How Many Seats PML-N Going to Win..Potential Candidates

  • How Many Seats PML-N Going to Win..Potential Candidates

  • There are 150 NA genral seats in punjab..

  • PML-N Should aim for atleast 110 seats from Punjab and should have minimum 135+ seats, anything below that is going to have a negative impact on their promises and performance...

  • To me from Punjab: 103, From KPK 14, From Sindh 2,from Balochistan - 6. So total tally is 125 (Inshallah) out of 272, so after induction of 12 from Tribal area they can get 137 where as 136 required for simple majority.

    I am hopeful that PMLN will make government without alliance (Inshallah).

  • The only choice for PMLN to have an alliance in center is PMLF + NPP + Arbab Rahim + JUIF + Nationalists; These parties are likely to share around 20 NA seats; So PMLN has to WIN atleast 110 to form the government; They have to win 90-100 from Punjab; For this they have to work very hard.

  • ^^ True they have to work extra hard since Zardari and his cronies and allies ( likes of PTI) are hell bound to beat PML-N in number game...

  • Max 81 from Punjab

    Max 9 from other provinces

    Appology if my opinion hurt someone.

  • @BitterTruth

    Until now, I totally agree with your prediction; That's why I wrote they have to work extra hard to get at least 20 more NA seats;

  • Area of focus is to be Media, Imran khan is using a hell of money on TV channels, he appears on all channel all the time where 1 minutes at prime time cost Rs:100,000/- so spending million of Rs for TV adds in result media is trying their best to pose him as a strong political force.

    PMLN will fight against this big money of imran khan (God knows from where he got it).

    On the other hand establishment is also need to be managed in a way that working relationship should stay alive.

    Two potential hurdles were (New province from Zardari) and (23rd march jalsa from IK) but by the grace of God both failed.

    So till now good going to get simple majority.

  • @ waqar kpk

    i fully agree with you,

    imran and pti is just battling on media

    their line of compaign is just on media and create a fake impression and potraying him as a potential replacement.

    we have a massive support in ground.

    all we need is to pay more attention on media and dont leave this ground open for any one.

  • Not more than 40 to 50 seats.

  • I Guess 101 From Punjab

    12 From KPK

    18 From Sindh(Peoples Muslim League+PML-N+pml-f)

    10 From Balochistan

    JI will get support in 6 Seats from JI All over pakistan

    Government will be easy task for PML-N...

    Punjab PML-N



    Balochistan PML-N+JUI-F+Mengals

    and my sixth sense says Might be its PML-N+PTI+JUI+MQM+Mengals GOV....


  • From sindh

    Malkani's Thatha seats 02

    Arbab Ghulam rahim's 02 seats from tharparkar

    zafar ali shah's seats

    meher Brothers Seat

    There are other Potential candidates as well so we have 5 confirmed seats and 9 Potential seats from sindh...

    pml-f has potential of 6 seats... so no need to worry 10-15 seats from sindh are confirmed...

  • yar yeh TV Anchor ha na ki pitai banti ha sahi wali....hamesha ghalat batain krta ha

  • This post is deleted!

  • 3 from Rawalpindi district maximum.

    0 from Attock

    If lucky then 1 from Chakwal

    0 from Jhelum

    Hardly 1 from Gujrat if lucky

    1 from Hafizabad maybe

    1 from Sargodha

    0 from Mianwali

    3 to 4 from Gujranwala

    4 to 6 from Lahore but can be more or less depending on PTI factor

    1 or 2 from Shekhupura

    1 from Nankana if lucky

    1 or 2 from Kasur

    0 from Mandi Bahuddin

    2 from Khushab

    Maximum 2 from Toba

    0 from Okara

    2 from Pakpattan

    2 from Sahiwal maximum

    1 from Jhang maximum

    1 from Khanewal but can be more or less

    1 from Vehari but a very tough contest

    Rest of South Punjab shows a very gloomy picture for Takht Lahore. Maybe 1 from Bahawalnagar but could be 2

    0 from Muzaffargarh

    1 from Multan but depends on PTI factor

    0 from Rahimyar Khan

    If lucky then 1 from Bahawalpur

    0 from DG Khan

    0 from Rajanpur

    0 from Layyah

    Maybe 1 from Lodhran if lucky

    Maybe 1 from Bhakkar if lucky

    Maximum 3 from Hazara

    Maximum 4 from rest of KPK if lucky

    Maybe 1 or 2 from Sindh depending on candidate votes

    Balochistan is open for the grab for all the parties

  • Maximum 1 from Islamabad if lucky

  • Not more than 40 to 50 seats.

  • @TV Anchor...r u test tube baby? or Facebook Election commissioner????? Pathetic... Do u think anybody can defeeat Hanif Abbasi? shahid khaqan abbasi? Raja javed ikhlas with support of Ch Riaz? Anybody can defeat Abrar malik? and Ch Nisar?

    who Will just tell me? did u served mentle jail for 20 years?? lolx

  • From 7 Seats ...only NA-55,NA-56 is vital but both are PML-N'S Mini Raiwind...even a worker can defeat IK...No presence of PTI or Sheeda Talli..even his own sheikh Brothers are giving vote to Hanif Abbasi...All pakistan traders association in raja bazar and All pakistan chemist association,sirafa bazar union etc ...All joined hands with Hanif Abbasi...