The 15 years long tale of IK's "noora kushti" !

  • In his all political career IK has played it safe..he has never gone into the real confrontation with the establishment where he has to face any financial or physical hardships for a cause. He has never presented himself as credible threat to the establishment's stronghold.

    IK's conduct is a clear indication that in reality it is he who has be involved in the "noora kushti" with the establishment for the past 15 years.

    For example: If IK was so passionately against the drone attacks what was stopping him to do a mass-scale jalsa in Islamabad or a dharna? If he can gather three four lacs of dancing and singing folks in Lahore why couldn't he do the same in Islamabad on such a scale and demand it from the establishment in clear terms to stop the drone attacks?

    Why not? Because IK in reality involved in the "noora kushti" with the establishment.

    PTI blind followers?...please tell me one single occasion when IK has seriously threatened the establishment who is the real cause of Pakistan's many troubles.

    Doing "juggat baazi" against PMLN and PPP is fun..the real PIA is to threaten the establishment with some real action and concrete steps.

    Please don't ask me what does PIA stands for :) :)..just guess it yourself..I am sure you will understand :) :)

    How many bills or amendments did IK presented in the Parliament when he was in the National Assembly during the Pervaiz Musharraf's era? What struggle he actually did as a member of parliament?

    Criticizing America in talk shows and from the stage of musical concerts is easy. Why not have a month long peaceful sit-in (dharna) in Islamabad? Why just a gimmick of "sunday kay sunday" aftari programs and than complete silence after that?

    "Tabdeelee" where are you?