PTI Delaying Ticket, Is This Another Poor Political Decision By IK?

  • All parties are delaying tickets especially PTI and PML(N). PML(N)'s strategy seems fine as they are afraid that if they announce too early no.2 strong candidate will go to PTI. What PTI is waiting, I don't think they should be afraid of their 2nd strong candidate will go to PML(N) as they don't have too many around and even if a person now joins PML(N), he is not guaranteed to get PML(N) ticket as they are already having too many electable already.

    PTI could achieve a momentum by announcing tickets early to shift focus to election campaign and pick up campaign where they are behind PML(N). PTI has not shown any good show of power after 23rd March and two of their shows were good but not very impressive. PML(N) on the other hand have experienced hands in local leadership and they don't need much time to lift the campaign once tickets are announced. Remember PML(N)'s Mansehra and Swat Jalsas were totally local Hazara and Swat leadership show and central leadership just participated these Jalsas. PTI local leadership is still not active and busy in ticket fights and conflicts. If IK announces tickets close to 20 April, it will be very hard for him and his party to pick campaign in just two or little over two weeks. If IK is waiting for some good candidate to come from PML(N), he is mistaken, he cannot win elections on electable any more, only chance he has is a strong wave (Tsunami) for PTI just before elections for which he has not left with much time.

  • So you thought they delayed for this reason.... May be this can be a reason, but i think in higher circles there was discussion going on to find a way to boycott these elections and soon after elections that is in years time lanuch a campaign to remove the govt by using load-shedding ( as we all know cant be solved in one year) as a reason....

    That is why bosan, lagharies and qureshi who have their own name enough to win their seats have gone independent because they do not want to risk the seat won by someone else...

  • Well, I have not started this threat to go in detail why PTI or other parties are delaying ticket rather I am focussing on PTI that IK's early decision to award ticket would have helped him to pick election campaign which does not have having momentum right now. Once PTI announces the ticket it will take another week for supporters to sort out their differences as one group will win ticket and other groups will show their frustration in protests etc. PTI if had a one complete month just for campaign was way better for them than 16 or 18 days only. Although time will be same for PML(N) as well but they are experienced people, will take less time to sort out problems plus local experienced leadership has the capability to lift the campaign in quick time.

  • Though i agree to your concerns, but you are missing a point here...

    If you Pakstan team cricket fan, then u must bebnowing this that the body language of Pakistani cricketrs in the field on a particular day would tell you if they are playing to win or playing just for sake of it...

    Same applies here, your concerns are geniune, to me, Had IK was serius in winning election 2013, the election campaign from december 2012... But i guess somebody told IK either there ain't going to be any elections... Or IK knew no point in contesting these as loosing these can mean end to his party and if PPP manages to came back, then the burden of such blame will crush the PTI for good...

    So how to get out of this, do not contest these elections...let it go by and then ask fir new one....

  • @khanamer

    Good point raised, I agree IK last three months is in doubt of elections will be held or not? Rather he is more sure towards no elections in 2013. IK and PTI want this election to sweep like over 150 NA seats but if I were in IK place I will not be much disappointed after getting 20+ seats in assembly. There are so many problems in Pakistan that ultimately people will be fed up of next government does not matter how good they do. Next government cannot improve the economy dramatically in five years or provide everyone a job. Once people have given full term to PPP and another full term to PML(N), there is no other choice left but PTI.

  • I think last time (Oct 2011) PTI realized they peek too soon and that did not help them. So this time they purposefully want to time it properly.

    But I do think PTI is missing valuable time.

    Other parties have not launched the campaign at national level but at local levels they are all active. Many local leaders are spearheading the campaign at the local level. This does not fit with PTI as they are relying on Imran Khan and local candidates are not that well established names.

    I do not understand the point of doing Karachi jalsa by PTI. These jalsas take enormous amount of resources in terms of money and time. Nobody expect them to win any seat from Karachi. At most they will win one seat so the question is it is worth spending that much time and money to win probable one or two seat in Karachi. I think Imran Khan needs to concentrate on KPK.

  • @psychonaut

    Shaheen Sebhi a famous journalist pointed out that internal differences in party are not big set back for PTI as people will vote IK and not the local leadership. I think this point has some weight behind but still you need to recognize your voter and carry him to the polling station to vote. If PTI is assuming that people of their own will go to the polling station and will cast the vote, he is mistaken, a lot of his potecial voter may remain home resting or watching TV and hoping that someone will vote and PTI will win. Constituency politics is an art and politics itself a science. This is where PML(N) has got an edge in specializing constituency politics and understanding political science specific to Pakistani environment. Another point people are mentioning that PTI is not highlighting their election symbol (bat)which is very important for uneducated rural area voter.

  • PTI are not using a delaying tactic, they just don't know how to handle this ticketing business. Apart from that they know that when tickets are allotted, they would become tangible and people will target them on person to person basis, their own would be the most vocal in that game, real hatred and finger pointing would start brewing inside the party, there is a very good chance that PTI might simply implode.

