NA 53 - Rawalpindi-IV

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  • NA-53 Rawalpindi-IV in 2002 elections

    Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan PML(N) 57110

    Sardar Shoiab Mumtaz Khan PPP 6673

    Syed Guftar Hussain Shah PAT 3596

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan Independent 66900

    Faisal Iqbal Independent 9984

    Valid Votes 145335

    Rejected Votes 3311

    Total Votes 148646

    Registered Voters 291549

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 50.98 %

  • This cosntituency comprises of tehsil taxila and parts of tehsil rawalpindi.

    This constituency has always seen a close fight between Ch. Nisar of PML(N) and Ghulam Sarwar Khan of PPP, which Nisar kept on winning till his winning run ended in 2002.

    In 2002, Ghulam Sarwar Khan returned the PPP ticket and contested as independent using the symbol of Crescent and star. This was the symbol used by many government sponsored candidates in several constituencies who did not dare to contest openly on Q league ticket in 2002. PPP fielded a very young and weak candidate and most of PPP vote went to Sarwar Khan.

    The graduation condition was a big hurdle for Ghulam Sarwar Khan as he is reputed to be just a matriculate. That handicap is presumed to be the main reason for his going to the government side because as a result, even though his purported BA degree was challanged, he was allowed to contest and win an dbecome minister while his degree case is still pending in lahore high court.

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan was a minsiter in q-league government and has sought to strengthen his poition with the help of his brother Siddique Khan who is tehsil nazim. But recently there have been some defections from q-league camp. Most significantly, Kamran Aslam who was an MPA of q-league and an ally of Sarwar Khan is now contesting as independent on thsi national assembly seat and will have extremely negative impact on Sarwar Khan's votes. As long is he is contesting and dividing his potential votes, Ghulam Sarwar Khan cannot win.

    RESULT: PML(N) Victory.


  • Have heard Ch. Nisar few times on TV shows. Seems like a very genuine man. As per local politics I too feel that his chances to win are around 70%(+-10)

  • Taxila city belongs to PPP and from Chakri area, Ch. Kamran Aslam will get votes. Even Haji Dildar from rural area of Taxila is supporting Kamran Aslam. These votes were with Ghulam Sarwar Khan in 2002.

    Now Ch. Nisar will have an easy win as PPP candidate and Kamran Aslam will take votes of Sarwar Khan where as Ch. Nisar vote bank is intact.

  • i think this will be very close and not an easy victory for Ch. Nisar on this seat, the other one he will take easily but this will be close. is my site of election predictions.

  • I am from taxila , i guess ch nisar will win this seat but with a very close margin. Sarwar khan will get support from nazim(his brother)and from agencies. He is not using Q league name in election because due to lal masjid and waziristan problem poeple think Q league and Musharaf are responsible for this. He has only his brother with him on prvincial seat And his cousin is contesting from ppp from wah cantt (pp7).

    Faisal iqbal will get lots of votes because of his charity and construction of many public places from his own pocket. He will get 'Kashmiri' votes

    PPP is not in winning position.

    ch Nisar will win with close margin despite of fact people does not like him because of his absence from area for long time. He came to taxila after 5 years in elections days but due to Nawaz sharif and anti Mushraf sentiment he will get this seat.

  • This is Wah, Taxila area and people are well aware of MUSH and his associates like Sarwar Khan. Sarwar Khan has been coming on Tv shows to safeguard MUSH policies. he can no more use PPP vote bank as he deceived last time by fighting Independently.

    Ch Nisar is a genuine leader of PML-N. People will vote for PML-N for rule of law and restoration of judiciary.

  • PPP is not going to sweep in PUNAJB for sure .

    that is a raelity ...which mushy knows.

    thats why he have to have LOTA PML GHQ in his pocket ,inspite of the fact that US dislikes the Q league tola .


  • There are only two viable parties in Pakistan. PPP will get majority in Sind and Punjab with 25-30 percent seats in NWFP and Baluchistan. NA 53 has been affected by sympathy factor after assasination of BB, 5 years abscence of Ch. Nissar Ali from the area and Ch. Kaman Ali affect in Taxila. Only beneficiary will be dynamic PPP's leader Sardar Shoaib Mumtaz who has been in touch with people of the area and stood by his voters for last 5 years.

    December 25th BB visit to his house in Wah and her appeal to help her brother Sardar Shoiab Mumtaz has increased his chances.

