Mard-e-Momin Mard-e-Haq.... sirf wohi zinda hay

  • This scrutiny process tells us a real sad story....only ideology alive is Zia's hypocrisy. This nation will take generations to get the venom of zia out of its blood.

    I see Zia in every corner of society laughing at us...What people did to this country on the name of Islam enemies would have not done against Islam.

    Can some one help me understanding what will it take to Zia out of Pakistan?

  • It's not Zia it's Islam. As long as we can be exploited in the name of religion it will continue. I don't see that changing anytime soon not in this century at least.

  • I am actually more hopeful. I think we will see sea-change in next ten years. The current breed of youngsters hear divers views over internet and even on mainstream media, if not Pakistani then foreign, and I think they have better ability to think and digress from the established beliefs than their elders. Once this generation comes online we will see the change.

  • @Achoota

    We as a nation have to answer certain questions and decide whether

    1)We want democracy or an autocratic rule - Khilafat/Dictatorships.

    2)We want a security state(interfering in neighboring countries) or a welfare state (spend money on welfare of the people)

    3)We want to spend on education or exhaust all our resources on defense spending

    These decisions will also determine Nazaria-e-Pakistan - our ideology.

  • Pakistan, for another 50-60 years, is going to face the Tug of War, between Two Sections of the Nation:

    1. Deep Rooted Orthodox School of Thought, which habitually worships allusions under social pressure.

    2. The Section of population which is convinced about realities of 21st Century.

  • خاتون صحافی نے لبرلزم کے ماموں نجم سیٹھی کے منہ پر تھوک دیا

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  • I am hoping that if 100-200 members from last NA can be disqualified there is hope of change.... if nothing else then at leasst all PML ( A - Z ) and half of PPP should be banned under 62 & 63.

  • What we have done to Islam and on the name of Islam by using it for petty gains is unbelievable. Islam has become the most used commercial commodity in Pakistan.

    Traders dont pay taxes instead they give zakat and that too not to deserving people but commercial moulvis

    Islamic tourism (Terrorism) has become biggest industry

    All the najaiz qabzas start with building a mosque and then allied commercial complexes with the mosques chanda of which is collected in the name of Mudarasah

    We are not willing to support next door neighbours but willing to fund killing in neighbour countries.

    At mohallah levels there is a fight of chanda for mosques, zakat committees, funding for sects.

    Turns out its all commercial and pure commercial. We need to break this commercial circle and allied influence to gain strength.But we dont have capacity as state to fight out.

    I was talking to a person incharge of security affairs on Taliban...he said its not Taliban any more they have hundreds of commercial groups so there is no way you can have a unified policy or strategy to curb it. This commercialism is spreading like cancer.

    Political behaviours are reflection of local realities....they follow the strength in society not the right. Cant blame them. Our continuous self aspired foolish defense and strategic policies has got into this...Now is time to create a 10 year plan of where we want Pakistan to be in next 10. Carefully thinking what should be the framework of our policies by analyzing what will be the long term consequences of each step we take.

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