What are the reasons behind strong clashes between MQM and PML-N?

  • PML-N and MQM are strong parties of their respective constituencies in Punjab and Karachi. PML-N can't take away any seats of MQM and likewise is the case with MQM. Despite no direct clash of political interests between the two, one observes very strong media clashes between the two. The leaders of the two parties hurl strong criticism and allegations against each on media.

    Can any friends on this forum figure out the reasons behind strong clashes between PML-N and MQM?

  • MQM is blackmailer party and they take bhatta from khi..PML-N is always against ARMS wing..even in strongholds of Punjab they dont occupy any type of Arms..Mian nawaz never wanted his any person or worker to carry gun however MQM'S Leader is mentally sick and always look to govern on the basis of guns/arms.

  • The reason is provocative,and opperasive body language of the MQM, MUSTAQUIL QOMI MUSUIBAT, used by their hooligans in tv talk show

  • in 1992.MQM was in governement and PML-N took the decision to have operation against Millitant wing..Haqiqi had stronghold in several area's.Operation was carried out in al baloch,pakhtun areas as well as Haqiqi's areas but when PML-N started operation against MQM'S Units,sector incharges...they started to oppose... and resigned..so still illegal Units are there and everybody knew what they does in that.. they occupy government Property for Political offices and ARMED Persons are occupying in it that tottaly differs the ideology of PML-N..which carries stronghold in all punjab's major cities but there is no sector or bhatta groups of party..thats why People loves them...

  • @Hussain Farooqui bhai,

    After all optimistics forcasts, survey and outlooks for Election 2013, PMLN's score with her possible allies, is not reaching over 131 out 272, whereas any party needs 137 seats to form a govt.

    PMLN know their position in karachi, they know because of their attitude toward karachties in 90s, people of karachi will never support them but they are taking a chance to support their all time ally Jamate-Islami by puting conspiracies and putting baseless allegations against MQM and insulting mandate of karachi.

    CJP is also serving his shareefs masters by ordering voters verification and delimitaiton and whinning over NO GO areas.

    PMLN and JI are expecting some mirecle of 5 or 6 seats from Karachi to complete PMLN 137.

    PMLN had another option to keep open their door for MQM but they were threaten by PTI as if they don't critize MQM, they will defenately loose big score from Lahore as they need anti-karachi sentiments to compete PTI in Lahore.

  • Haqiqi had stronghold in several area's


    Inspite MQM bycotte the next election due to operation but Haqiqi got total 90 votes from constituency belong to Afaq Ahmad.

    Your post is another example of twisting history and spreading conspiracies.

    Hussain Farooqi bhai, who started this thread is belong to karachi but against MQM, so he can put a netural view over your post.

  • When ever PMLN has been in power,criminal gang MQM starts doing what it does best i.e. turns Karachi into a killing ground just to blackmail the centeral govt and get its demands met. Obviously PMLN unlike power hungry Zardari can't close their eyes when thousands of poor Karachiites are being mercilessly killed and still continue to have this criminal mafia gang as its coalition partner.

    If ever MQM ditches its terrorism tactics and dismantle its unit and sector terror network,and mindset of top leadership(post Altaf) changes then surely relations might improve.

  • @Siddiqui Bhai,

    Salam Arz hey.

    Wait for election result, people will see, who will be reaching 90 before sweepers and newspaper hawkers.


    Noting the low morale of Karachi’s police, the Supreme Court issued orders to the inspector general of police to report in a month on the disappearance or murders of all policemen who took part in the Karachi operations of 1992 and 1996.

    “[The police] are conscious of the fact that so many [of them] who took part in the operations of 1992 and 1996 have disappeared or have been eliminated,” said the court in its order on the suo motu proceedings into Karachi’s violence.

    The court agreed with assessments provided during the hearings, “that about 30 to 40 per cent of the police officers are non-cooperative”, not just because of political appointments but also because of the fear.

