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    Dear All,

    Based on your comments and emails from banned members, we are working on allowing everyone back on Discuss, but at the same time, we want to keep the quality of discussion so it does not become like any other forums on internet.

    We want your input and suggestions in defining new rules that will allow freedom of expression without fear of unnecessary ban while maintaining the quality of discussions.

    To start with, here are few suggested rules. Please share any more rules you like but lets try to keep the rules to low numbers so they are easy to follow:

    1- Personal attacks with abusive language against any other member of PKPolitics will result in immediate ban. We encourage everyone to respond with logical counter arguments.

    2- Abusive, Vulgar and Profanity against any public figure will not be tolerated. We are sure you can find more intelligent and humbler ways to express your views.

    3- Please stick to topic of discuss. If you want to bring up something new, please feel free to open a new topic.

    4- We encourage Citizen Journalism and we are working on image upload features so that you can share anything interesting during upcoming elections, which is not available on main stream media. In case images are proved to be tempered with, it will result in immediate ban.

    Please let us know your view on the above and share any more suggestions



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  • بہت شکریہ

    معقول قوائد و ضوابط ہیں

    بین کرنے سے پہلے فسادی کا تعین کرنا اور وارننگ دینا مناسب ہوگا

  • Looks good. Profanity, vulgar language, and personal attacks should be off limits. Everyone should try to make an argument in a civil manner. Let us learn from the politicians. They are each others real rivals but they always keep their language in check. We are just trying to support one or the other politician. Why should we be abusive.

    Above all, abusive language takes focus away from your argument. Instead it makes you look petty, small and worthless.

  • کیا میری موڈریشن ابھی بھی جاری ہے؟

    پی کے پولیٹکس کا دستور نرالہ دیکھا

    اس کو چھٹی نہ ملی جس نے سبق یاد کیا

    :) :)

  • @ Admin Ji

    نعرہ اڈمن ، جیے اڈمن جی ،

    زندہ ہے اڈمن ، زندہ ،

    بہت بہت بہت بہت بہت بہت شکریہ اڈمن جی،، آپ نے خوش کر دیا ، الله خوش رکھے آپ کو ، زبردست

    ہماری کوئی بات بری لگی ہو تو معذرت چاہتے ہیں ..

    اب جلد سے جلد ہمیں اور ہمارے تمام دوستوں کو بحال کر دیں

  • @admin

    thanks alot brother,

    i was blocked and on moderation for long long time,even though i have never used any vulgar languages,

    i have never personally attacked any user

    i have sent you emails requesting you to consider my request to allow my posts and replies on discussion forum

    but i was ignored for long time even i am member since 2007.

    i respect the step taken by you and i am looking forward that service will be improved and sanctions on us will be lifted.

    i personally recommanded this forum to many of my friends .

    i still consider this is the best forum as compared to all other forums and i respect your sincerity and impartiallity .

    i assure you whatever you compalains you had before ,will not recieve in future.

    lets built up pakistan.

    admin thanks.

  • In Protest I would ignore this comment of admin and would not join this forum again.

    We have a new discussion forum like PKP. Please click and enjoy posting without getting banned!!!

  • Thank You!

    Nice gesture by admin.

    Let's also try to curtail duplicate ID's.

  • @admin

    The rules seems reasonable but lets see how people are going to follow it. Does rules mean anything to Pakistanis(in general)?

  • make the process user driven for example if x number of senior ppl say ban someone

  • Admin, thanks for letting all ban members back.

    Suggestions are reasonable and I hope they work. But we all know we have few members who lose composer as soon as some sensitive topics come out. I hate to suggest but if you really want your suggestions to work, make few topics e.g. Prophet (PBUH) and his family off limit. Otherwise it’s just matter of time before we get into brawl we were in month ago.

  • "make the process user driven for example if x number of senior ppl say ban someone "

    Community policing will promote grouping and usually that limit the independent and minority voices.

  • excellent decision.

    Reasonable rules.

    Welcome back to all.

  • Thanks admin to let old people in and provide them an opportunity to make useful contributions. I am wondering where all of our "Inqilabi" brothers are? I am missing InsafIk, Tsunami, and many others. May be we have to call them back by "Awaz Deh Kahan Hai", the way Bawa Ji called Dusky brother and I am happy since then brother Daski is regular on this forum.

  • Thanks dude for unbanning people....ahhhhhh


    still have my concern about ....

    "2- Abusive, Vulgar and Profanity against any public figure will not be tolerated. "

    very much Article 62 and 63.

    Can we have all open discussions? freedom of speech? expression of feelings

    Is Bawa Public figure or no!!!

  • Rules are fine.

    Self quitted members also requested to be back. Don't leave the ground all for opponent, so that he may not turn all the opinions to his favour.

    :) :)

  • Dear Distinguished Admin. Memebers,

    Being Muslims and Pakistanis, we have some core values like any other nation. Sometimes, I logged on the Indian forums to discuss a few things very rationally, but the things which were not conforming their ideology were blocked or deleted. Whereas, on this forum, even our core values are freely allowed to be insulted. No good quality forum of the world allows any bloggers to insult the core values of its respective society.

    Any postings insulting our core values must be blocked or deleted. Sometimes, the reactions against the insults to our core values lead the discussions to very low quality debates.

  • @Hussain Farooqui Saab

    Would you please define core values? Are your and Ansar Abbasi's core values same?

  • @Admin Saab

    "2- Abusive, Vulgar and Profanity against any public figure will not be tolerated. We are sure you can find more intelligent and humbler ways to express your views."

    You need to define public figure. Every time Yahya bahi opens any thread or comment on subject our gharut brigade diverts discussion to Qadeyaneyut. Their spiritual leaders fall neither under public figures nor religious. I am certainly not against criticizing any public or religious figure but as Dusky bahi said not everyone here as same tolerance level. In no time temperaments flare and UN intervention is needed.