesting election alone and despite PML(N)+JUI(F).

  • Agreed on JI voters in KPK, but not enough to aggregate a single seat even with support of PMLN, PMLN has it own 3 confirmed seats in KPK what PMLN can sacrifice for JI but I don't think PMLN will through its KPK mandate into JI account rather prefer to give share from Punjab.

    Bottom line there is No hope for JI single seat as alone but some from Punjab with seats adjustment with PTI or PMLN and may be some KPK with seat adjustment with PTI or JUI, the real confusion with JI is to go with which option either PTI, JUIF or PMLN as in current scenario, they have option of choosing only one of them.

  • @mawan1971 Saab

    Please don't overlook good looking Jammat e Islami - PTI in KPK. In their presence the bad looking JI may not have any strong hold in KPK.


  • KPK politics is different and not all parties clash each other in all areas let us talk on by one.

    Lower Hazara (Na 17 to 20)

    Lower Hazara is stronghold of PML(N) and historically it is their comfort zone it is just recently that PTI challenged them but does not look like they will get any seat from this zone here. JI vote bank is almost negligible here.

    Lower Hazara (Na 21 to 23)

    PML(N) is not that strong here historically as it is personality zone, JUI(F) has huge vote bank and if PML(N) goes in adjustment with PML(N) they together can sweep Hazara (7 seats out of 7). JI has very limited vote bank here.

    Pehawar, Mardan, Swabi, Charsadda

    This area is historically PPP Vs ANP area plus Aftab Sherpao (a broken leg of PPP). PTI is new force here and all surveys suggest PTI ahead in this area. Time will tell if PTI gets reasonable seats here as popularity conversion to real votes seems to me an issue. Whatever happens seat will be divided among PTI, PPP and ANP, only hope here for PML(N) is Jhagra in Peshawar and Khawaja Hoti in Mardan.

    Dir, Swat, Malakand, Shangla

    This is historically stronghold of JI and if they go in seat adjustment with PTI, these two can sweep area except Amir Maqam seat which is a likely PML(N) seat.

    Bannu, Lakki Marwat, D.I.Khan Tang

    This area is stronghold of JUI(F) and if they go in seat adjustment with PML(N) these two are likely to get 80% of seats. JI have very limited vote bank here.

  • Jamiat goons are only good at brawlng in educational institutes, nothing else.

    anyone who abjures them is at advantage!