    They are punished for doing their duty if it runs counter to the political objectives of the party in power and on the other, they are afraid of being shot by the men they have apprehended or their associates.

    A former police officer and an important character in Operation Clean-up told The Express Tribune that he was the lone survivor as all his men who took part in that action had been targeted and killed one after another. “We lost most of our men from 2000 to 2004 during the Pervez Musharraf period,” he said. The second period was during 2006 and 2008 and then again from 2008 to 2009. “They killed with impunity.”

    “Only a few of us who spearheaded Operation Clean-up are now alive but under the threat of elimination,” he said, adding that if they too were killed, no one in the entire force would ever even think of cleansing Karachi of terrorists.

    He said that while the SC had referred to the Ajmal Pahari case, a prominent and fresh case of “Ishtiaq Police Wallah” had escaped its attention. He is the man behind the killing of Brigade SHO Nasirul Hasan and DSP Nawaz Ranjha. He was identified by witnesses in court and charge sheeted. The case is identical to that of Saulat Mirza (who was sentenced to killing former KESC MD Shahid Hamid). “He is a top terrorist who killed or was involved in killing many police officers,” said this former police officer. “Zulfiqar Mirza named him many times but no one noticed.” He concluded: the SC has a list of all terrorists belonging to all political parties, religious groups and a simple order for their arrests “would have done wonders”.

    Published in The Express Tribune, October 7th, 2011.

  • MQM is terrorist organisation..in my 5 years ..its horrible to describe specially 12th may...every body knews..i was there..Dont ask me..they are army within country..much more stronger than TALIBANS....

  • Some of the friends on the above postings attributed MQM's negative character as the ground of clash between the two.

    There are many subversive elements in the politics of Pakistan; particularly, the elements making chaos in KPK and Baluchistan. PML-N does not seem to be in strong conflicts with those elements who are creating chaos in KPK and Baluchistan. MQM’s negative activities may not be attributable to the clashes between the two.

    I request my friends on the forum again to highlight the reasons if they know.

  • ALTAF and his ally's should be given death penality..really he is just born wild animal and i suspect indian agent..

  • I just Promote PML-N coz they have learnt a lesson that Baloch's are not traitor and its only party which has clear vision of bringing back baloch's in national politics and InshALLAH...Balochistan will be economic hub for Pakistan and Baloch's will rise as wealthiest Peoples in pakistan...soon

  • @Hussain Farooqui bhai,

    I request my friends on the forum again to highlight the reasons if they know.


    You are asking something, which can be answered from bitter history of 90s, unfortunately most of our fellow bloggers are full of knowledge gained through news from 2 cent paper or bias and paid columnist. I am not saying all but most of them are very far from history and ground reality.

  • @Hussain Farooqi Saab

    First of all I applaud you for starting this thread. I was also planning to start this thread out of curiosity. MQM targets PPP and ANP and vice versa. But if you look at media and on this forum it looks like anomsity between PMLN and MQM is much more than between MQM and PPP or ANP. I am not sure about the reason but still my 2 cents.

    1. Both MQM and PMLN own urban votes, even though in different corners of the country. PMLN wants to expand it's appeal to Karachi and MQM in urban Punjab. Urban appeal can be grown by message unlike rural that usually requires electables. So in that sense MQM and PMLN have turf war like PPP, ANP and MQM have in Karachi but at a different level.

    2. MQM like ANP and PPP is center left party unlike PMLN - the center right party. MQM got Karachi from JI and there is not much difference between PMLN and JI.

    3. The bad blood between PMLN and MQM on '92 may still exist.

  • BitterTruth

    Walaikum Assalam,thanx for the compliment but am not Siddiqui.Being business friendly party,PMLN wants Karachi(business hub) to prosper. Business community does have say in PMLN govt whenever its in power,so who knows maybe for Karachi's peace sake N might offer port shipping ministry to Mafia if they promise to act like good boys and spare Karachi from their terrorism.

