• The biggest enemy of Pakistan is nobody else but the majority of Pakistanis themselves. Our horrendous JEHALAT is the main ingredion that can already be seen on this forum where the majority of so-called educated class of so-called intellectuals show how much they hate eachother. I have therefore no hesitation to say that this kind of majority is the worst kind of enemy of Pakistan.

    Mind you, in this computer age Pakistan cannot survive by remaining the toy of MUllas, Chaudhris, Jageerdars, Waderas, Mians, Military, and above all this nasty system of power politics of stinky rich and notoriously corrupt and incompetent families of Pakistan. Actually such elements are the ones who create division among the people of Pakistan. So, just get rid of all such cancerous elements by not voting for them in forth coming elections in order to to save your Pakistan. Only then God will have a great mercy on us and on our Pakistan. God bless our Pakistan.


  • My my J.A.Khan saheb! So much of an anger. Bad they are, because the system is wrongly rooted. Three or four elections, things would start moving towards right direction. Disappointment is kufr. We should hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Rolling back of the present system would be more dangerous. Don't you agree?

  • So, just get rid of all such cancerous elements by not voting for them in forth coming elections in order to to save your Pakistan.


    But here is a positive message by brother JA Khan. This is also contrary to his previous thinking that there are not going to be any elections in near future.

  • Dear Imtiazahmad Saheb

    Also I say the same that do your best, but be ready for worst.

    By the way, I'm on this forum for next 2 weeks. I'll be leaving again for my holidays. This time for Eastern Asian countries for full 3 months. But I'll be keeping an eye on Pakistan politics by all means. Cheers

  • Dear Easygo Bhai

    I'm still sticking to my previous predictions. There will be no elections on 11th May. In my recent thread I meant "that whenever elections take place." Thanks

  • wow surprising no said any thing about MQM... are they @ 2nd number?


    Lets find out how many fake degree holders getting rejectino then may be No election until next B A exam.

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  • Things have changed a lot last 20 years. Population in Pakistani cities exceeded rural population, people care more about their children education and sending them private expensive schools, new youth is more technology oriented than ever before and so on and so forth. Although the things which J.A.Khan mentioned are still there but intensity reducing past couple of decades. Now people who want to improve their life style moves to larger cities, give education to children and things starts changing. Much improvement required but we are no more in 80's, one of the highest internet user nation has attained a lot of maturity.

  • A State, which was created due to hatred against the Non-Muslims, could not stay united, cordial and tolerant, immediately after 1947.

    Now that ONE NATION out of TWO NATIONS, has been further divided into 216 hostile Nationalities.

    I am afraid there might not be 216 PAKISTANS.

  • @Javed Sheikh

    No Insha-Allah there will not be any further split of Pakistan. Bangladesh story is entirely different and whatever Western Pakistan would have done it was not easy to keep those two parts together who don't have land links and their worst enemy India was between two.

    Balochistan leaders are participating in election now and Balochistan law and order will improve a lot next few years. Mian Sahab has the ability to carry balouch leadership in his forthcoming government and thing will head towards right direction.

  • All I have highlighted in my introductory phrases is that Pakistan needs a drastic change if willing to keep her in one. Here I say again that there will be no Pakistan if the notorious pawn families continued to run Pakistan according to the instructions of their masters.

    It's well to understand that we are moving forward fast, but destructively. this is no progress at all that we have more mobile phones but no clean water to drink even after 65 years. By feeding the meat of dead or deadly ill animals, contaminated vegetables and the extracted fats of dead and HARAAM animalsincluding dogs and cats you cannot build a healthy nation. It's therefor no progress in my point of view. Hence it's a total destruction of the whole nation. I have therefore no hesitation to say that we are a fastest dying nation in long term. As a matter of fact in long term we are going to be declared as a failed and bankrupt society and country as a whole. To be honest, due to such and many other negativities I have stopped going to Pakistan. Of course I would love to be in my Pakistan If it provided clean water to drink and fresh air to breath at least.

    God may give us some sense of honesty and farsighted sense of vision.

