NA 54 - Rawalpindi-V

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  • NA 54 - Rawalpindi-V in 2002 elections

    Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq PML(N) 28805

    Zamurd Khan Advocate PPP 31491

    Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui MMA 12676

    Allama Ayaz Zahir Hashmi PML(Q) 1640

    Ghulam Qadir PTI 2479

    Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq PML(Z) 4164

    Valid Votes 82292

    Rejected Votes 1488

    Total Votes 83780

    Registered Voters 209619

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 39.97 %

  • This constituency comprises Rawalpindi cantt.

    In 2002, PML(N) did not have a suitable candidate an dput forth its chairman Raja Zafarul Haq who is an outsider from kahuta. His campaign was quite lacklustre. This time Malik Abrar is the PML(N) candidate who won from the provincial seat in 2002.

    Zamurd Khan Advocate has strong family ties in the area and has good reputation. Last time he barely managed to win in this traditional PML(N) constituency thanks to split of right wing votes between MMA and PML(N). The MMA candidate was fromJI which is boycotting elections. So Zamurd Khan has a tough fight on his hands.

    Raja Basharat is PML(Q) candidate who lost from provincial seat in the area in 2002 but was made MPA by Parvez Ilahi from gujrat in bye elections there. His cousin is tehsil nazim and he has done some development work in teh area. But PML(Q) is not a serious contender at all in this area.

    Th real fight will be between PML(N) and PPP. Both candidates are strong. PPP may be slightly ahead, but only slightly.

    RESULT: Too close to call at the moment.

  • Zamurd is favorite for winning. because he get popularity and close contact with people. Anti ppp votes divide between Raja basharat and malik abrar.

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    @ Imran

    This vote dividing thoery is not valid now becos the same scenario was there in 2002 also.

    I think Zamurd lost some of his credibility when he did not opt to follow Aitzaz Ahsan for boycott. He did get popularity uring laywers movement but now he cant claim any thing from that struggle.

    Zamurd khan won this seat in 2002 by a close margin of about 3000 votes and there seems no other factor to increase his vote bank this time.

    MMA got about 13000 votes last time and after JI boycott, these will go fro PMLN definitely (of those JI voters who will go for voting).

    PMLN had a weak candidate last time who was not active n young enuf for a good campaign. this time they have active candidate wo was MPA from the same constituency.

    Keeping all these factors combined, it seems PMLN having a slight edge over PPP candidate but will be a close contest any way.

  • Malik Abrar of pml(n) will win in this consituency after a tough battle.

  • pmlq will win , because raja basharat has done lot of development work

    he was like mini chief minister. army is in his pocket tooo

  • PMLQ's vote tally in this constituency in 2002 was 1642 votes. Raja Basharat lost on the provincial seat that he was contesting at the time and later Parvez Ilahi made him an MPA from Gujrat.

    Unless a 1977 election type rigging is repeated, PMLQ has as much chance of winning this seat as Pakistan has of winning the football world cup.

  • @Javed

    Brother according to your predictions PMLQ will win 275 out of 272 general seat of National Assembly.What a beautiful predication you made. You can increase PMLQ seat more than 275 if you want.

  • From NA-54 RWP-5 Malik Abrar of PML(N) have won in the recent elections of 2008. Congratulations to Malik Abrar.