That is how I see the election scenario now

  • PMLN vs PTI : Done job

    PMLN vs PPP : In Progress

  • well one can see that the real competition is btw PPP and PMLN. PMLN needs to get enough seat to get close to majority. PTI is just gonna be there for entertainment on some urban seat. Don't underestimate the power of Benazir income support program.

    and the latest gallup survey supports this point.

    Nation wide ....

    PMLN 39%

    PPP 18%

    PTI 7%

    PMLQ 5%


    PMLN 54%

    PPP 13%

    PTI 8%

    PMLQ 7%


    PMLN 35%

    JUIF 19%

    ANP? 19%

    PTI 11%


    PPP 34%

    MQM 19%

    Under-30 population (should have been voters)

    PTI 9%

    PMLN 37%

  • underlaying assumption is that Elections will happen. What is going on in KP and Baluchistan may be a prelude to a bigger plan to postpone elections. It is clear that PPP and MQM wins the country over if this happens they are the care taker government.