    God bless Pakistan.

  • Clean drinking water and dogs meat are not national problems, they are municipality level problems. To link it with national issues is just naiveness. National issues are how to get rid of IMF, World Bank USAID etc., national issue is how to eradicate those foreign and local terrorists that are hell bent to usurp a separate land out of this Pakistan to start their own state which they lost in the shape of Afghanistan. Real problem is there is no industrial growth (in fact industries are disappearing every passing day) and the result is even graduates are involved in car, cash, mobile snatching due to non-availability of jobs. Local investors are running away from Pakistan and foreign investors just laugh when they are invited to invest in Pakistan. Thanks to long periods of Military rules we are now blessed with these miseries.

  • Sooo Imtiazahmad Saheb

    Please tell me who is going to resolve muncipality problems?

    I think, here you have been a bit immature to talk so naively.

    Brother, awai ka awa bigrha huwa hai. Tell me who would put it right, and how? Just forget this micky mouse democracy. I don't believe in this kind of democracy that does not allow local people to form their local governments. A true democracy will not be possible for another 50 years at least. That also is possible only if we filter out all those elements that have caused all these problems immediately by not voting for them. But, unfortunately their arms are still too powerful to maintain their very smart system of having Pakistan in their claws firm. This you will discover in next coming days.

    By the way, the actual factors of our all problems you have mentioned here are definitely known to every sensible people, and which will continue to remain in tact as long incompetent and notoriously corrupt faces and families do not vanish from the screen of politics, including the mullas and their kind of Islam. You might not be surprised if I may tell you that mulla's Islam is being promoted by the ones who are so-call finghting against islamic fundamentalism and islamic terrorism. How paradoxical and ironical, isn't it? :):)

  • The only solution to get rid of this shameless situation in Pakistan is a massive people’s revolution against the government and the establishment. Elections are no solution for this cancer’s removal; it has to be surgically removed by the people of Pakistan, by people’s power

    you will see on the 5th April, in Larkhana,thousand of nukes, and an idiots morons will go there crying and shouting "JIYAY BHUTOO,ZINDA HAI BHUTOO" in exchange of one time, meal they will sell their vote and consicient, and would weep for next fivwe years.

    "A strange nation we are, expecting wisdom from morons, radicalism from born opportunists, and virtue from knaves whose principal claim to fame is daylight national robbery."

    Expecting miracles from jackasses*

  • altrue12

    Thank God that someone understood my point. God bless you.

  • I know few army persons. Don't mind my language, Sons of bths, don't even know how to forward an E-Mail. They are Brigadiers and Generals and they are surviving in this age of technology. They are at the posts of Directors and Dy Director. They are leaches and liabilities. Pak army is corrupt institution which produces blood sucking monsters. These army generals and brigadiers etc are biggest liabilities. They even control politics. You can't get a job in any Pakistani institution unless you have reference of General of Brigadier. They are the scars on the soul of Pakistan. Biggest enemies of Pakistan and Pakistani people. They are parasites. They offer 5 time prayer thinking they can cheat God, Become religious in the mind of Common people.... Common people think that it is their religious behavior due to which God has gifted them such high posts.

    Religion is easy way to fool people.

  • Only that Leader can create economic, social, political and cultural breakthrough in Pakistan, who has the guts to repeal

    The Objective Resolution of 1949.

    Pakistan would never go, grow and glow, as long as the

    Objective Resolution is Preamble of the Constitution.

    Full Stop.

  • Javed Sheikh Saheb

    You are absolutely right.

  • I think there are various obstacles on our path of betterment. The foremost is our service providing busiess to the USA. Our services in the great interest of America during the Afghan war have pushed our country to dogs.

  • Israel is also a religion based country, but it is growing by leaps and bounds. I don't think our religious doctrine is any obstacle on our path of progress.

  • Scholars who are always bashing America and the West,

    Must realize that Pakistan was created, nourished, patronized and protected by the Anglo-American Block, after the Second World War to protect India from the influence Russian Communism.

    How American influence could be avoided?