    Sardar Daud Khan, MD Houston TX USA

  • Shoaib mumtaz got less than seven thousand votes in 2002. To win, he needs to get ten times more votes .......

    I do not see from where he is going to get that many votes .....

    PML(N) is firm favourite to win this seat, with PML(Q) a distant second. PPP is no where on the radar.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • SARDAR SHOAB MUMTAZ has been involved in with his constituents for long time. He is honest hardworking person with clean track record. Ch. Nisar never visited Taxila/Wah area for last five years. He spent his time collecting commission from oil and gas companies looking for lucrative contracts. Does it qualifies him to get votes from his constituents ? Absolutely not …

    His boss, Nawaz Sharif made big money from Korean company involved in constructing super highway. His assets stashed in various European banks have been estimated to about 1.5 Billion Dollars. Now suddenly his heart is aching for poor people of Pakistan. Pakistan is beautiful and resourceful country if continuous robbing can be stopped by greedy quad - Mullahs, Military, bureaucrats and corrupt politician.

    God Bless Pakistan.

  • @sdkhanamd

    Korean company you are mentioning constructed Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, not Highway. That project in fact turned out to be the turning point for Pakistan. Its cost was very less in the beginning but when BB took power in 1993, her govt. did best to stop the project. It was completed in Nawaz Sharifs second tenure in 1997.

    Motorway project is one of the best things happened to Pakistan. It was agreed by the Daewoo company that they will left all the equipment they will bring from abroad in Pakistan. That equipment played major role in developing major highways and other Motorways including M1-Peshawar-Islamabad, and M3 upto Faisalabad. Latest machinery used by the Daewoo company is being used by Pakistan govt. now.

    Moreover by giving Korean company the tender to build the Motorway opened up the gates for the Korean companies to invest heavily in Pakistan. Hyundai and Kia are making thousands of cars in Pakistan per year. It all started up at that time, even Daewoo agreed to manufacture buses in Pakistan, but because of the foolishness of the BB govt. they shifted it to India.

    Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway project was also initiated by Nawaz Sharif in his first tenure and its cost was only 16 billion rupees at that time. But again BB made big mistake by cancelling Turkey\'s Bayandar Company bid. It was completed after the delay of 10 years, in 2007 with a cost many times the original.

    The assets you are talking about 1.5 billions is a mail circulating these days. A list of Pakistans big businesses was published in 2005, Chaudhris of Gujrat, with the help of GREAT NAZIR NAJI OF JANG, has changed the list and it is being circulated by their propaganda team. Nawaz Sharif\'s name was not present in that list. Just Google it and you will find the list on the net. It has the name of Jang group also but thanks to NAZIR NAJI and Co. their name is removed.

    Ch. Nisar is in Opposition from 1999 and I guess Oil and Gas exploration is in the hand of govt. How come he is doing LUCRATIVE

    CONTRACTS sitting in opposition?

    You are an MD based in Houston in USA, I am sorry to say that your political perspective and acumen is less than a hawker in the streets of Pakistan.

  • @sdkhanmd

    I think safshan has answered very well your diatribe against Nawaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar.

    You certainly have a right to like or hate anybody you want. But on this thread we are discussing the electoral scenario on the ground. Our personal likes and dislikes are not going to effect the outcome of the elections.

  • This Info. comes from Ch. Nisar own profile he posted on the internet"

    "He has previously served as Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, and Provincial Coordinator during 1990 - 1993. From 1997 -1999, he was again Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister'"

    That answers his role in collecting commission from Oil and gas comapnaies and looting Pakistan's poor people.

  • :) :) ... well some very good points from safshan in reply to inadequate arguments of sdkhanmd againts Ch.Nisar and NS.

    Anyways Im currently in Korea and I too feel that Motor way project was among the best projects. Korean great enthusiastic compaines like Samsung Group, Daewoo (daewoo-GM merger), KIA, Hyndai, LG etc all willing to invest in Pakistan and their excecutives have been visiting pakistan to explore oppertunities. During Internship in Samsung Construction (currently world leaders in Sky scrappers , Burj Dubai, twin towers, 101 taipai, etc etc) their delegation was visiting Pakistan last july to grasp some projects in power plants and constuctions. Though any such investment can be a reality in future depending on situation of law and order (in other words either Musharraf jan chorta hay ya nahi)........