Javid Hashmi to quit PTI ?

  • Just heard that Javid Hashmi to quit PTI & will join JI?

    Can anyone confirm please?


  • It is true that hashmi is not happy about tickets awarding by PTI and things are not going great in terms of his relationship with imran. Also hashmi is feeling the heat now and thinking why he left PMLN. So all in all, future is looking dark for hashmi as i see it as he can not win from multan and i dont know from where else he is contesting. If he leaves PTI then only option as the program person said is to join JI because PMLN will never accept him, and to PPP he cannot go.

    Not good news for hashmi and also for PTI.

  • I hope, Nawaz Sharif to accept Javid Hashmi open-heart.

    Tough Hashmi was wrong to left N, still I am expecting positive gestures from N leadership to accept him

  • nawaz sharif will welcome him ... when he left then nawaz sharif said to pmln worker and leaders not to talk about javed hashmi sahib bcz he did lot for pmln... but didnt think personally he is going to leave pti before election bcz its already to late.. but u never know with politics... he cant win his multan and islamabad seat,,

  • Waqar: I can't see he can win from any constituency!!! even he can't win from Multan.

  • I think NS may welcome Hashmi but the thing is Hashmi will not find enough courage to go back to PML(N) camp. The language Hashmi used for NS, he cannot look in the eyes of NS and PML(N) top leadership. These seems to me rumors, Hashmi is not going anywhere. Don't go with just one TV programme propaganda TV shows these days are selling all kind "Choran" to keep their ratings high. It was media who create hype of SMQ joining PML(N), although SMQ never used bad language against PML(N) leadership and he can easily accommodate himself in PML(N) camp but those proved only rumors.

  • ایک محاورہ ہے کہ عزت بہت کم لوگوں کو راس آتی ہے - یہ بات جاوید ہاشمی پر پوری صادق ہے- اس شخص کو مسلم لیگی کارکنوں نے وہ عزت دی جو شریف خاندان کے ہم پلہ تھی مگر یہ آدمی عزت کو سنبھال نہ سکا- اس کو سب سے بڑا دکھ یہ تھا کہ تین سال جیل کاٹنے کے بدلے اس کو مسلم لیگ کا چوہدری کیوں نہی بنایا گیا- یہ زرداری کے مقابلے میں صدارتی امیدوار بننا چاہتا تھا- میں نے ہاشمی کو کئی دفعہ اس بات کا رونا روتے سنا ہے کہ قٖ لیگ نے اس کو اپنی حمایت کا یقین دلایا ہوا تھا اور یہ کہ وہ زرداری کو ہرا سکتا تھا- یہ بدھو جانتا نہیں کہ مرکزی حکومت کے خلاف صدارتی الیکشن جیتنا ناممکن تھا اور شجاعت اینڈ کمپنی صرف نواز شریف کو نیچا دکھانے کے لیے اس کو لارا لگا رہے تھے

    اس شخص کی سب سے گھٹیا حرکت وہ تھی جب اس نے فیصل آباد میں نواز شریف کی تعریفوں کے پل بندھے تھے اور دو دن بعد یہ پی ٹی آئ میں شامل ہو گیا تھا- نواز شریف نے اس کو منانے کے لیے کلثوم نواز کو اس کے گھر بھیجا تھا جو شاید نواز شریف کے خود جانے سے بھی بڑی بات تھی مگر پھر کہتا ہوں کہ عزت بہت کم لوگوں کو راس آتی ہے

    میری ملتان کے کی لوگوں سے بات ہوئی ہے اور سب ہی یہ کہتے ہیں کہ ہاشمی نے اپنے حلقے کے لوگوں کے کام نہ کرنے کی قسم کھا رکھی ہے اور اس کی عزت اور تقدس صرف میڈیا کے دم سے ہے جس نے ایک زیرو کو ہیرو بنا رکھا ہے

    ایک صحیح مسلم لیگی اگر ناراض بھی ہو جاۓ تو اپنی چھوٹی موٹی مسلم لیگ بنا لیتا ہے مگر یہ جماتیے کبھی بھی قابل بھروسہ نہیں ہوتے

  • @ Arian71

    Just 3 months after joining PTI, there rumours that Javed Hashmi was looking way to go back PML-N, it was then when IK made him president of PTI...

    Now despite isuuing tickets to hs favorites, Javed Hashmi is sure that the aren't going to win and being an old politician he also knows what woud the defeat for PTI will mean...hence ready jump the ship...JI do not accep people just lik that, it easy to leave JI and difficult to join them...

  • @Khanamar and Arain71

    If you name any big name in any party and compare his position with Hasmi in their own constituencies and you will find Hasmi on bottom line. I think Hasmi will be defeated by PML(N) candidate in Multan by over 10,000 votes. Hasmi himself did the poor decision that he chosen Multan City constituency where majority is traders who are PML(N) voters. Hasni may be thinking he will get PTI vote in City but Multan is all about PML(N) Vs PPP, seeing this SMQ filled his papers for Sindh constituency as independent to be on the safer side. Is not it weird that a such a big media created leader is so unpopular in his constituency that people don’t want to listen his name (look at all TV shows on Multan).

  • Why not media outlets go directly to Javed Hasmi and ask instead of quoting "reliable resources". What are the hurdles in reaching JH? What a low class journalism.

    سوال گندم جواب چنا اور بھی جلا ہوا



  • @azizi

    The same Hashimi was praising NS calling him only leader who can save Pakistan till a day before he was going to leave PML-n

  • جتھوں دی کھوتی اوتھے آن کھلوتی

    اس طرح تو ہوتا ہے اس طرح کے کاموں میں

  • still this is not confirmed yet. till confirmation its just a rumour.

  • Now only one party will accept him and that is AAP JANAB SARKAR PARTY, whose head is wearing red molana Rumi cap and often seen on TV channels.

  • There is nothing wrong with accepting JH back in PMLn, but he should not be given any perks or privileges, for the time being at least.

    JH should prefer PMLn over JI as, first of all, he would get nothing in benefit from joining JI, by joining PMLn at least he ll be mending some bad patches of his own life.

  • JH is finished as a politician. he should stay where he is or best to retire from politics....thus setting a precedent in politics to retire and let others take charge

  • Most likely this is just a rumour. Hashemi closed the doors on him-self. Retirement is the only option for him now.

    It's so sad how he had so much respect and he just threw it away. Even if he had issues in PMLN, he was living in the hearts of the workers but he broke their hearts. He should just retire.

  • Just a baseless rubbish rumour.

    These types of rumours had been discussed on this forum since last year.