Latest Gallup poll March 2013 ...................

  • latest Gallup Poll has come ...

    Nation wide ....

    PMLN 39%

    PPP 18%

    PTI 7%

    PMLQ 5%


    PMLN 54%

    PPP 13%

    PTI 8%

    PMLQ 7%


    PMLN 35%

    JUIF 19%

    ANP? 19%

    PTI 11%


    PPP 34%

    MQM 19%

    Under-30 population (should have been voters)

    PTI 9%

    PMLN 37%

    Gallup-Pakistan Survey March 2013: 39% to vote for #PMLN, 18% #PPP, 7% #PTI and 5% #PMLQ. Conducted for Int'l Org, not publicly released.1/4

    54% respondents in Punjab said they'd vote #PML-N, 13 % for #PPP, and 8% for the #PTI and 7% for the #PML-Q. 2/4

    In KP, 35% for #PMLN, 19% #JUIF 19% and 11% #PTI. In SIndh 34% for PPP and 19% #MQM. 3/4

    9% of the under-30 population said they would vote for #PTI, and 37% said they would vote #PMLN. 4/4

  • So after so much investment on TV ads, so many wickets and so so this is the result???

  • bro so much investment has opened eyes of public ... nd public thought that either IK using funds of SKMH or Israeel nd yahodi lobby funding PTI... u c pti advertised for months for 23rd march jalsa ...

  • Quite an accurate reflection of the ground realities! I guess the survey was done all over Pakistan and not in a school for elites only!

    Though, I still don't believe PTI will get 7% votes overall! 4-5 seats at best!

  • Possible scenarios:

    a)This survey must be wrong. How come PTI is at 7%? Umar Cheema has done mukmuka with PMLN!

    b) Voters are getting serious. They have figured out who is worth what. PTI harangues are bust. They can only go down.

  • @ sam bhai

    these 4-5 seats will also won by electables .... no urban seat pti can win frm Punjab ....

  • One correction should be made in thr out come

    Pml-N is only 39% whereas PPP and its ally are 25% at national level

    PML-N is 53% in Punjab, whereas, PPP and its ally in punjab is 21%

  • I made a prediction at the mock-poll of Lahore College for Women, where PPP got only 5 votes, that the next manipulated polls will show PPP at 18%. This would be done to reinforce PMLN propaganda of scaring PTI voters through the boogieman of Zardari.

    One thing to look for is that a future public opinion poll will be manipulated to show that PPP still has about 18% bogus rating.

    also see:

  • @chaudary801

    wellcome on your return...only yesterday i was thinking of starting a thread in your name and was wondering if you had joined PTI now

    ....but coming to the point why are you so jealous of IK's billions? and

    Why are you jealous that he gets his funding from Israeel and uses SKMH funds??

    • IK has strong connections with Israelees due to his sons being brought up by them who pay a lot for their higher education and high class social upbringing. So if Israelees want to extend their assistance beyond IK's sons to rest of Pakistan by financing his election compaign whats to be jealous about?

    • As regards SKMH funds, these are like personal funds of IK as people give it really because of IK its upto complete discretion of IK where he wants to spends them.

  • This survey if highlighted properly by media will help PML(N) a lot. We have a thinking in our country that says "PML(N) is winning anyways so let us poll our vote to them and do not vote anyone as it will be wasted". If this survey were out a week ago, there would have been few more electable from PPP, PML(Q) and PTI flying to PML(N). Anyways, people should make their mind to give clear majority to one party so that they have the liberty to work and no excuse at the end of term. It is up to PML(N) now how they use this survey in their favor to make the wave strong in their favor.

  • I guess due to election rules as defined by EC, no public opinion voting intention polls can be published on media during last month before elections so that's why we don't see news flashes on media.

  • @bechari-awam

    can people discuss it in the talk shows? if this news is neither published nor discussed in talk shows, it will not be of any use for PML(N), although PML(N) media brigade can spread it like a virus on social media. PTI reducing to 7% is heart breaking for PTI and now they stand equal to MQM, as MQM wins 7% of NA seats.

  • PTI doesnt believe in the surveys anymore....They are all paid by former Punjab govt and all their staff are on punjab's payroll

  • @mawan.....

    The survey is not to benefit anyone! just shows what public trend is!

  • These surveys are doing nothing but making sure that all PTI supporters come out and vote for there party very positive impact.

    PMLQ is at 5% while PTI at 7% eludes my intellect.

  • @sam45

    Survey if highlighted properly on media do help to built public opinion, which is why EC don't want the publication of these survey results. Newspapers, private channels etc reach at least more than half of country population, when one party is shown quite ahead moral of opposite party falls and it give boost to leading party in survey. Leading party workers can convince people by saying we are winning anyways and if you want some development works for your area then make sure your representative is in government and not in opposition.

  • @mawan1971

    I agree with your analysis on the survey. It could have a favourable impact for PMLN if highlighted properly. You are quite right in saying that it will influence many voters who may not want to see their vote wasted.

  • I am PMLN supporter but I think this survey does not match ground reality. PTI 7% and PMLQ 5% nationwide does not make sense to me.

    There is normally an error margin in these surveye and when the sample size is small the error margin is high.

  • PPP at 18%... when only 5 years ago it was the largest party!

    Question: to those who claimed that Zaradri (may be evil but) has proved to be the shrewdest politician and has beaten NS in all respects in politics........How come the shrewdest politician brought PPP to such levels within such a short time!