Nomination Paper Rejected .....a blow to PMLN in PP4


    Ex MPA PP4 Shoukat aziz Bhatti's paper rejected due to fake degree............

  • چوہدری نثار کی ڈگری کا کیا بنا . جعلی ثابت ہوئی یا ابھی فیصلہ نہیں آیا ؟ ١

  • Term fake degree... is banned from pkpolitics; its hurting PML N for some odd reason.

  • Ch Riaz(pml n Gujar khan) nomination papers rejected

  • add Ch Nisar in the list as well.

  • Election commission has made the scrutiny process a joke.

  • @ sweet-heart

    You are from this Constituency, What is your opinion on recent situation ?

  • Raja Rental's nomination papers are also rejected , so very interesting situation in Gojar Khan

  • @wienerwald

    Ch Riaz rejection is good for PMLN...Now there will be no problem in ticket distribution As Raja Javed Ikhlas is strong for NA 51 and Iftikhar Warsi for PP3........But both have need serious support from CH Riaz ....As Ch Riaz has strong arain baradari vote bank,and many villages from east gujar khan supports him,if he will not contest they will not caste i said if Ch riaz supports both the candidates then arain baradari will also vote them.............Now come to Raja Pervez Ashraf,after his rejection PMLN is in winnning position ,Raja Javed Ashraf was a good subsitute for him,as Javed Ashraf has personally inaugurated all the projects and he is face of Raja Pervez Ashraf in Gujar Khan,but he didnt file his papers......And Now the candidate of PPP is Raja Khurram Pervez ,son of Pervez Ashraf ,He even dont know the names of his surrounding villages,He is the weakest possible candidates of PPP in NA 51..............But Shoukat Bhatti is a big loss,,,the panel was perfect with Shoukat Bhatti but now PP4 become weak for PMLN....Possible candidates are Raja Hameed Advocate(Tehsil President PMLN,an old Muslim league worker )workers like him but he came on political scenario after 5 years,and he is not in contact with people,this makes him weak candidate and 2nd option is Tariq Bhatti (brother of Shoukat Bhatti),dont know much about tariq bhatti....................

  • ^^ sweat- heart

    Very good analysis totally agree with you. Raja hameed is very weak, we need someone from Bhatti family.

    This decision was expected for Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and for Shoukat Bhatti so the both will definitely promote their brothers.

    I don't know Tariq Bhatti but Ahmed Bhatti another brother of SB is good choice, i met him several times, He has very good personality and looks descent to me but he is more kind of Business Person, may be his full name is Tariq Ahmed Bhatti !!!!

    I will check and tell you later :)

  • @wienerwald

    I personally dont know SB brother,may be his name is Ahmed Bhatti(i am talking about his brother who is running Rawal Petroleum and Rawal Bus Service)......i dont know his name exactly

  • @ sweat-heart

    I am also talking about him, as far as i know his name is Ahmed Bhatti another brother is Fasil Bhatti who was elected unoppsed Nazim UC Chehaari.

  • @wienewald

    His name is Tariq Aziz Bhatti,check the link

  • And what about NA 53

    Who is covering candidate of Ch Nisar???????

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't know Tariq Aziz Advocate, but good to see some one from their family because SB worked very hard in this constituency and they can win this seat queit easily if the ppp candidate is that stupid Brig Hassan.

    Don't worry about Na 53 at the moment, as we know Ch Nisar is not corrupt and he is the man with cradibility. These minor alligations will be erased in election tribunal. ( insha Allah )

    Don't forget Malik Riaz ( BAHRIA TOWN ) with all his money and sources is against Ch Sahib ....