NA 55 - Rawalpindi-VI

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  • چوہدری صاحب

    اگرچہ تھیوریٹیکل ہے لیکن اتنی لاجیکل بات کی بندہ تائید ہی کر سکتا ہے

    اب ایک سوال ابھرتا ہے کہ پھرمیں آپ کیوں کسی نے کسی لیڈر سے امید لگایے بیٹھے ہیں، سب اپنی توانائیاں صرف اپنے آپ کو صحیح کرنے پر کیوں نہیں لگاتے

  • I saw it on ARY Kashif Abbasi saying that Sheikh Rasheed is in good position. Can someone local tell us about the current situation in NA 55?

  • Wasn't today's rally through Pindi enough to give you an answer?? :-)

  • I didnt see that on news. Will be really grateful if you share some details with me :)

  • It was not a planned event of that sort, just a momentum creating pass thru the city; both constituencies, SS was leading it and it jam packed the city. People started gathering and following him with flags and in great jubilation. So much so, that he had to come out of the vehicle at one stage and had to address the people to satisfy them.

    Normally IK & MNS have declared their last Jalsas. IK'll be doing a combined event with Aheikh Rasheed at Liaquat Bagh on last night of campaign i.e. 9th.

    MNS will address jalsa in Pindi on 8th and in Lahore on 9th. So lets stay tuned till end :-)

  • Pinditte are very dicey people, they won't let you guess till the last minute whose side they are. Look what happened to Sheikh Rasheed who thought he had his fingers on people's pulse.

    He sat mouth opened in his house when 2008 results came. A moment of complete disbelief.

  • I am a Pindian but now living thousands of miles away. But one thing I can say with full guarantee that Pindi was, is and will remain a stronghold of Nawaz Sharif. Just talked with relatives back home, today SS led a mammoth rally of Pml(N) in Pindi. Both Shakeel Abbasi & Hanif Abbasi have two trump cards which have ensured their success. 1. Symbol of Shair 2. Shahbaz Sharif huge development works in pindi.

  • TV Polls mostly show neck to neck competition in both NA 55 and NA56...............Shakeel Awan is in good position(not comfortable,just little edge)..and NA 56 cannot say anything ,Haneef Abbasi did good development in constituency but IK is also enjoying good support(but his MPA panel is weak) and in neck to neck competition we also need votes from MPA side.........At last You will see very good fight

  • I hope this infighting in PTI will not finish IK and SR's chances in Pindi.....

    • PTI has indulged in confused or misguided awarding of tickets, leaving some diehard loyalists disturbed in Rawalpindi division

    • PTI loyalists who had been acknowledged as honest and dedicated workers on the basis of their decades’ long sacrifices and services, have not been considered at the time of awarding of tickets although the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, had himself announced at the time of party elections that number one priority, in the award of tickets, would be given to those PTI workers who would be elected as office-bearers by the party members, through vote