A Trap is set for Musharraf…!

  • We did saw a big hype since created in the media that how very swiftly Musharraf may be arrested on his arrival….but this did not happen. The stooges of PPP and PML (N) who were once assisted in their reincarnation in Pakistan through NRO; how come they may show their cheeks to come up with such ---Joke? They plainly left it to our freewheeling Judiciary to deal with it on their behalf.

    On the other hand, we had witnessed the most cunning moves during these last days of PPP coalition government and their perpetual rancour staged against military, and then the gross defiance of Judicial orders …..which made us all think that some big bang was but eminent and probably Military will just walk in for its takeover; but it did not happen:

    This time Military was not up for this….and plainly said No to it. They never wanted that:

    'Khaan peen nun Noor Bharri..Tey Dhawan bhanaan noun Jumma'

    All this PPP Hala-Beulah proved to be last lightening spark of a lamp before it extinguished.

    I appreciate the courage of Musharraf that against all the odds he decided to land back in Pakistan.

    But at the same time, I fear and fear it very badly about this Maestro. To whom People of Pakistan may be seeing a visionary, a Messiah in him but this man happens to be the first witness of all the US evil designs of War on Terror- WOT, the creation of NRO and why Miss Benazir Bhutto was killed……

    This is but the requirement of US that this man is silenced for good. I fear his fate cannot be any different than Saddam Hussein who was eventually sent down the gallows after a show trial….

    Now when Musharraf arrives here with a tacit approval of US; the infamous meeting of Saddam Hussein with US Ambassador April Glaspie comes to mind when she told Saddam, ‘[W]e have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.' The U.S. State Department had earlier told Saddam that Washington had ‘no special defense or security commitments to Kuwait.'

    Musharraf finds himself trapped like Saddam on invading Kuwait. He is at the mercy of highly charged, vengeful and his bloodthirsty…..Pak judiciary.

    Musharraf may be seen as a staunch US ally but….how US may see him; ‘America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests’; says former US secretary Henry Kissinger.

  • Super Powers don't stick to a single puppet, where they are capable to create new puppets.

  • Tahirul Qadri's showdown and landing of Musharraf in Pakistan is part of single game planned in foreign lands. I agree with Khokhar's point that Musharraf was greatly vouching on Western support for him, in case, the extreme turmoil and a series of bomb blast with suicide bombing would eventually postpone the election for an indifinite period, he would be chosen as caretaker "president" for at least two to three years or when the country's condition is suitable for election. Who is financing for all this is not known to me, but I very much doubt this is Musharraf's own brainchild. He anticipated Western and Pak Army support. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for Pakistan, his evil designs failed from the word go. For West, Musharraf is only a shell of fired bullet. Musharraf misused seven billion dollars given by USA during 2001 to 2008 period for war against terrorism with no accountability for this money. Yes, USA wants return by trapping their own "dog" at the hands and mercy of PK judiciary. Army is not ready to be part of any dirty game.

    However, I smell some bomb blasts and some more unrest in the country before the election as a final effort because it looks he is caught in a mousetrap like Saddam.

  • I don't think it's a trap it's all staged drama. I think it it will have similar ending as Mehran Gate where Politicians who took money and Generals who distributed money all enjoying lavish life style.

    BTW why our media doesn't talk about our ex top spy Gen. Pasha being employed by UAE? Van CIA director think of that sort of career after retirement?

  • Mushy is a used toilet paper, only waiting to be flushed by his masters... just like...

  • Everyone has been wondering about who gave Parvez Musharraf the golden advice of returning to Pakistan.

    As per the news reports today, Parvez Musharraf was told not to return by almost all his friends and relatives but he was adamant that he has more than 500 thousand "facebook fans" who'll line up the roads of Pakistan to welcome him.

    Seems like the poor chap is yet another victim of "facebook" popularity scam.

  • @Shirazi

    Shirazi Bhai, time will tell, but I think Mush is trapped. Establishment will clearly tell Mush, we stopped you and told that all is not green for you here and you still chosen to come so face the consequences. Courts will not take any pressure from establishment/government and he will be trialed fairly. In case no proper evidence proved against him for Bugti and Lal-Musjid, these could be removed but to remove elected PM and emergency in 2007, no one need evidence for that and he is likely to get a sentence for that. Memo gate was altogether different story, there were no evidences against Haqani but situation is quite clear against Mush.

  • The saga will end up as Comedy.

    No Tragedy is visible at end of the Tunnel.

  • @Javed Sheikh

    Welcome Javed bhai, what do you think Mush deserve a sentence for his forced removal/sake to elected PM and 2007 emergency in 2007?

  • If this 'tradition' of punishing the army culprits started, there would be no ending to it, and it would be considered a bad omen for the rest of generals. There is no doubt in my mind that Kiani and company will eventually come to rescue Mush.

    After all, who are these bloody civilians to question army generals?

  • Only a perfectly CREDIBLE Civil Government, having a Perfect Record of Deliverance and deep rooted Good Will of majority of satisfied population,

    Would be acknowledged as legitimate authority for such action.

    Ugly faced politicians Vs. Ugly faced Dictator = Zero

  • Dear Friends,

    Pakistan and Israel are the only two countries in the world which came into being on ideological bases<><>this is but necessity of ideological countries that their Armed forces must remain on the top and in forefront<><> whether we previously had military government or the civilian....they r our governments and to some of the leaders/ Maestros like Musharraf .... u may not Ignore....