Use of SKMH for Political purpose

  • I live in Hayatabad peshawar Phase 1

    Almost three year ago land for SKMH was allotted the initial work was started but for political gain they inaugurated one month back before their jalsa in Peshawar.

    on every occasion they give advertisement in newspaper (using Zakat money) when there is some political event of them.

    I don't remember 97 election very much but there were news that SKMH is utilized for political purpose but i don't agree with them.

    but now the situation is cleared in my mind.

    ALLAH daik raha hai

  • سیاسی مقاصد کے لیے موٹر وے اگر استمال ہو سکتی ہے تو ہسپتال میں کیا حرج ہے

  • I think the title should have been.

    ** Use of SKMH Zakat for Political purposes **

    Kill three birds with one stone.

  • dear ajhons i am talking about the pious people not sinful people.

  • @ajhons

    was motorway built on charities and donations from the public?

    Children gave their pocket monies to IK to build a cancer hospital for the poor and this deceitful person started using this philanthropy work for his wicked political ambitions...pathetic in every sense.

  • Sometime it feels like, SKCH & NAMAL was built for political projections and gains only, once that was done, no new project or expansion on the current one came into being, yes it is said that one shall be built in Peshawar and one in Karachi, don't know where they are..

  • i dont think there is any harm using SKMH or Al kidmat or Khidmat e khalq fondation for political should use it .....

    how else they can show people that even without government support they have completed projects.

    Abdul sattar edhi shaib use pictures of ambulances and his old house projects to get more donation.

    Now what is really sick if people start bashing Political parties and finding errors in project for political gain.

    Am i wrong saying, SKMH is still one of the best hospital in pakistan for cancer treatment?

  • All over the world, politicians like to claim all the achievements and that is quite acceptable. this is the nature of the game but nobody does that in charity.

    Imagine Mother Teresa giving an interview and bragging about her charity work? or Edhi boasting about how good person he is because he is helping poor people. Nobody does that kind of stuff.

    The only one who is low enough to do that is knuckle head IK. He likes to brag about charity to satisfy his ego.

    Look at this video. It is supposed to be fund raising for SKMH during ramadan but pretty much nobody said anything about the cause. All this show was about praising Imran Khan. I actually felt quite bad after watching this. That guy had totally destroyed the purpose behind charity. Instead it was all about Imran Khan.

  • was motorway built on charities and donations from the public

    جی نہیں یہ تو خالص اتفاق فونڈری کے پیسوں سے بنی تھی.

  • @ajhons

    you are true follower of knuckle head Imran Khan.

  • you are true follower of knuckle head Imran Khan.

    نہیں پیارے بھائی

    آپ شائد میری پرانی پوسٹس کو زیادہ نہیں دیکھ سکے ، ہم تو بس یہ کہتے ہیں کے برائی کا جواز برائی سے نہیں دینا چاہیے اور کسی کی دشمنی میں بھی نہ انصافی نہیں کرنی چاہیے

  • ایک بات اور

    اگر ہم عمران صاحب کے اتنے چاہنے والے ہوتے تو باوا جی سے اتنا پیار کا رشتہ نہ ہوتا ہمارا


  • @ajhons

    "سیاسی مقاصد کے لیے موٹر وے اگر استمال ہو سکتی ہے تو ہسپتال میں کیا حرج ہے"

    Bhai, you are comparing motor way with SKMH. You need to understand the difference between charity and politics.

    It is consider very bad to brag about the charitable work in every society from west to east.

  • Telethon and Radiothon are just like your clip, A celebrity Imran Khan is invited and people are talking about him and his life, idea and during that period people are calling for donation.

    Nothing bad in this.... do you think Jerry Lwis doing it to get more movies ?? or publicity

    good one to read

    Do you guys feel SKMH is not good enough, and people shouldnt pay this institute any money?

    Do we have any better cancer hospital in Pakistan?

  • difference between charity and politics.

    My dear brother I beg to differ, at the moment , when it comes to politics there is no difference between charity and Politics.

  • @ajhonis

    so you mean, the zakat money or donation made to SKCH or PTI means same???

  • No, what i'm saying is that in pakistani politics everyone try everything to get political benifits.They use even an iota of achivement they had in their pocket to get attention,Ins't it what AQ Khan is doing, isn't it JI is doing,

    I'm not justifying it, Im just looking on the other side of it which is a bit harsh to digest.

    Put yourself in IK's shoes and tell me what else he had, except hospital and worldcup.

    using donation money is equally as much evil as using goverment resources for political compaign.

  • Use of SKMH,NUML & Worldcup for political purpose is commendable but Use of Metro bus & Laptops is PRE_POLL rigging!

    "SHOWBAZ" SHARIF DIDN'T SPEND HIS POCKET MONEY FOR THESE PROJECTS but "SELFLESS" IK made these marvels on his own without any charity/loans/grants, just like he single-handedly snatched world cup for us!


  • reading the comments of people who are desperately trying to defend the wickedness of IK makes my belief more stronger that IK well truly is the murderer of decency in politics.

  • @Ajhonis,

    I have yet to see JI making any claims on their social services the way IK or Tahir Ul Qadri or Qadeer Khan does... So please spare them or MQM or any other political party from that.

    IK, when raising funds for SKCH said/promised he will not join politics, later when he joined politics, he said he is not going to use SKCH or NAMAL for politics and now he is doing exact opposite..

    SKCH is being compromised only because of IK< he and his team starts, revolve and ends their speech around SKCH or in mud sluging, nothing else they have done... if they do this, others are going to target these projects... and guess what, PML-N already did that and rightly so, they have managed to find out problems there...

    No One in the world but the opportunist of worst kind brag about their charity world.. Quran name them Rayakar; the Showoff...

    Now coming to Politician bragging about their achievement, there is nothing wrong in it.. they have done it from tax-payers money and they have delivered a project or a promise, if IK does that, no body is going to blame him on that.. i hope you understand the difference between charity organization and political party...