PMLN gives ticket to a poor worker

  • Now NS has given ticket to a poor woman worker whose one son sells fruits and the other one runs a vendor stall selling socks, we are anxiously waiting for all the fruit-vendors, primary teachers, farmers and other poor elected people to run elections on PTI tickets ;)

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  • I am still waiting to see a pakora waala to run on PTI ticket. Can anybody confirm, how many pakora-waala, rikhsaw waala, sabzi-farosh, Rs3000/mnth earning school teacher who are proudly shown on TV ads as elected members of PTI are running for NA or PA elections.

  • @bechari-awam

    I am still waiting to see a pakora waala to run on PTI ticket




    اپنے پیارے سے چھوٹے بھائی جان کی خدمت میں سلام اور آداب ، امید ہے آپ ٹھیک ہونگے ..

    آپ بہت شرارتی ہوگے ہیں ، تحریکیوں کا چیزہ لے رہے ہیں ....

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  • @bechari-awam,

    You must admit that IK did score some good points in the eyes of public with that 'stunt-bazi' of getting ordinary folks elected to lower level party slots. It was a clever strategy to befool and dupe a particular sector of the society that is tired of typical politicians and always waiting for a 'maseeha'. I even know some sane people who almost fell for this 'drama'. But I had seen this rodeo before; the cat was going to come out of the bag and it just did.

    I wonder where are those enthusiastic 'pujaris' who were jumping up and down in the air during intra-party elections. Are they hiding under the table or concocting some type of laughable excuses for this u-turn.

  • This poor woman and his sons should be thankful to PTI.

    PML-N needs few token 'poor' ticket holders so they can parade them around and use them in tv talk shows and print ads.

    How many times Sharifs have participated in elections and how many times 'poor' got tickets and representation?

  • Yeah thanks to PTI... Even kinds of shakeel awan should thanks PTI but wait, he got his ticket well before the drama bazi of PTI, remember those days, when PTI use to issue ticket the likes of Jazi Khan

  • I am waiting to see a writing saying " Nawaz Sharif should be happy that he is prime minister now because of PTI"

  • Really amazing to see so much money being spent on PTI's media campaign. I see Imran Khan + a new face during prime time on almost every channel.

  • @Bilal_Aslam

    I personally know few pakistani living in USA who donated IK /PTI...

    Do you know if any one paying donnation to PML N or PPP....

    Of course not, people dont trust them

    @I like to see sabzi wala getting ticket from old lahore....there are many honest ordinary people there

    Good luck to lady.... lets hope she dont turn her family in to another sharif or zardari family.

  • Because few Pakistani donated money, which was in hunded millions... It justify PTI's election spending... What a logic...

  • I personally do not like these election stunts of giving ticket to someone just because he/she is poor, ticket should be awarded to person who is capable of national and international politics, law making is not simple job, only qualified people should get tickets....

  • I want to see pakora-waala to run elections on PTI ticket from Lahore. Please update me once he starts his campaign. At least he will have something to do after losing elections.

  • @khanamer

    This is what I am saying from day 1 that PTI need to show people's capabilities whom they are giving tickets, what extra ordinary capabilities they have and what are their plans to improve Pakistani economy, law & order, joblessness, inflation, poverty etc. Experts in economy, trade, technology, energy etc. should have been brought on TV to present their line of action. IK himself talk more generic than specific on the issues. Is PTI change of faces only or change of system? if it is change of system how you will change it? and where is your team to change it?