    Hussain Farooqui

    MQM’s negative activities may not be attributable to the clashes between the two.

    Like I just said,Business community have expectations from PMLN govt,whenever MQM starts wrecking havoc in Karachi then business community suffers,obviously PMLN can't ignore their sufferings. They have been continuously calling for Army to take over Karachi during all these years as Karachi's situation has gotten so worse,so its indeed MQM negative activities that are bone of contention between the to parties,I am sure the day MQM ditches such tactics and adopts other reasonable tactics of doing politics then PMLN would definitely love doing business with them.MQM has already made a point and proven number of times that it hold the city hostage on gunpoint through its violent activities(they have nothing left to prove now,their rivals also acknowledge their iron handed control),so I think now its high-time that they should quit politics of violence and indulge in non mafia style politics and have some mercy on poor innocent Karachiites.

    They have proven that they're gunda badmaash of Karachi and any one who wants anything to do with Karachi should first deal with them..

  • There is no political war B/W PML-N and MQM.only all Pakistan Businessmen Peoples supports PML-N coz Sharif's were introduced by these guys Like Mian Mansha,Abdul Razzad ,Tariq ,Hashwani,Deewan Farooqui after bhutto's nationalisation policy.

    MQM is terrrorist organisation,which everybody knews so how Businessman can be safe in such environment and how they can survive here.Also How can they give taxes of almost 25% and bhatta of up to 10% every year?

    PNL-N always brings changes in economy while MQM only wants hold of Karachi.Even if PML-N will do some work in KHI ,only MQM'S name will come and also MQM is scared of PML-N ,just Like Punjab's major cities like ISB,RWP,LHR,MULTAN,FSD all is governed by PML-N through its welfare based Politics and they are afraid of Losing there Base cities.

    Mostly KHI's Peoples doesnt knew that Sharif's are also migrant from Indian Punjab(amratsar) and in PML-N'S Top leadership is either Migrant from india(Rana,Rao,Rajpoot,Bhatti) Or kashmir based Families but they never showed up such hatered we see in KHI.PML-N'S next target is Karachi and Balochistan(Metro,Bullet Train etc) for becomming single Largest Party and to build the League way Back of Jinnah Soon .....

  • EGO!!!!

  • @engr...I am a punjabi ...born and bread resident of karachi!!

    There is no hate in karachiites!!! Get your facts straight.and stop dragging and using the name of a whole city for the ill deeds of mqm!!..its all a hype!!..karachiites are as open hearted as anyone in pakistan...its a rumor spread by lahore punjabis that karachites are introverts...its rubbish!! From siraikees to balochis and bengalis, karachi is multi cultural so think twice again when you say you see hate in karachi!!

    You sound like on payroll of N league!! I never like MQM but I have seen N leagues tarraqiyati programs in all punjab as well.....so kindly keep these dreams of metro and bullet trains to yourself and get a life... as your party can only build their own empire and take flights for check ups abroad with full entourage of farigh paid die harders like you.. that's what they have done in the past and will do again!!

  • In his first regime, Nawaz Shariff was becoming a popular political leader in Karachi too as a result of his policies. His Yellow cab scheme was highly appreciated by the jobless youngsters of Karachi. Later, an army action of 1992 not only pushed MQM on the track of crimes but also the excesses committed by the army, rangers and police generated a lot of hatred against Nawaz Shariff in Karachi. Later, Nawaz himself acknowledged all the excesses and tied an alliance again with MQM in the elections of 1997 With the inception of his second regime in alliance with MQM, again the Karachities began to raise high hopes with Nawaz. But the second regime of Nawaz unlike his first regime was very disappointing. His alliance with MQM also broke up again in the second regime.

    What can be guessed behind severe bitterness between PML-N and MQM is some inexplicit war of interests between the two. Such degree of bitterness is not between even PTI and PML-N, although, the fight between the two is very tough in Punjab for the next elections.