Why not PTI?

  • We all know when a known fornicator Yahya Khan was elected as the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, country was divided.

    Are we, the people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, gonna put another famous fornicator on the top office of Pakistan and let him run the affairs of state?

    I feared that this might be too much for Pakistan and people would never take the risk with another fornicator at the top office.

  • The other Niazi have already said he will change Pakistan... Now if you bring him in power he'll do it in yahha and niazi style, if you dont then he will bring in civil war...

  • What I totally absolutely fail to understand is how Imran Khan and our paid media has justified having a illegitimate child as a personal matter only!! LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD AND PEOPLE DECIDE IF THIS MATTER IS IMPORTANT OR NOT!! this is what democracy is in any civilized society!! Even in a liberal western society if any politican is involve in such a scandal! each and every detail will be discussed 24 hours on tv and media! and such a person will never be accepted! Only here in Pakistan can our establishment mafia manipulate to this extend!!

    Met someone yesterday, a imran khan fan/supporter who had no idea about this fact!! after knowing the truth he was shocked how he didn't know about it before!! AGAIN AS I SAID LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD TO EVERYBODY AND LET PEOPLE DECIDE IF THIS PERSONAL MATTER IS IMPORTANT OR NOT IN DECIDING WHO TO VOTE.

  • ^^ IK ruined the life of Sita White and the poor child was denied her basic right, i.e. having name of father... but IK is clever enough to have her with his other legitimate kids, after all there is huge wealth to be inherited by that illegitimate child...

  • KhanAmer

    Please also tell us about life of Millions of Pakistani Kids who have been deprived of basic needs , health, safety, clean water , education and future ... Who is responsible for that ?

  • This is called politics of hypocrisy.Instead of discussing issues we like to engage in mudslinging.

    Imran may have saved the lives of hundreds of children through his efforts at the Cancer center, but we like character assassination, which by the way is our favorite hobby.

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    سر جی چوَنگی پر مال پانی لگاوُ ۔

  • @ just human

    If a person is not giving the baic right to his own child... He cannot do it for others as well...

    Cancer hospital project, yes a great hospital... And things stopped there... The project which was build from the publc money was used for political gains... Just like any opportunist, who donates or give charity to have fame and then cash it the way IK is doing or like malik riaz does...

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  • @khanamer

    Ok whatever you say is not giving the answer of my question...Lets say IK can't resolve these proble due to the reasons u mentioned above.

    My question was about life of Millions of Pakistani Kids who have been deprived of basic needs , health, safety, clean water , education and future ... The parties that have been in Government are responsible for depriving these basic rights or not ?

  • Yes, why not PTI?

    If there is not PTI then there is no change. And if there is no change then there will be again Bhutto-Zardari Family OR Sharif Family. i.e.

    لوٹو تے پھٹو

    اج تسی لوٹو کل اسی لوٹاں گیں

    پہلے تڈی واری پھر ساڈی واری

  • ^^^ PTI is all about IK, if there is no IK there is no PTI, as per the above if there is no PTI there is no change, so if IK's time is up and he leaves us, then sadly there would be no change for Pakistan as per them and we will keep living in a great limbo.

    Any ways if the above happens, what would the PTI supporters do, would they all observe a big harakiri session or would they choose to live on and start supporting some other party???