Afridi Joining & Not Joining. The Hidden Story?

  • He has joined PMLN he will announce on 8 MAY jalsa in lahore, just to hurt IK more and more because IK he took out time from his politics and went to afridis resturant opening, now he will hit him below belt on 8 th MAY afridi has joined PMLN just like bosan thank you.

  • پاکستان کا میڈیا ابھی تک بچہ ہے

    خبر کی بھوک میں یہ بات بھول جاتا ہے کہ خبر دینی کیا ہے

    خیر آفریدی اس وقت کرکٹ کھیل رہا ہے اور وہ پاکستان کرکٹ ٹیم کا کھلاڑی ہے

    کیا کرکٹ بورڈ کسی کھلاڑی کو اجازت دے سکتا ہے سیاسی پارٹی میں شمولیت کی ؟

  • میڈیا کی غلط خبر نے بیچارے آفریدی کو انقلابیوں کے ہاتھوں ذلیل کروا دیا

    مسلم لیگ میں شامل ہونا انقلابیوں کے لئے گناہ کبیرہ سے کم نہیں ہے

  • میڈیا کی غلط خبر نے کچھ وقت کے لئے تو انقلا بیوں کو جلا کر رکھ دیا دیا ، اور شاہد آفریدی بھی انکی گالیوں کا شکار ہو چکے تھے -

    آج ثابت ہوا کہ بندہ کتنا ہی پاک کیوں نا ہو ۔ اگر مسلم لیگ ن میں شامل ہو جا ئے تو انقلابیوں کی نظر میں گناہ گار ہو جاتا ہے

  • he will announce on 8 MAY jalsa in lahore, just to hurt IK more and more

    You gave a similar news about Bosan and Lagharis that Nawaz Sharif Butt was going to annouce their joining just before March 23rd rally?

    All politicians have already joined, re-joined and disjoined. Lets talk about the following people now:

    • Sheeda Pastol

    • AaRu Grenade

    • Nawaz Thaila

    • Mani Panga etc

  • کیا لغاری، بوسن اور قریشی ابھی تک تحریک انصاف میں ہی ہیں یا اسے چھوڑ کر آزاد امیدواروں کی حیثیت سے انتخاب لڑ رہے ہیں؟

    کیا فورم کے معزز ممبران جانتے ہیں کہ کوئی شخص پارٹی ٹکٹ جوتے کی نوک پر رکھکر آزاد حیثیت میں کیوں انتخاب لڑتا ہے؟؟؟؟

  • Hahaha ! That was Epic !

  • Joining or not joining !! But this meeting will have huge impact on coming election, very good move by pmln :)

  • I think he do not want to join as long as he is playing, otherwise it can be very hard for him to play in the ground.

    PTI k Uoooray (U-Turn) afradi ki mitti pleeed ker daingey..

    I am pretty sure, his vote will be for PMLN

  • @dear afridi imran khan ka bohot bara shaidai hai he will never joint pmln .auske bhot se videos availabe hai auska favt person be imran khan hai .ausne openly on air tv par kaha hai ki wo pti ko vote de ga .


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  • @Bawa

    ap k sawal dimag waloon k liay hein, jou k PTI join kernay waloon may bohat kum paya jata ha..

    baki ap khud samajdaar hein

  • personally, I think the way Afridi's performance has been in cricket, he just went to score brownie points with the PM in waiting so he could avoid his expulsion from the squad when PCB will be restructured during the next government but I don't think such tactics are going to work :)

  • look like PML N trying very hard to get at least one

    honest person in party.

  • Wow! MQM is full of honest people in entire Karachi and if someone does not accept their honesty he will be in Bori band laash very next day right in front of his home. When they go to shops people not only loudly express their honesty but award them bhatta, of course no one can suspect their honesty.

  • where is the hidden story?

  • hidden story is not a story its probably a scandle.

  • no he is not joining pmln it was just his investment to stay in team if pmln make next government

  • ^^^^

    In that case, it is more gambling than investment.