    If PMLn comes to power this time, they would not be easily brought down. Any one who is day dreaming the failure of future PMLn government and his eventual ultimate Hollywood style resurrection consequently; he is living in his own paradise.

    Any future government would have to deal with two main enemies. 1. Load shedding and 2. TTP

    Thanks to KSA, PMLn would easily be able to sufficiently curtail the load shedding problem, the circular debt is about $ 3 billion; KSA needs PMLn in power here, they would help.

    Apart from that PMLn will appoint the best for power sector, there will be a real tight management of that sector, so maximum production and deliverance is expected. We have seen patches even in this gov, when there was a continuous supply of electricity, I am sure same could happen again.

    About TTP, we all know they would not create any big mess for the PMLn gov.


    PTI cannot handle both of the above problem, infact IK's coming in power would be a call for our TTP brothers to rise against the people who are backing IK, TTP would never accept IK.

  • The Elections in Pakistan are turning into:

    21st Century Vs. 7th Century

    Secularism Vs. Theocracy

  • All parties are in a cat and mouse game. I started a thread on the same topic but unless the title of a thread is neither PTI or nor Imran Khan it was not considered sexy.

    Another reason I sense is that public sentiment is changing fast. You might see PMLN changing its candidate in the last minute, especially Hanif Abbasi, if not whole sale.

  • @amir_ali

    Well, I am pretty much sure that people will fed up of PML(N), does not matter how good they will perform. They will get rid of energy shortage so no load shading but another giant will come out of the bottle, 24 hours electricity will cause monthly bills to rise and 40% of poor class will not afford these bills and will cry inflation. If someone think PML(N) will control inflation and unemployment, lives in fool’s paradise. 40% poverty class (high unemployment rate people) are the people who vote in big numbers in every elections and most of middle to high class enjoy TV on election day. If you listen TV shows these days people cry more over inflation and jobs than development works. PTI if keeps patience and holds their party together they have realistic chance of getting majority in 2018 elections. Future looks like a turn by turn for PML(N) and PTI, PPP will remain third largest party and I am not hoping any majority for them in Zardari’s leadership.

  • @azizi

    This topic is slightly different than what you mentioned in that thread, I am focusing on PTI & IK's decision to delay candidate’s ticket and its impact on election campaign. All other parties and espcially for PML(N) it suits them to delay as they have more than one strong candidates on many constituencies and they are afraid of their joining PTI. PTI on the other hand don't have this kind of problem. All big PTI guns who are not getting tickets are running independent like Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali and Inam Ullah Niazi.

  • Sheeda Talli gave IK an advice during a live program a few months back; he told IK not to finalize PTI party tickets before other parties do, especially PMLN and PPP. PMLN has the longest line of candidates waiting for the ticket. The ones who don't get the ticket would look for other parties, such as PPP and PTI. Where would these disgruntled elements go if PTI has already chosen the candidates? They would most likely run as independents - not a very good scenario for Imran. So, PTI has no other choice but to wait because they don't have many strong candidates, especially in the rural areas.

    NS is playing a brilliant game here; he is taking his time and waiting till the very end to announce his candidates, and that would leave PTI with very a limited time to get their ducks in a row and start campaigning. As a new party and as a challenger, PTI needs more campaign time; two weeks is not nearly enough.

  • Gallop survey suggesting PTI vote bank has reduced to only 7%, it will be very hard pill to swallow for IK. I am not saying that in reality and PTI has really reduced to 7%, these survey have certain limitation and cannot translate ground realities perfectly but it is a reality that PTI has gone down last six months. Being in politics for 17 years, IK should have understand way before that he cannot run elections on electable. Early announcement of tickets especially tickets to youth, 80% first timers in assembly, experts in every field would have impressed everyone. Ik after October 30/2011 jalsa is to blame only himself on losing this political mileage, some immature decision making and some miscalculations. Finish corruption in 90 days slogan has given people reason to laugh on PTI and believe that these are non-practical and non-serious people.

  • mawan1971 bhai

    It seems there is a typing error as PTI vote bank has reduced to 70% not 7%.....still 70% will enable PTI to get 2/3rd majority.

    I have heard that Ik has ordered the EC and SC to ensure voting by SMS just like his party elections which were the best elections ever held in Pakistan and I understand that US and UK along with many other European states are looking to copy' that from IK

    so its not just PMLN but western govts now also copy IK..... so i urge you to vote IK

  • @LHR

    You are right, all PTI guys will be looking for this extra zero to make it 70% but may be still unhappy that why it is only 70% and why not over 90%. I don't know if still IK hoping an election postpone for more than year? The way IK is behaving look like he is still not sure about elections. He is a kind of guy who can work 18 hours a day, can run election campaign as well as solve ticket issues.