A Closer Look: PTI Manifesto

  • I must say three educated and analyst in program, no "tu tu main main"

    PTI mashoor looks good, very reasonable. Will they deliver after coming in to power or not ... time will tell.

    Also, not sure if PTI is taking this message to public. One reason of failure in JI and Threek e Istaqlal politics was they failed to

    take such message from books and educated class to "aam voters"

  • PTI's manifesto just rhetoric and cheap publicity stunt.

    The team that IK has put together is only good to arrange "musical concerts".

  • @expolitician

    Would you like to explain further which part and team your talking about.... I really dont want to vote PTI

    if they as you said.

  • @expakistani

    Please do some research as per your abilities and educational background.

    Do you expect people like Jehangir Tareen and Asad Umar do wonders for Pakistan?

    I don't know which foreign country you reside in but have you seen or heard that in countries like UK, USA, AUS, etc, where democracy is established, that political parties will put forward such empty slogans without mentioning any practical and realistic plan of action, steps and figures?

    If PTI is real serious about change, and if they claim to be different from the other political parties, than where are the costings for the claims they have made in this manifesto?

    Where are the practical and realistic details and steps that they will take to achieve their financial targets?

    If IK was real serious about the change he should have put together a shadow government years ago?

    Instead of a viable alternative shadow-government IK ended up with a team of propagandists.

  • @expolitician

    I have done some work, not very educated and smart like you and thats why i put a question

    hardly any party put manifesto of 30000 pages, its more or less like guideline or intention of party.

    Do you think following is not enough information in PTI manifesto


    New employment opportunities will be provided to over 3 million persons

    in public and private sectors including one million in the I.T. Sector and one million in SME Sector "

    correct me if i am wrong,

    Important part is that if we look and see if past governments of PPP, PML Q and PML N done any thing according to what they had in books.

  • kindly see the 0.1 % work of PML N


    <b> Action speaks louder than words </b>

  • The manifesto says, PTI will end corruption in 90 days.. yes, right after 90 days, something will be sprayed in the atmosphere of Pakistan and 200 million people will become Sadiq and Amin.

    End Load-shedding, yes any tom dick and harry can do that, all parties are going to contest on this, but will they be able to bring the cost down, how will they give me 24 hours electricity and that is on half the price i am getting at? ending load-shedding in 2 years not a big issue, supply fuel oil / gas to all the thermal units and abra ka dabra, load shedding ends, but at what cost!!!

    Job for 2 million people every year!!! now this is plain BS, the electricity and gas crisis which have eaten up any potential for new job activity and that at best can be solved in 2-3 years, from where the govt going to create jobs???? by hiring blindly in govt organizations???

  • Too many PTI threads. Colossal sickness.

  • @azizi

    So you don't want to discuss the revolution? ;)

    or you are scared that discussing it might bring the reality of the revolution out??? even likes of Haroon Rasheed seems to be disappointed.. check his column published today...

  • No, lets talk about Lahori Ladoo, Khanpuri Kheer and Gujrati Gajraila. Lakshmi Chowk kay Siri-Paay and Naan would be nice too.

  • Lets Talk about a Motorway from Multan to Mari Indus. Population control is missing from the Man-shuR.

    In what way my comments do not articulate with the new rules?

  • @azizi

    have you red the new set of rules, if not, then please read it, otherwise don't complain later...

  • Do you expect people like Jehangir Tareen and Asad Umar do wonders for Pakistan

    No...I expect people like billours, waraichs, ashrafs, sharmeelas, abbasis,shareefs, khadim aala, rizvis, walis and diesels and chaudhries....to do wonders for pakistan......isn't this a wonder that after the dedicated and selfless efforts of all the aboves to rip off the republic...its still crawling!! Waiting for more wonders from the above named!!

  • @jaypk

    I don't believe in this democracy and election stuff..but if you do..why don't you take some lessons from India. Can you list current and a few finance ministers that India had in the past?

    Its just absolute non-sense that people are running after the false dreams that IK is deceiving them with and foolishly expect the people like Jehangir Tareen and Asad Umar to fix their problems.

    In the current situation of the Pakistan the lessor evil is expected from PMLN. Its economy & finance team is much better that what PTI has. Actually PTI hasn't got any such team..they are just a bunch of propagandists.

  • In the current situation of the Pakistan the lessor evil is expected from PMLN.

    Is it because you expect them to do nothing - things as usual.


  • @Zia M

    PMLN's team look much better as compared to the bunch of propagandist mob that PTI is...only good to arrange musical concerts and trolling.

  • @expolitician,

    I see Imran Khan on opposition benches during the next term and he will play a much more positive role than PML-N during the last 5 years.