Danish School System Pakistan چل پڑھا

  • Good standard indeed!

  • Ma sha Allah

  • great project...mashaallah

  • Really impressive, next government should have a lot more of these kind of school everywhere in Pakistan. Only few thousand student out of 18 Crore getting benefit from this system, if we want to increase it to millions of students then charity organizations should also come forward to fund these school, government alone cannot afford such schools system in bulk quantity.

  • But the good standard ought to be generalized thoughout the province!

    Condition in Govt. schools on the whole is simply pathetic. Teachers & head masters have political affiliation; Even EDO & DCO of a particular district cant take any disciplinary action against them.

    Any negligible grants given to these institutions end up in their pockets to be distributed among the cadre.

  • Lets hope we have all schools like this.... Shahzad Roy him self doing good job in education sector...

    "Only few thousand student out of 18 Crore getting benefit from this system" why?

    Reason is that Our governments are corrupt... and thats why Charity organizations have to step up. Why not cut down on

    personal security staff, some defiance budgets and spend money smartly on projects in nation building rather then showcases. Nice Building is less important the good quality of education.

    We have Aitchison College Lahore / Karachi grammar schools, also got some mama papa and phopoo cambridge schools, some Fuji foundation and PAF schools, some Madrasa and Masjid schools.....

    Now we have Danish school a good step but a new class in making .....

    " kuch khareeb jin per Amer -e- shaher mehrban howa"

    check out full ( part around 10:50-52 is about lahore school)


    Unfortunately we are building class system rather then quality educational system.

    I hope you are getting my point, its not about just 10-20 schools and building.... it about educational system.


  • There are two schools of thoughts who suggest improvement in education system.

    First headed by Dr.Ata Ur Rehaman former HEC Chairman is of the view that we should not invest in new school, college or universities and instead spend money on the improvement of existing system.

    Second thought headed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan says, whatever money you put in our existing education system will go in the big pockets of corruption and we should open separate school. college or universities (just like Danish Schools).

    Both view have reasonable weight behind their logic, I am of the view that we should do both. We should spend a lot of money to improve existing education system but at the same time we should open high quality new school, college and universities (Danish schools and Ghulam Ishaq Khan University two examples.)

  • Without going in detail of project corruption and political scoring throught danish school, I wish school would help to provide educated professional in each institution of pakistan including politics and we will get rid of these fake degree holders.

  • Now these Daanish Schools exist, we need to support them as they are made of tax payers money and a portion (even very small) of orphan , poor children of population of Pakistan is getting benefit out of it...

    I don't mind Political Point scoring thats what Political Parties must do to win new election But i am pretty sure this scheme had short term goals (For e.g winning next election) , short reach (Only a small segment will get benefit) and unfortunately possible short term life (Due to lack of funding ) . As we have seen in "Nai Roshni " School (Junejo govt. intiatation) any thing funded by governtment outside the existing system is unable to survive due to lack of rosources and funds. In a year or two we will find out the fate of existing Daanish Schools.

    I would have liked an approach like Nitish Kumars (CM -Bihar) where he made a Policy for Private schools to give 25% ( i believe ) of admissions to deprived sections of society..(While Govt. pays to those school for the equavalent of the money that govt. would have spent for a kid studying in govt. school)

    Unfortunately The projects that Shehbaz Sharif executed like Daanish Scheme. Aashiyana, Laptop schemes Glitter but not Gold for everone. Metro Bus Scheme was good but I truly it was "Nazim e Aala of Lahore 's Job , not Khadim e aala of Punjab Job. It did not happen due to abolishment of local govt. system .

    I wish PML-N would have had better think tank to derive long term and far reach policies instead of short term and short reach Schemes because they have a good executer like Shahbaz Sharif.

    A Politician can not think beyond next election and a Leader do even think of next Generation